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Part of Jeffrey family papers

K 7 MEV I +I`iA \_\ , i \` '`: (j/fl I {Q. R:lBOl2l BE ROQBDE, Vice-Dnesioenr ; < le ` " i I'} Xx Z` _ v. {1.&" s,.,`,c,,V,a,`N OF THEV\,,,\N\,_V_. A _._, .4 s I t r.- ~ ..: . .-. .1/ ~ LISIG GGG ZF 8 IO 3 SSOGIZ IO 7'/ { , ...- : ( 3 \ ;?g v;_._ ` ef. / / . . . ori For the State of KENTUCKY. , . V, _ , To VICE-PR1=:sIDE2~ Ts: In order to maintain the dignity and importance of the ofhce of State Vice-President, it is necessary to perform faithfully the duties pertaining to it as defined by the Constitution. Your attention is respectfuhy called to Sections 2 and 3 of Article XII. The M. T. N. A. can only organize the methods of musicians, and assert the dignity oi the profession fn the large cities where the dignity of art is already recognized. The State Associations are the sole means of reaching the people in the smaller places where art and the individual teacher have most to suffer from { popular ignorance. Every township must be reached, and the taste of its people educated. Vice Presidents will please send all M. T. N. A. mem- bership collections directly to the Secretary, with the names of the members thus paying. To l\lEM1s1~1ks: It is the duty of members to aid the State Vice-President in all possible ways. The great work for the current year is the raising of the Orchestral and Concert Endowment Fund as resolved upon at Philadelphia. The hrst gun in this campaign was fired immediately after the Philadelphia meeting, by a lady organist of New York City, who interested her pastor and choir in the work to such a degree that preparations were at once made for giving an operetta in the lecture room, for the fund, in the interests of National Education and the elevation of the masses. Let every organist and choir do something of the sort, sacred or secular; let every Conservatory join in the work, and let every teacher interest hisor her pupils in giving PARLOR MUSICALES, with an admission price of from IO to 50 cents, or $1.00. An AVERAGE of $3.00 raised or contiibuted by EVERY teacher in America will complete the fund before the next meeting at Detroit. The Trustees of the fund will give a special reeeipt for all moneys sent for the fund. All Concert Fund moneys should be sent to VV. H. Dana, Treasurer, \lVarren, Ohio, who will return a personal receipt, and one from the Trustees aforesaid. . A. R. PARSONS, President, Steinwa Hall New York. + H. 8. PERKINS, Secretar , 162 State St., Ohicu 0, I/I. y I y ` ARTICLE XII. ` norms or vice-pnnsrnimrs Ky,} Y. . . i . SEC. 1. To preside when called upon by the ` President, or in the absence of said official; the ` Vice-President of the State in which the meeting W is held shall have precedence. ' ' ` SEC. 2. To SCllI'(* personal CO'flSpOI1dBIlC vg , and invitation the attendance of representative %__ musicians of his State to the annual meeting of, / , /` / the M. T. N. A., to secure members, and remit the dues to the Secretary. V ; / &{/VL/'// Sac. 3. To organize, or at least earnestly en- /J / deavor to organize, a. State Association, if his State is without one; in which case he may call upon M - the members of the M, 'I`. N. A that reside in Q ` Z E! his State for assistance. Sec. 4. To see that the constitution of the State Association shall be in harmony with the constitution of the M. T. N. A. in all matters which relate to the establishment of an organic , union, and to the duty of sending delegates. Sac. 5, That the national meetfhg be adver~ ` - _ '"%z*? \ tised annually in the State report. ` M Z , S za. Sec 6. To present at the opening session of I g M _ the annual meeting a report in writing. A failurE"`c_ , 5 I I to do so shall render him ineligible fofreselection. ' j/ At this opening session shall also be decided V p __ where and when the vice-presidents shall meet as P ( ` aboard or committee during the annual meeting //V'/*//0 ' fu! ofthe M.T.N.A. , _/ I, {1 Sac. 7. Any Vice-President, unable to attend the annual meeting, shall suggest to the Presi . ' f. 6 ` dent a duly accredited member of the National Association residing in his State, to act as his i __ _ substitute In case any Vice-President fails to J %/ l , L/{L my suggest a substitute, the President shall exercise i his powers to appoint. J %(__/\ M SEQ 8, The Board of Vice-Presidents shall i meet on the first day of each annual meeting .of J . V the M. 'I`. N. A. and organize for thetransaction of such business 35 may (j0m bfOl'C them, V , the appointment of a chairman and secretary, m Aj` ' who shall hold their respective oliices during the lj present session of the M. T. N. A. The Secre- V Z5 , l ,,,,/ tary shall present awritten report of _the trans- / I actions of the Board of Vice-Presidents according , ' `I /, ,/ to the provisions elsewhere made. and shall fur- I f E 5 , nish to the Secretary of the M. T. N. A. a copy , J Q for publication in the annual report. i F Z , ` ` i C4 i 4%//I `/" ..W/M-cx 7;.,%