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Bible, 1847

Part of Jeffrey family papers

A bank of the law found. 2 CHRONICLES XXXIV. Dm elders asxmtblerl. Joszlz xeiah the governor of thc city, and! B. C. 621. han, and W Abdon the son of ears all toah the son of Joahaz the recort.ler,‘ ——·•— iflicah, and Shaphan the scribe, and the cor to repair the house ofthe LORD liis-€2Ki·lQ·4· Asaiah a servant of the king’s, _ house t God. > or, rafzcr, sayiuz, l 31 An 9 And when they came to Hilkiah it Ch_3i_ig_ 21 G0, inquire q of the Lotto hir t pl:u·e,u the high priest ,tltey tleliveredi the Ne.7.‘.1. me, and for them that are lett r in ` the Lo! money that was brought into the tCn.~t.Z. israel andinJudah,concerning the 4 ant] to house of God, which the Levites 1ctt,q_i3_ words ofthe bookthatiafound: for ~ and his that lceptthe doors had gathered ofl N¤.~t.l0. great s is the wrath of the Lotto tutes, t the hand ofklanzwseh and Etphraim, ,,,, i(;i,,g_q_,t that is poured out upon us, because * all his; and of all the remnant o Israel,i 5f our Rtthers have not kept the word of the anti of all Jutlala ang] Beu_,aroin;`n Dc_t7_tS_ of t.he Lent}, to dolétfter all that is in this ant t iey rcturnet to erusa em. ig_ written in t iis boo . V 32 An 10 And they put it in the hand of Jos,l,S, 22 And Hilkiah, and they that the 15 prost the workmen that had the over- n Lyme king had npptziytlrd, went toiluldalt min to sight of the house of the LOIlD,1ltltl‘ hand 0f_ the prophet ess, the wite of Shallutu hitauts they gave it to the workmen that ,,Jc_3G_2O2,_ the son of '1`ikvath, the son of t to thor wrought in the house ofthe Lotto, 1 ,,, Hm ’ li Hasrah, keeper of the 12 ward- § their it to repair and amend the house: [mud U]- robe ; (now she dwelt in Jerusalem I 3;} Au . ll Lventnthn artiticers and build- 8 , _ , ' , tin the 13 college :) and they spake i ahonur ersllpt-e`;ltey,]t, to buihewn stgtte, f,;";,i,,i:,€ ’ to lun} to that tyfecl. I ‘ tries th an tim er or cou » 'ngs, an tot., . ‘. ' 23 , And she answered tiem, of lsra 5 floor the houses wltioh the 1tin;,·sl` '" 'E __ "fhus saith the LORD God of Israel. tresent of Judah had destroyed. i" R"· ‘·’·9· ,'1`ell ve the man that sent you to mo, Lowe t 12 And the men did the work It `.—"\`~·t~· Bl '[`hns saith the LORD, Behold, , his dat faithfully: aml the uverseers of to ,,r,_.g,t;,Lg, `ll will bring evil upon this place. ~ 16 fullti thernwere.laltath and Obatlialt,the, ;»Kt_g_i_i;g_’,:tritl upon the inhabitants thereto, l their 11 Levites, of the sons of Merartz attd q J,._2,_2_ tetrcn a l the curses that are written l ; Zechariah and Jleshullam, of the gnu; I in thu hook which they have read ‘ _ . sonsofthoKoltatlt1tos,t0 set il for- before the king ot` Judah: l JUSIHN t ward; and nlltcrq/`tlte Levites, all 2D.t,&u. 25 llutzause they have forsaken I that could skill of instruments of ,- y;_;t·;_.;_ mo, and have burned incense unto l ;l\_IOI N rn H M M I _, L,,_,m_,_,yM,othorgods,tlititltlieyiwiglitprt1vok‘e J pi t . so tr7/ttvrrr. ret 1. tea ·rs. DU_;;g,],; mt: o unzor wt l a to worts o Q erusa < of burdens. aml uv-1·t* overscors of M1 their hands; therefore tny wrath i overni all that wronultt the work in any 29_ts.gq_!shall be poured out u upon this t tirst in _ manner ot service: aml lll of the 150.17-ID. t place, amd shall not be quum·hod. - 2 Anil j Levites I/tert: urwc sertbes, and otli- St.t6-2.2.1 2,6 And as tor the ltinz of Jutlalt, l charac ' eers. and porters. :12. to-23. who sent you to inquire of thc , the so 1 1-11iAm when llteylirotnzlit out R"·l·'§- Il.0ttD, so shall ye say unto him, t Loren, the money that was brouultt into 2-*12- ,'1`hus saith the Lottt) God of lsracl, l 3 Aut , thelpiitse0{`tlv:l.FltD,H;lltt{1lithe *'·,;¤%IQt)t‘Vir;t, ;‘tu1cr;·1i171gltlie words which thou taught ries ount a moan ti ie aw ot ~ \*~--» · mst ioart · u t ' the Lotto titrtvn ll by Moses, *2 garnuvttr. 27 Bovanse thine heart was v te1t— 1 tliigulid , 15 And Htlkinh answered and said ia ur, M/toni, ,der, aml thou didst hntnlilew thy- , of 1>av to Shaphan thoscrtlie, l havetiamd‘ or, tcetnttl sell before God, when tltou lteard- t 111:5/m · the bool; of the law in the house} part. losthis wordsagamstthts plactuautl i should ofthe Lotto. And llilltiah tleltver-itJ¤.d.ttl. latzaiust. the mhabitantsthereotl and your G ed tht- bool: to Shnpltan. t5t.3,t3, ,ltuinltlodst thyself betltre me. anti 4 Aut tG,\ntlShapltant·arru:dothobook 3.3.17. ,ditlst rend thy clothes, aml wt·t·p houses to the kms, and lirouuht the ltttiztols,-12.23. htvforo mo; l have even heard I/uct? ‘ course word back azain, saynns, All that, Jt·.7,;!o. also. saith the liolm. t of itat was t-otnmitttzd 7 to thy servants, Li¤.i!»·l· 28 lloltold, 1 will gatherthce tothy { oorthnt they do tl. l *|·ll· httlu:t‘s,:u1tl thou shalt be tzatltur- l his stu 17 And they have F*g;ulmi·t·tl tg. v ch.Gft.t2,t3.letl to thy graretnpcatic.1ttrlllttlt'!/ ` 5 Ant gether the montey that was tituntl I'>·3-l·l*· tshall thine ores see all tho evil tha’ t corthu in the houseofthe l.0tttt,and havel _5j·l]· ll will bring, upon this plntzo, and i hos ot delivered it into the- hand of the I"-’_’3~}"- lupon the inhabitants of the satmn Z tltrtyht ovetlseers, and to the hand of the tSo they brought the king wurnl 1 sion ot { wor ·men. " ‘ '_ ‘ tauain, li So i ls’l'hen Shaphan_thve serihn toltl *Uil§·,l·*’i]_0- 29 'tt'l‘ht-nz the hint: sent and tih~{ y 1 tht- ltina*,say1nt:, lltlktah the prtost I _’· 91,,* uatheretl toaother all tho ultlters ol lirethr 2 hath tztvcn me a book. And Sha- 1 ,',, Judah antl Jerusaletu. l ing to · phan rt·atl U it bekire the kin:. ‘! ¤&i'§0']}, l 1l(lAutl the king went up into tho hguitlt l ltr And it cann: to pass, when the :2k, house ofthe L0ltD,antl all the tart) 7 Aut w km; had lt<·at‘tl]1the words ofthe tt ,,.,j,,, 5.,,,} lot` Judah, and the inhabitants ol pla, ut i 1aw,tl¤=¤t lbf Witt his Clolltvs. l hm; to lJerusalem, and the priests. and tltt· all {ih- ; Zi) And tht: ltm: commanded lh]-— mutt!. Levites, and all the people, \\t:t’t·al that tt , ktah, and Alnltam the son of >ha·»—-•—-taml small: and he read in thctr ot‘thh· E 450 t } l s 1 \