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Part of Jeffrey family papers

. l tc Ihlu U Chrtsl brtpli::ct7t rt rzrrnl TUE ACTS, Ill. 1rtlnthm I/ml trrrc cnzrtttrlrvl. E mt dral.3Sh,l;1e tyonld raise up Christ to] ,l. I). itil. ithelhord{ttltlmlltli tlrenlnlrclrdutly E t tt is ton ist rrone; -- sue r as s ion t t sawt. , . ty. I1 He seein: tlns l1efi1rr,rt spake n1rt,t.t1,l2.` tZlll\1"I`l]lt lll, ' tl. whir}_the ttsurrt~rtton of l'hrtst, tltat ;,,..,_g.,_ 1'1/or 3/:1r1t/lrllt Io {itc prnple that } hot _l.ml,s goal was not lt`t in hell. neithery C M _, _,$, ;untr to scc u lame mutt rcslurcrl lu l ne to r;.. s csh tlid see corruption. l `: ' ` u.<_Iu!. dr. , od. lin _|2 This/z .ltsus hath God raised 1il;,`{`}3L` NU\\` Peter and John went up Q upon ;,;_. whereotr? we all are \\'llttt$St5$.l , I`? ' _ together into the temple at tz = ran"- rt, K3 Tl1erot?ne,tl bein: hy tlte right ml`}, . ,3 ,the hour ot' prayer, [icing the ninth , id von, and of God exalted, and havint:u` `H 'Q '~/mar. rs, and y tceived of thc l`alher theprutnisefl.'ml 2 And :1 rcrtain man, lame {rem l r;nn$;` ` the lloly Ghost, he hath sliedl 1"l"`li" his mother's womb, was vartted, y wml, ,,,,,_~rth thisf which ye now see and E' 1*-lljl;l lwhotn they laid datly at the trateb , ,l| ,,,.,,, ear. l_ MlM `ot`_tltotternplrwhicli is valletl llvau- , 5,.,,-,;- H For David is not asoendod into, It Z`ml titttl. to ask aims ot` thetn that en- ; V te heavens; hut he satth l1ttnstll'.lic|n,5.3I. tt:rd into the tetnple; rtw Wm, he Lottby said tfnlolnty Lord, Edin .1lm.3.37_ \` lto st:g1nt: I 'eter ttitd Jilin t smh t0u on my right tant. I 1-52,; ,;.g_ a rout to go into t le temp e, as e , `35 Until l make th r toes th * foot-t ., _L an alms. ld, mah. ool. 5 5 l Anil Peter. lhstening his eyes, i rm ,,,,,l6 Therefore lct all the liottsehlnfh ,,G' ` upon him, with John, said, Look ,,,,,,,,,,,,,LdIir.1el knriw {issnretlly,Jtltat1} att us.] I } I t H * ,_, tati mate tiat same esus, J r nt, ie gave teet un o ten} mi lm lttslrrlt ye have ert1eilird, l1otltii",j3;l9>,7 `clxpotzttrtg to receive surnethntg ot ` ,,,,c,,,,,,.ur uml Cltrtstl _ , ,,Q'Q,Q',,=' ttqtrt. _ , I lull ,,,,g, l71]` Naw when they heard Ihm,`7 _" "_"` L l ti l`hen Peter said, Silver and gold W, -, " te were prir:ketl1n tn their heart, I ll'~2lll rhare l none; lntt stitch as l have ] Ubi? iliiwrttlyisaid unto Peter and to l.he resti r l(`.l|.;{. l;:_tvevltlne;_I1wtlre name otjlesus l ,m,,.,.,,,_.E`}th;a ayiosges, wen a1ttll1retl1rert, l htsst of lazareth rise up and 1 . tl nsta weto. L ar. u. 7. wa t. ,Q,,{Q?Q";,,`as Then Peter start unto 1ttem.n ti..t.a2,;<.t. 7And hc took him by the right ,y hm, epent, and he hapttzed every one[,, ,,_;t_;_ hand, and ltttgd lam tip: and nn- ,1 ,.U,,,.s,fyu in the narne oflesus L.hrtsl,l g(q,,g_1_9_ triedtatel) his toet and anele-bones _ ir the remission of slits, and ye, tJn.3.t7. rt:r:ttvctl strentttlt. ,,],,.0,.,,,, lull receive the gilt of the llolyl 4 ,,,',,, ;,,,,,,C_ ` 8 And ht:. leaptnztl np stood, arid ly ., . r host. s yy walked, antl tenterr-d with thent tn- ix}, ,,iil.',3%Fur the promise:} is auto yottilv i,`,l,']{,`]g to tht: rientple, watkgng, and leap- l T In tn *our tthildron and t; to al _ _ `, ' ' lng, ant iraistntq Gor. mlb IMM tat arti atitr oil`. ttvzi as many aslu ll lilnd ialll the people lsaxv him mth m_ ie Lcr our bod shall call. ___ ____ _\_ , wa unt: ant praising Got _: . . 10 Arid with many other words _ ltt And they know that. 1t was he id l\ lt:>l1l}' ttttd Xltttl, sa}ttt.i ll Hin ih) iwhttzh sat lor alms at the Beauti- u(l,'"' ave yuttrsolytes ttotn this ttritu-.'1l'j>-l7 tal L::tt4*nd the satttt: day there were add- ,g ]._g;;_L;_ ll And as the lame man which x d tfnto litem about three: thousaritl ~ [ Ch ,2 `uiits lltt.alrtl ltold Peter a?td John, rt , _ .,uu s. _y,,,,f, V a t re poop e ran togetier unto A Antlr they continuedstettdthstifi,-,,A3i)G'3 lthein in the portvhc that. is called j fiflgg in the apostlt:s dortrnn: and lol- _r We 7, 3, Solomon's, greatly wondering, , L M uwslnp, and tn breaking of bread, j,I",QG3]" l I2 Tl And whtn Peter saw rl, he , U _ nd in prayers. l l,,j,"]L ] ' answeted nrtto tho people, Ye men , l ~ _]l VU, lil And toareame upon everysonl: `};,,:,_0f_y2 ot` Israel, why marvel yo at this l or I dl M l' nd manys wurtdersand signs were pp,;_;_g.H: l why look ye so fr;l>\vere to- R ltt.tI.?,:S. lliolniess we had made tlns titan to . ',;c. ter tut ia a nnys com- .no. .. wa r . mu non; y H il M.t.l7 17- I 13 The God y of .\hraham. and of l lh mt ` 45 And sold their possessions andl A Yi llsaar:. and ofllatcoh, the God ot` our , _ .,,:00ds, tual tt parted thorn to ally L2l}" ,t`atlttrs,It ltath glorttietli lns Son ; l"*`. ` rmt, tts every man had need. l , . 3 Jesus ; whom ye deltveretl np, and "_l Hf 46 And they, conltnuniz daily with ; "'Il "l;,lG' dented html: in the presence of l1 l l" " l"f ine accord in tht: ternpll, andt H UNL Q,;" late. when hel was determined to "* *l neaking bread 4t`1oni hoaso to, QQ]; let/om go. l t Y __t0use, did eat their moat withli,,,_ ,,,,,;,0,. lt lint. e denied the Holv Orient l FI i * rladness attd stnqleness ol` heart, _}.,.._1_.i_ l and tlte .lust,1r atttl desired a mur- ""l ll"lf 47 Pmisinq God, and havint: ta- l.lno..lI, ldtzrer to he trranterl ttntoyou; tourv with all the people. Andw~ 15 And killed the lrtnee of life