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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I wr aI , I _" I " It fi; Z; :: I I I .i, Ip ; yl I, in ` II i` Paul and Silas ianprismzcrl. THE ACTS, XVH, T lacy arc Zellw- ii a ll `II g 3,,,; llli; 18 And this did she many days. ,1.]), 5154 gistratcs scat the scrjuauts,>. ii lll `I Hut Pnul, hein{: gzrievagtl, turned and I - Let those men go. , lf (L lI_ " ajaidx to the spirit,leutninand thee J; Mm._]_g5_ 36 And tlicheeper ol` the : Q I I ' Ill ;t ani} l jg {gl lll the naine of Jesus Christ. tal ;;g_ told this sayin; to Paul,'ll. j L " I_ y f g -; ;a if rome nut. uf her. Andy hu carrie,] uw IG IT gistrates have sent. to let I-I Q ~ Cat l` ga outtlic samuliour. tj ` 'n'q; new tIieaet1>1u depart, aaai, I ,I M; 19 ll And when her masters saw Z *`Iw-I"-I- peaim:. `Q f fl ;_~5, L that the hope et` their aams: waisI*tr,te1uI. 1lT But Paul said unto tIivm` , ` ; j; tl -I an IQ pane, they eamizht Paul amd Silan, Q )m_;0_ig_ `liave beaten u~zahnly tint-II;U E IQ II 5; EE? aintl drew [fawn mtu the lmarI;ut~ A Ch ,..6 Ied,r laan; llomans, amd han L g { I ali It rt _;;; ;* place,t1iimnIl1eri1Itrs. I Us kin. lax into ;iri>on; anal now IE~ I I, ~ ,l~ ~ ~,, , _.f I LEO And brauulit Ihein to the ma-, my `G _ ' thru>t as out priv1ly! Raya I `_ QI ; I Y1, ~ :1,saiy1ii, 'l`hse men. helm; L 3*] jh. lhut let thorn rome tla;ni~ ` It ii, _ .;_. *,__ Jews, do exeeedimqly truttbleb um" Wh ;","" amd fetcli as out. W I ~ I I I, I_ ,15 ,-,, I rtly, _ T" IIS And I ie serjeants Io,I ' la`, ;l il ' E] ill ;\nd_Icaeh custnins.>wliiel1arc J Jl-J Iwnrtls unto the nia:iruuhtI llarm ev ' U I Y BEL-,I giatrates rent all their rlotlics, and_ I"}; lde>1red u {Iam tu depart out * [I , i.i;| I coimnamdcd to heat lima. 1 " "" ' eily. li I` I I ,. {FM ZJ And when they had laid inanvc It l*r21l.tI;l2., tI1.\nd they went ant, af II~ l; a _ . I stripes upon them, they ta<\I I/may IUM5-l=> `son, and entered mtu l/ir Ia IZ II '*I`TI mtu prison, tcliarzaig the _|anit;r tu arg,-;_i5.i7_ Il.ydia; tt and when they hai, ` ~ ,I ` ~ It _ ka-cn them safely: yl, JU_5__H_ Ithe lIrtI,li1tn, they cotnt}Ir=ttL , ll ' I ll Lg lit Who. liarmz rtaccivcd such ai 1 I W, and departed. ` ' I I V -aIE. .t thIm1nto the>inn<:r, " l`ll.\P"l`EIl XVII . { ` ; , _ W -1 yrisen. and made their teet taut 1nl ," " Il Paul ;n:arI'h!Ii ral 'I'm~I~` _ ~ ; a' * .Q thc stocks. I **1 ; If39 ` lll aah! ul 1lI.artt:1ltni.nI_.II. Q ' I, r 115 fi .\nd at mldniulit Paul and JH"I: G ir1/mi. ` . L ai ~ " t' Salas irayeil.Z and sanzr hra~>t< ""L;'3 www when thev had { ' ] QI; I ;;,;_,]. ttnto Uod; amd the prtzeners Iieard __ j;:" ll through.\iiipli1tvoI1s:ia -i I; SI lhcni. ""I~"~I _ `lonia, they came to 'l'hi~~. _ I ; Z3 ..t~.,tVe\\`wi:iit m unto them, amd Iain ` T I' *i": were oheiietl, and every ones rch 21 2; laatliday reasoned with lin I ` I _ I; hands weie loosed. I) '6 'H J,) lutthe sar.htures. . I I `q I"_;'lI 127 I\_nd the keeper of the pri>nn I \;,I;_l_' I il O;eniie: and alh:.iv; I H . 1:;'l=` aiwukuay out tI`h1s slccp, amd see- f_" 'I ' l`hrisi mu>t..' needs hart- >. ; I _ _ ing thu prison doors open. he drew I ;; and risen again from the dt-. _ * 2, . ,-atl outI lns_ sword, amd would hare ' ' ' that, this Jesus iwhoin Ij I . I I , .i I fg]? ltilled Iinnseli supposuig that the IL M*"*3l untoyou. is l`hriome< et` them I- ; " `Yj '. LN But It Paul erteal with a loud ,(-Hu, 1-) and (L ionorlIIl with l. I I , _ t vutanI, Ifl_IJIG them certain lewd Ii-Illo.I V ' , I Sirs, what lmust I do to he >areil! ("I I Ihawr sari, and ualhiI1 I ` I `I ? Ill And they said, llelierem on lla- "l`-_i*'***I ~p:my, and wt all the easy Ir. ' Q It I.<1rd .1t:suhaa.t "*I I"~I roar, Imd a~>aIalIIil the I ~ * I,Ij` l~e saved, amd thy it linuse. I ""*"I ,lla~on,: amd >oa;;hL ta la.1: ` ` ` I JI; 32 And they xatatlte unta him the C ~`I*J-ZL eat toIla]1oo;l I il ward ot` the lIord, and te all u that tIJl` .~.i.r I oAnd when they tiiimd *l. , iw were tn li1shou~e. I I'i`-I--GI!}. they drew .Ia;U_ Im; '1`hI-,U_; that t.;. ith; Q ` I; ~ >tripIs; and was liahtizetl, he, and ],;__g,;,3_ 'world an~1de down .a~ all his. >1rziiuIitway. I rl 0,} I, Ilatlier also; _ I g 3L And wlien he had l>rotn;liI them 5 II:""I;fi, 7 \\`iimiilIa<` ` ~ , ~ j them, and reIoiII~I,q helieving m I4 TI'Z3- execsolil`e>:aa.>1iyii11 tlrn" ` ;" I kiod with all ln lnu~I-. I JM"- I I I5- another I\1ii:.m1I:.Ie~as. ` I I- 3:3 And nhen it waa day, the may - l li And they troahledll liv' I lljd 'I IE ` ' .,\ -'e