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Part of Jeffrey family papers

,*2 , tm by Che We may not live in sin. ROMANS, VI, Vll. The pazvcr ofthe Mw, l ,·m{vuhm,. CHAPTER YL l .4.1). (50, ‘h:we eheyed from the heart that ` tnld even I VWMU-tl Hp! ltve Ut-SH!. 12 1191* [Ft •— 1't»rinuel“ duetrine ·1 which was de- _ i am mgn zu us. 23 Dmlh L9 I/tcl ((·itAp_ tt) ltveredyou. · ttteth lhs wayes qfVsm. V ,,,,,3 H 18 Hein: than made i`i·t~ev frmn ¥ . wlnlrl `N]HAl shall we Vsny Vlhcn! V ' ‘ ' sin ye hccatne the servants ul - ; hrlst tht; shalla wc continue xn sin, " ,F"·G-l,l- righteousness. V t that grace tnay ahennd! ,,j{ 19 l speak alter the innnner nf — l r, l)t*lt|;*·2G0(1{lll'|IlLl» Hunt ¤hallwe,t.hnt, ”‘ ·‘ · linen, henause of the intimnty ef ' ttt,i we .ge dead I: to sin. hvt: any lungerV ‘ et, mv. ,ynur flesh : zhr as ye havte yielded , mth lll; cram . ;E ](,._y_gg_ your melnhers servants tu unclean- V 3Knuw ye not, that we many 0fVd C , _,J,,, ness and te inrquity unto xnntntty; ; wm~e,»u,,ug gg lwere haptized tnta Jesus Fly; { even so new yield your ntetnhcrs ‘· tn Gt»tll,V(i}1111.;CVl WGH: Utllrtllwl IHLU C hls;cr,V`,,',,“ ' lstcrvants to righteousness untn hu— l cl1lnit»;· eat . 2** ,· mess. hall bes 4 Theretbrc wc are hnriedtl withi 2L"·]j’·’l· i zu fur when ye were the scr-. llim by énhptistn intu Vd<·:;tli:Vtliat. f)h‘·2*£,3- vahtsw nf sin, ye were tree Sfrum , hu; tt-, seas Jirtst was ratst·¤_np mm · (;1,6,t5_ rn: ttenusness. , thm- th; tnodeznl hy the] tilnrylal Ella: Fi,-ta l·1p.~t.2J-zi. fl what fruitx had ye then in g we ltarlt er evensn we a so sian wu { lJnr».2.6. tiese I lines wlierenf ye are new ~' heap mmiwnessyot hte. il, ph;_;;_l0_ aslnrniedl hir the end y er these , tyenu ht 5For it/{ we have been p1anted`,,.,,, , ,, tlnnes is death,_ , · t·h|_ uml, tngsther rn the ltltenegs at Vlns V"" ' 22 But new being ntade free from 5 _ hasty,] death, we shall he also m {hc /the-Vk U °·‘l·l· sin. nad hecutne servants to (Jud, Y, have sr NN-! 0f}1Z·¥ 1'€=l\f1”¢Jt¥l1¤ll¤1 ~¤<»r,jttni- ye have your fruit _unt<»V _hnliness, ,‘ .w, snr n,6Knnyving this, that nur nld man l jrttl. and the end everlasting lite. harp mt-ts cructhed with htm, that the ,mc_] l5_ 21 l·`erz the wages af sin zsdeatlv · _ bgdyi of sin nnght be tlt:strnytnl,tV,VHU'9 ,,,2 but the gtftu el` God ts tzternnl ~ath mst at hVencetkn·tlt we sheuld net; ’V"‘“' li1`e,I1 tlneugli Jesus tihrist eur gs, et·t·tt Serve sm. V V H l’¢t~2· Lerd. · med altv h;7F0r_/c he that is dead 1s Tfrecd u tL¤,.!.lt). CHAPTER \`lI. V tr-;mt;y» nm stu. _ , ¤ ps_yg,;3_ 1NOIntv/utlitpewermvaramrmlxmg- ‘ lint. thi; 8I¥)0¥v1f\vc he dead with Fhrtst, ,p 1m_iag_ m·thmrhela»t·1h. 7 The mw is nal ws a ieve that we shall also hre t' t 1 ‘ Sin 12 but Jwlu jus! mul aoorl. · , . q tn .t,». ·. r · Y . thm-,·_`.w1Lh han: V 3 _ BOW ye not hrethren. (tor 1 » rrllmhh 9_KD0\Vll\g that Christ.! hcinqt speak te tlrein that knew the ,h,|,,;,,3_ rmsct] frutn the dead, dtelh ne _C,, ,, , law.) how that the law hath dn- (;l,(]V MV tnore; death hath nu niere detnt— l \` Y _j" ‘ nnninn ever u nian as lung as he S hy hh,._n10n over hnn. _ _ F ~l'·’jm· ‘l1vethl ·; hhljmh.,] 10 Fqr in that he died, he died in ¥·l“‘V'·*·3l- 2 l·`er u the wtnnan which hath an untgsm once; buttnthatlielivetlhj Jl"·Z·l·)· hushand is beuntl by the law to ~Sh,·,,,,.—ha1|\tetl1 unto God. t~~—~» »-~~»· ,h¢,r husband. so lun: as he ltvetlr; , Ihr tht 1lL1kewtse rt·ult<»x1 ye also your- U ;·y,_l_]g_ that tt the huslvand he dead, she is _ ,,,,,tUm,,Sg1ves tu be dt:ad1t indeed until ,,,_,,,_,,,,U W luesed 1`teni the law ui her hus- _,,· m,,,,, Bm, but ahve 0 unto Gnd througli; ,J,,.,;,!,,,_ hand. ,l ,,,,V ‘ Jesus Christ our Lerd. _ ,,U,.L,;_ _Ii Fe then il`, whileb hrrlinslnutd ,;! ,,,,,,·s { 12 Letp nut sin tlnrrelare reign tn ,,_],,,, b nl hvelh, she he niarrted tu anuther , ,r . ,,,,,,.y, y0u!_tnertal lmdy, that ye should, V ` ' ,tnan,shr· shall he called an adul- { ’,,h,,,,,h obey 1141Vll the lasts tliereet`. }f" Wm · ;tr·rrss: hut n` her hushand he dead, · ’ H-, ,,t ,,,3 13 Neither yield ye your tnetn-,“ *‘V» 't’· lshe ts free frtun that law; sn that [ i ,,, mh t,, lgcurgq as il tnstrutnentslnll unrtiqlltt- .r t·Ih.T.5. tshe is n;l,tltl¤1lte{{ess, tllevigh she he ~ J n ness un n stn: nt, j·n~t r U [ l,1_3g_ tnarrtet ·> ann mr inan. _ lv V ,,,,, ,,-ryuurselves ante Gnd. as these that , Jn.l.l5. »t \‘\’l1ereti1re, my l»retl1ren,ye al- t ‘,,,,,_,,,,Vt1rea=V1velrun1 the dead, and y¤»ttr`:r;u__g_]-;_ so are h<·<· |·ur when we wereinrrthellesh, , ,,· ,,,,,, cause we are not antler the la.w,`E,;, 3 ,< thu 1 tnuttens at sins, wlnvh were t I . but under ;:rave ! Und litrlnd. f ' ,' " liv the law dtd work in our tnetn— V t 1,,,,. ,,,V 16 Knew ye nut,. that tu wlnnn ,hers, te bring lerth truttf untu . Q 5 2 , ,t Y6! yield yourselves servants tn '-°l··{~» - death. V · , t 1,,,% obey his servants ye are tn whtnn ‘ 1‘¤¤¤·~H. l tl llut nnw we are delivered from , ; Q ' " YB uhey; whether or sin unto , feh.G.;Z1, the law, 2 that hem: dead wherein t , ,_,_,,,,,,.,, death, or nf ehelhenee untu rtght- t stm glmg lwe were held; that we should , ,,,j_,,,,_,, euusnessl ‘ mm; ll, `serve nt nt·wnt·ss<¤1 spirit, and nut 1 ' ,,,,., 17 But God he thanked, that ye [ha:. tmtlw nldness ol` the letter. _ 0,,,, Were the servants ef sin, hut yel——•————i 7 \\hat shall we say then ! Isthe * V 155 * t ' t i t