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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I r · E »_ 1 How the gospel was preachul. 1 THESS., III, IV. Paul fcslifieth his love. (jini z 5 Far neitherf nt any time used A. D. 51. [Lord Jesus Christ at hrsv com- pn ve · we tlatterurg words, as ye know. —-—•-—- arg? mugc ». of covetousness; God f2Co.‘.!,l7, I 20 For and joy. 3 lla; ~ ` · ··J .6,4l -1.. · ¤ \ » nts l 6_lTor ot} rneng sorrglrt we gl0ry,`° g:_l_l0Q 1 ll TVhy Paul mil Yimotlly to thm; lingo H _ . nett. ter o you, nor ye! ot otlrersnlm rl 6 his youd report it consolation to 3 For » · when we might have lheou hur- ·"I" _. him. mm- S; ` densornejr as the apostles ot CllI'l5[»| aut '°" UV' `V HEREFORE when we gcnm T,bq;,i, · 7 But; we were gentle anion: you, , h?C¤·12·1§- no lonzer hirhear, we tlmuglu 4[Th _ eyeffl ns vu nurse cherishetlr hor _ l¤· it good to he left at Athens alone; know [ t 4 c§tourer_ in the gospel of even a . ntnguge unto ron. not the gospel I EPA., Christ. to establish you,antl toconi4 not Gt , _ o o only,l>utalso our ownsouls, _ ' tbrt vou eoueeriuuxr vour faith: 6 'l`l i becarttse ye were dear unto us. "l l(·"·l~9· 3 Thatb no rnan slunrltl he tnovorl ldefrz I I ` 1t)*1·or·;*e l'l:l!l(’lTlIlBl‘,I)l'CIlll’lil\, our ,, M“l_in_.;n_ ghy these atflietions: t7n·yours•¤lr·t-s raatto i t, .` arour L and trar atl: for labourrnz 2l·e,a,:_ tknorv that we c are appointed is the ` V I nrzht and day, because we would 0 J1 l IQ lthereuntor nlgn lr not be chargeable unto any otyou, tliujljjl 1l For verily, when we were with utied. I J1? ue preached unto you the gospel _ _ you, we told you hetore that rw 7 Fo _ i of Ggd. v_ I P 1\°-1·¤2· [should sntlbr trihulation; even as unlo 1 ;·_» hlgv fom`: aug Gull nlm, Zur, L/amd lit c?tnc to pass, and yc know. ness. _· · 2 ‘. ‘ ‘au uu 1 illllll- ar en;. 1 5 ·`or this cause when Z I e ull B H 3% ahly we lgelxgtvetl ourselves among q Aclwj I3 `no longer 1`orbear: I sentlto kllltris iles 15 );:i1t\rat'r¢il1e\e'. V V lS_lé_ 1 your iaith, lcste hy some moans hath V U ( s gg. arrow how we exlrortotl _({_ F lthe ternpter_hav_o lcnrptcd you, anrl Spirit ;__ . and cotnlolt•.tI and <.lr.rrt;erl ererv ' %~lf~·Y1\G· our lahonrj he in vain ‘• llu . V one of you as a father doth. his · “·-{#3-L U ll t ·l · ’l" I · · · ·- — y l _;._ (_himn_n i » l u norv n ren 1nrotlreusc.rnri· it ntl _ `_ · V I H4 . 1lte.2J.1l. frorn vou unto us and lr alt l` r ‘ it ·j Qty l2` lhat ye would walk 7 worthy I, Ur Ulm _ lgootl tidings of your faith final}; , L t.¤l;1ll,wlro1tt hath called you unto {I]; J lrtty, and that ye have good rente1a· lll A i . E, ·- us urgilotu and glory. I) _ gliranoo ot` ns alwavs, desirlnun Elm bt yl · Lv,. 41 Ll lor this muse also thank we 1—§'*;l·1·l· lgreatlv to see us, as we also tu or ctzrlott h`g f‘ - _, God without eeasrnz.l»er·:rr1· gs do wind .ot·L{iien,ln1t:rs rt is 1trlURU_]_·;_ atlhnnonantltli5n·ess_l>yyour taull: mid tt yi Agll ry t iv. not ol mode rrlneh el—, (CH U, ,1) _R l·or now we1lve,il`ye stand fast 111W<: E *5%:4 bentually woruetlm also uryou lhatf i` _‘l__ ‘Q‘ lz in the Lord, we ¢‘< ` 1\'1t` yl _¤;_;__ lowers_ ot the rclrurelros of Go.;t.9. 1lr4·tl»r·r~rarr Gnrl; ' lltttta Q r I to_r ye also have sullerietl like tluuas -!l1·$· ll l 10 Night and day praviuu eY<¥Ct‘~l— U I E _;-5; itil yo;1r·owu eotriittyutoii, oven as` ]1"`·2·-H- intzly that we nright, ste]- your fave, UC 1¤ li- wr . ;;y“ir;t r of the- Jens. ydv‘l11.l· anrl Anright perheetk that winch 1> 111*111 W: I tftlltolh killed the llortl Je- u 2tu.ll.2,3, lacking in your Rrithl f1»‘·1‘t It gig }4»::\l11 rY|l`l1`!l ot-n propltels, n¤1tl1_r(:;._.l_ii_ 1 ll }.owGoilln1ns4·ll` ani] ourl`1r— 11<>l11 J2 gale} L~ ]t;tGr,t1ltl1tt:v1 its to speak tothe l ‘ }i,l,’_·i°_}l·f·"*· ertaso antlgrlrsllrilrtlllnltir;t:I;\l1*‘1'l— l11111t 111 l·1‘1¢· ni l'l`h.iJ.l7. lat the t·onrin;;n ot our lloyd Jr~>1r~ lll tt. .<,n<.t., no in h<·.ut. orrrletrvotrnetll lJr.o.a.;t>_ l(Thrist with all his saints. ihsizr 2:. , the more al>untlantly to see yourl :21. l L7ll.\l"l`l·llt l\’ with ug ’; faire with srreat tlosire, l rt Zmltj. ` l lh rJ‘710r/at/L I0 gm on in holt`.ws:. antl · \\ ~ neil -3 aB hereloio wo would lravel Jade ll. ‘ 17 Ot t/le rcrttrrcrlzuit unt! [ao the _ vt como uu_tu }'U|l, even l l'aul, tan-ol (CH U, 1 l j;,,],,,§l,-,,;_ ` ` lint sl again; hut batan lrnnlerrzdl I ;N]l;l'j yFUl{'l'l`llilt\IORli their we 1l»¤~ ll. . _ {_ _ L, ·· —· _;»;·· i-.; 2;- t‘¤·t: 2Qti,[; I 19 for what rs our hope, or joyp ’ "Y "‘""""" l hort Il{:r:I\5I·2irs"\tIi:r1` “`1;l1 [jg, ur crown of $relou·in;:! Arr not EV'!-I-IU- ve lrztvtg fnotamtl of or haw r~ IM 2. g; , even ye int the prese1u:e1:ot`otrr F- ' H ·· · 4 ` . mt ~ · ¤»u,ht to uallt 41 and to please oi., M r 1;:,; , · r‘-‘ 1.