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Part of Jeffrey family papers

'I7m fest oflave to Gad. 1 JOHN, V. Jrsrzs is Urn Snrr qf Gnd. V 7 Beloved. let us love h one an0] A. D. 90. God. and keep his ronrrrrrrrrrlrnents. ll ther: tor love rs_ot' God; and every 1 t I Il l`or this is the love ot`God, that b one that lrrveth rs horn of God, and ty, Cr,_g'H!gg_ Iwe keep hrs eonrrrrarrtlrnorrts: and I t knowotlr_(,od. l _ ~ hrs corrnnrrndrrrents are not c griev- = 8 lle that leveth not knowethh "ljlG lous. rl < not God; for God is lovei l 2L"l3ll l -1 l'or whatsoever is horn of God l r 9 lrrthis/r: was rnarrifesterl the love ,k JMB IG overoornethzl the world : and this i of bod toward us, because that] ` ' rs the vwtorytlrat overoorrretlr the l t God sent hrs only begotten Son in l.Irro.G.5l. world, com orrr hrrth. ` ; to the world, thatl we rnight hve Hm ch .., ,, 5 Who is he that overrorrretlr the i tlrroutzh lrrrn. r "" world, but he that bolrevetlr that l re 10 llerein is love, not that we wr )Int.rS.3.3. I Jesus is the Son ofliodl 3 e loved God, but that he loved us.; Jrro.15,r2_tiL 6 'l`hrs is he that earner bv water F and sent hrs Son to be the proprtra-I . and blood, rtrcrr Jesus Christ; not lt =, trorrm torour srns, to l1"l"lG' by water unlv, but by water and 2 rl ll Beloved. rt`n God so loved us, p 1Co,11,|.'s. blood. And it is the Spiritf that. sl we ought also to love one another. . 7 beareth witness, because the Spirit Jl n 12 Neo rrrarr hath seen Gnd atany " Eh 3*l is truth. LI z timoh tf we love rine rrTotlr:r,Gotll J""'H2U' 7 For there are three that hear [ we et t rn us, ant his ove is per- 1to.lO.9. reeora in heaven. the l`ather.g the e tlaaed p rn us. Q '_ \\'ord,/1 and the lloly Ghost :ii and il I tr Kllrlerebyq knowwe that we dwell Y "r'S these three are one. to irrliun. and heritr us, because he tltron with 8 And there rare three that beari rs ra r qrven us o ris Spirit, l us. witness in eart r. t rr-: Spirit.}: ant lj Alnrl we hafe Teen and do Les- `I JN0 15 16 the water.! and the blood: 111 and _ . t, tr y t rat t re `at rer sent t re tion ' ' t rese t tree azree in one. r le be the Saviour of the world. `tt ctr.t.I7. 9 lfwe receive the witnessofmen, . rd JIS \\`lr_osot;verr slrrrllfctgrfess that U JM I3 M the wrtnfss of Gorl isfgerrteri har V rs osus rs t re Son o `or , God " " tns is tre witness o od w tier t dwelloth in hirn,atnl he in God. < (jr;Ap_ 5_ he lratlr testined ofhis Son. *3 . W- lt} And we have known and he- QJHO I l_, I; lt) llc that believcth on the Son Kr rd lieved the love that Gotlharlrto us. ' ' rof God hath the rvitnessn in him- w tied s is levo; and he that dwelleth~ """ {self; he tlratholrevetlr not God hath rtl rn love dwelleth in God, and God bJrm,tt.l3. tinarleylrrnr a liar; lreegusae lrerod l, rrr rrrrr. l tt. ievetr not [tt} recor trat 0 { _' _l7Lllertin is I our} loveInrI:r]dc per- C p5_r|g_.t;_ l;:irie\rrrrl ot` hrrrr. _ _ lll rnrrr/x; ll ruhrr/t lu I/rnjrril/r_/ht orc qJrm.2u.3l. , lliv lf any rngrn see hrs brother srtr : PH. lrulrl. omlrrrrl qrrtrrorls. El Jtxru ts , _,Um.U.n{" a srn ru/rrr/t rs not unto death, he vv- ihc Son of God, able io mrc ur, _ __ F M .shall 1rsk,arrd he shall qrve hrrrr lrl`e M1- ltmrrl In llmr om- pr1rrms rrrlrrv/r is tor rhern that srn not unto death. tri we rnalrc jbr or:rstrltc.v uml ,/or "" " '.'l`|rerr: rs a srn unto death : s I do tl rv- ol/mrs, S NM-li!Gl l not savl that he shall pray for it. it: rnrl f][LrSOI)\']{]{nIt;1ltwetlrtlr;tt 3:- 17 All rrrrritylrteousnessu is sin: dg \ Jesus rs the Ulrrrst rs born {Jr-.7. 16. land there rr is a srn not unto death. ,lF et" ot God; and evtrone that lovrerh H Eh 3 1 t lrl \\`e know that whosoever is tw! hrrrr that lregat lliveth hnn also '_` ` rborn of God sinneth not; but he ,,*5* r\!/ that is tm:ottenol` hnn. " R"*i0r2l that is begotten ot God keepeth jj l1 12 liv this we know that we love w-l*-l~!7- }lnnrsolt,w and that wicked one g tire elnltlrerr oi` God, when we love ? torreheth hrrrr not. '