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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I Jude exhortcth Christians. JUDE. Ilcforr/rllat/1 ptmistmwnt. E t . 9 I wrote unto the church: butj A, DOO. 16011: hut he that doeth evil hath . D10trepl1es,wl1u loveth to have the -- not seen God. preetrnnencetg unmng them, re- gyhyvggmg l Uetnetrtitsltnth good report of I eetve tus no. _ 11(,_g.1_ il mer: 1111 ot` the truth it.el[`: , 111 \\l1ere_fore,1fIootne. I will red I Y lyeu, nnyd we also heor retzitrd; memher his deeds whteh he doeth, h P"wE]O and ye know thnt our record is E! prnttng h nqtnnst us with tnztlicious ;1,,55_5_ true. 1 words; nut not content. t.herew11.h, _ 13 I had mnnv things to write, hut X neitherdoth he I\lIIlSHll~ receive the k P5-3*~27 I will 11ot with tttkirnttd pen write i h1etllgen,311d torhttlldletli them that L l.Ino_3,G-9, unto thee: . won .:1n castet tl mouti ofthe 14 Butt trust I shnll shortly see { * Ul\\1l'Cl1. "`V thee: und we shull speak thee tu 11* Beluvedl follow k not_ thnt "m"!*!U thee. Pence bcto thee. Ottrtrietttls 5 U which is evt. but that whteh ""'/' snlute thee. Greet. the friends by -' good. Hel thut doeth good is ot -tntnne. t l ); i T/tc gettcral Epistle qf JUDE. ll r` hom the Creation, 4070 .... Ycnr ofthe Christian [Era., GG. ( I . . . . . { 1 .R1tlt exltortcth Cltnxltngts in rmt- A. 1) lG. l B Likewise ttlso tltesefil/7tytlre:1m .. E strntqv tu I/tr rertfrrtl jttzllt: t itz: -;`ers delile q the tlesh. despise tlonn- it _. jtyrclellrt/1 [hn ytttvttslttzttvtt of ctr- Fl L\~6l6- nion, und speak evil ofdtzntttes, "` B trim _t?1Iseltrttc/ttrrs.r!r. _ It Ac.20.3J. 11 Yet Mtelntel r tlte nrehnnzel. ' ]'Ul)1}. a the servnnt ot Jesus C 11>e_1,5< when contendttttr with the devil he , [Y v Christ, nnd hrother of Jntnes. ,;R.._S 30* disputed athout the hotly of )loses,s 1 .. to tltetn thnt nre stntettllctl b hy God dnrstl not hrinu ztzninst htm 11 rntl- ~ . 14111.1.1. . .. . r the I:1tl1er,nnd peset1*edc1t1Jes1.ts tf".1 ,, G nn: neeusttttott, hut sznd, ll1e Lord Christ, mul eullet :1l y' '" irehttke u thee. t . . -le 2.1. . . , - , M I 2 Mercy unto you and peace,:n1d F tt) But. these spenk evil of those ,1 love, he multtphetlj /1 H92Z tlnngs which they know not; hut 3 Beloved, when I gave ;rll_tlili~ l i 1`it.l.15,tG. what they know ttgtturnlly, ats hrnte . . 1; 1-Ifvttrte to write unto yon ot tltell11Cn.1o.6-12. he:1sts,tntl1ose things they eorrupt * I, rotnnton s:1lv:1t1on,e tt wns neetltnl ;y,,_;_1_;q_gy_ lthetnselves. I I f X l . tltr me to write unto you, nnd ev un_g4|U,|9_ ll \\o unto t. tem, or t my 1:1ve EJ hort you thnt ye should enrnestlyym Ju,,_S__H_ gone in the wzty otl.`z1i11,u:111. .~ ttottltetr 1 lirstest:11e,hnt lefttl1eir11t2!!9_!-lU 11 And Enorh nls<1._ the seventh ll' own hzthttntton he hnth teservttl, I')";[l?{ from Adcttn, Yropltested of these, ;. lll ttt e\crln>ai111t; ehntnsn t111tlt~rtlnrk1l} I,"~]i stayin:. Be|1ol< , the l.or_d It cnnteth ;q ll` ttvss unto the judgment u o1` the Qixllj; I? {6 with ten tltoustutd ot lhts stunts, lj to ,:11,;,1 dl, _ . 15 "o execute _1tn;:1not1t upon a 7 Iivettlts Sodom yt and Gomorrah, :1ll,[ and to ttottvitttwe nll that nre lj il` tunl the vities nhout then1,in ltkt: ,`[,_,}_gQ]_ ` lltttwtlly i\'\= Uttflll UI flu melt lg *7 ` H\(ll1ll<'l', trtvtng themselves over to E R,._g_w ip unzotlly deeds which they hnvt-: ny t`ort1tct1\.io11.und :ot11;;:1(1er'Irt1t1t: ;, Z,-c_11_l$, tttttzotlly titllllllllllffthlllld ol HU their I I tlesh, site set torth for nn szxttntplv. 1 hztrtl sprcrhcsk which ungodly sin- { *` sutle the n:t~1n1ee o eternnl it ls.73,9. tters hove s token nzzunst hun. . rin., te _ _ 1 , tire. % ll} Clhuse ure tnurtnurers, com- 1 LLM 1 e 1 _11 {