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Part of Jeffrey family papers

r Vision of Gmls throne. REVELATION, IV, V. T/ic book seein!. mv that the shame of thy tnakedntnssb; A. D. 96. {sayin:. Holy, lnoly, holy, Lord God ,, do not appear; and annonnt. tlnnne -|[\ln1nns:lny, which was, and is, and eyes with eyesalve, tlnat tlnou l1ch.l6.15. IS to come. "` Inayestsee. `eIIc.I2.5 6, 9 And when tlnose beasts give . 19 Asc many asl love, I rehnke 4,-,5 2i eiory annd honour and thanks to a11d ehasten : be zealous therefore, ,`g_`g6_ ,lnnn1 that sat 011 tlne throne, who]: l and repent. te ,,,0 ,_, -,3 liveth for ever and ever, _ , 20 Behold,I stand at tlne door, _, ,2 lt) 'l`hc hinr annd twenty elders mf and knock : dife a11y1nna11 hear my fL,i,,m , ,, fall down before him tlnat sat on1 'lgf voice, annd open tlne door, l wnllt ',jil` tlne throne, and woislnnp him tlnat _ L W wconne tn to hnnn, and will sup w1tl1 g L2*m liveth fur ever and ever, and east I **1 him, and he wttln me. nh JlG33- thenr crowns q Lnetore tlne throne, { " 21 'l`o hinn that orerconnetlnfwill . i @-2-7- sayinz. * MM I grant to sit.;} with me in my] ((gyyAp_4_) 11 'l`hou art worthy,r O Lord, l , I throne, even as [also overt:1n1e. h`,,c,,_,_,0_ to receive glory and honour and l _ a11d:nn1n set down with my Fzttlner Lch ,, ,2 powerzs 1`or tlnou hast created all ,:%*,1 1n1 t.l1rr{nno.I I I I _ gc C," 1;,, tlninn;:s,da1nd {or tlny ,,leasure they _ 21, ez t nat. 1:ntn an oar, et 11nn { " are an were create . *ll hear wlnat the spirit saith unto the E7 :9;,, (JllAI"l`1lt V. ml el1urel1es.(_U PTH IV nd Ig " ' I Tlinc boa/r swlrni with szue11 seals, , r it . T tv e 'ntonn ` ` I E/elm see!/1%:/2 ihronr or'! God in Tgjzgs 2/telziiiiliuinliieiisc//n,251; lfiiiiginliile * - imvmz. -1 `/nr jour mn: lnrivzly ;_ *' enxlsmntl enltltrs praise lnznn. l *l" eldtrs. G 'I7n_H112n lirusls full td D#*#_9 ANI) I saw in the rnulnt hand ot` i Fc'? rypsllaefgrr{1ynl{nr{1nn1{/. I I I f I llnnn thin! sat wi tlne klnronel nn. , V i . tins ootet ant ne. cn. . . intra wrn ten wn 1111 um on tze l*"" Alntmlnl. at door mrs olaenned in gcIn.3.1,5. lliaek side,sealedl1wntlnsvrennseals. l htiareiniz a1nd tl1e ti1stvontea lvlnirh y, Wn n0_ l ? And l salw alstrcinnng :1i1g:l_]p1o- Q neart uws :1snt were ot :1 rnnnn- r e :11nn1nns:w1t 1 a out vonrre no ts , *l* pet talknmr with me; wlnirrln sand, I lworthy to open tlne hook; and to " vll (Tome]: np l11tln1n1,annd l will show ,, Cp ,:, ,.. nloose tlne seals l.l\(%l0Ul~l ll dime thongs which must he here-, i;{_gj_J_ l ilnd up nnanin l1{::1vcn,li1ornn a er. ,,,=_ `ennrt 1, nent ter 1111 crt ne earl 1, was lwld 2 And immediately I was inc the ,c;`,`_, Z *alnle to open tlne hook, neither to ' it " Spirit : and, hehold, a lhroneil was ',Q , llook thereon. set. in heaven, annd tmc satc on the "' { " "j'_ , t And I wept much, because no lll I throne. "Ll"'11i1:11n was found worthy to open U,,, 13 And he that sat was to look 0, U gui? lannth tp road the hook, neither to - ll on like a jasper and a sardnne ' loot nereon. n:,"i stiinne; and I/nzre was a rainnlnow haw tw 5 And one ofthe elders saith unto __ll; itfnnnl about tlne tfnlrone, 111 sight, ** 11,% \\eep not Hlliehtalil, the Ohgnnnf n ite un o an emera t. n" *`".o ne rn ne o 1:. e to o l"ill 4 And round alnont tlne tlnrnno Pl'5l*- ltavnd, hath pneva1l:dt<> open the "l1 were four and twenty seats ;f and q \B|4*l hook, annd to loose tlne seven seals lm`,). npon the seats l saw 1`our {und nr1n,5.11. tlnereot, Il I H I 1 _ Y , twentn elders snttinn::, clothet i11 `o. .t`. l ti Ant in ne n, ant , o, 111 1 ne ` UH": wl1ito}rait11e11t;;1annd they lnad on Ig 1 I ,U, ,nnnlst ofthe tlnronntc and ofthe four __ ,,H_ theiiglnianls ;:1 :11 on o ne nronne ro- jette1ire tlne tl1ronneUnrrcuns I~.|1.l.l0. ,ont of the riglnt hand of 111111 that ,` a scam o1' glass like unnto crystal: [ I<,?Tl 7. nsat npon the throne. l"l" and 111 tlne nnnntst of tlne tlnronnnz, Jno.t.2l,36.n 5 And when he had taken the "'l I annd round alnonnt the tl1ronnt:,wcne f[,p_n_ng_ lhook, tlne 1on1r hoastsq and tour _ uh- four huznsts, :1 full o1` eyes lnetore ,,,.,, _, 4 K ,0 ;amI twenty eehlvrs fell down holore 5 z an1n anndlntil}\` l tralt`, and tlne thnrtl beast. lnad a time Z l,, of saints. Q ln *****1 asa1nnan,annl tIn4;1l)l11`ll\ heast was ,` _,'.,,,'Z,a U And they sun: :1 new song.]: 9 . ltke a tlynnn:;1a;;le. ',;,f,_Zf" fsznynnne, 'lhou art. worthy to take ;, l "" E} Anil the Iinnnr hneasts lnad n:1