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Part of Jeffrey family papers

l l J Y * The woman and the dragon. REVELATION`, Xll, XIII. Michael and his angels. i heheld, the third wo cometh A. D. 96. shouhl feed her therey a thousand ar quickly, T two hundred mul thrceseore days. re z 15 Anil the sevcnthb angel scun- t>cti.t0.7. l 7 Anil there was war in heaven: tl detl; and there were great voices _ lliehael and hrs anztzls thttght. , in heaven, saying, The kinzdontsc l*-UlU `aeainst the dragon; and the dragon W; , nftlns world are beeorne {hn /time-ld lh 2 M ,fott;;ht and his anecls, tel dams of our Lord, and othts tJhttst;l J ,_,' ,,,1,- t B Anil prevailed not; neither was hi; Q and hed shall reign fur ever and " " `thteir place thundany more in hea an I ever. `e eh.-t.t. ven. po 4 16 Antl the four and twently r eli _ 9 And the ereat ilraeon was east au t l ders,whieh sat hetorc Goal on their []l6 ont, that oltl serpettt,7t ealletl the 3 t 5 seals. fell upuu their t`u<o nut 5i\nd c she brought forth a ttt:111l;(;,.,;i_i5_ 1 A burst rmt}; on! Q! [he xm willt tru Zi ._ child, whofwas to rule all nations, _ snwt hvmls mn! hn horns. ll ` si: gf] , with a rod uf xronz and her vhtltl { (NNW- VU Amit/rrr inns! 'rtmn,//1 up eu! of ll 2% _ was rumeht up untu boil, and to H ml; ,,C_ lm; rrn[7t, n:hnh snpprn[rHr 1/in on l lns throne. _ l ,_ ` nor./np of /llpferniz.-r-/lens/. tn > G_ And the woman fled tnto tl1ell]_~;3: 1 ,ANl) lstood upon the sand ofthe tl`: lt tt 'll*ll`\l9>$ Wltt Shu httth iw l"$J*l" 1 sca, anal saw a hteast u rise up to l i place prepared of God, that they :$~ ~ outofthe sea,ha.ingb seven heads th: { J l.. 'J Y Y