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Part of Jeffrey family papers

` The beast u{N1 seven hmzls. REVELATION, XIV. The full of Babylon. A and ren horns. and upon his horns A. D. 96. to the beast, which had theta ten crowns, and upon his heads the -- wound by a sword, and did live. 1 name of blasphemy. inr, mmm. 15 And he had power to give ilifce 2 And the beast which I saw, CD, -;_1_7 iunto the imaze ofthe heast,thnt wasn; like unto a leopard, and hist , 'IQ ' yl-he imaze of the heast should both it teet were as lhejbel ot` a hear. aml , 'I C " "U speak. and cause that as many as i his mouth as the mouth of :1 hott 1 l E Cl'- ILUG- iwould not worship 1: the iinage of and the drazon d gave him l1is"=1.*.1;n. the heast should la: killed. poiyer, and his seat,c and great lfnym-;_S_ i 16l1\nd hc eauseth all, hotli small ; aut iortt . _ tant arent. rich and 1oor,lrce and if 3 And lrsaw cnc of his heads, asig l"I"M iliond, to Ttreeeive a inark n1 their I it were 2 wounded to death; ziiitll/U1-7,l] ritcht hand, or 111 their ilirelieads : l t his deadly wound was healed: and` J} 17 And that no man uuirht buy or X ; all the world wendercdf after the i1 ll-M'- sell, save he that had the mark, or mast. make war. 1 the name ofthe beast or the ntun- ; -1 And they worshipped the draztmi { C1._11_g_3_ larvotlnsuan1e. I , which gave power unto the lieast :` lJ.U. 18 llere is wisdom. Let him that ' _ ainl they worshipptr.l the heast. , tr (ot.2.$>, hath timlerstaiidintq count the ; saying, \\'ho1xlike 1t11t.utl1eleast lt t1C,o_||_;_;_ l iittniher ot` the heast: for it is the . who:] IS ahle to make war with ly[,.',L:J_;J_ 1 numher ofa yuan; and his numher ` l him! _ I 4,,, Eh_H_7l Us SIX hundred tlireeseore and six. Z aa riitiiilthlli?l;ii:iEi1i3\'i,;Ft:iitiliiiiiii` pn_J_i4;l_7' 1 T/uv tildieznit Sian ; and blasplieinites; and power was 1, I H IG wt!-It his ronipmiy, G an angel r given unto l11i11 to 3 continue fortyiiu rh i,,` Q. yno that he maketh tire route down "' }l[*)J'- to11gtt0.:11ul people, /71 - from lieaveii on the earth 111 the {""',;l; I 7 Saying with a loud voi