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Part of Jeffrey family papers

The vials pmlrcd nut. REVELATION, XVII. The scarlet whore. T 4 And the third anzel poured ont_ A. D. 96. I 19 And the great. cityg was divided - his vial upon the rivers and 1Ilun into three parts, and the cities of taills of watersgg and they IJCCUIIIU gcll_s_l0_ the nations fell: alld great Bah lon blood. rh ver 7 ` came ill remenlhrzlllce before {gud, 5 And [ heard the anzel of the l_ ' ' to give unto her the cuplt of the waters say, Thou art l'lglll<1ltS,}l "D$%z;l?l$- wine ol' the Hereeness of his O [:ord, which art, and wltst, antll I*ll` wrath. _ shalt. be, because thou hast lud ged lh ell.1;l.$. 20 Andi every lsland fled away, thus. E lll-L and the lnountallls were not found. ` 6_ Forthey have shed the blond of iCll3_lg_ 21 And there fell upon lncn a saints _anl prophets, audi thou mum) 1. great hail}: out. ot` heaven, every hast given them blood to drink;] ' l' `slmlzr about the tvolullt. ofa talent: tor tlieylarelwurtfly. H t fg 1 Url L""Ul aptlllllelf blllspltlelllell Foil l}ec:1usc ~ 7 I nt leart zulo ter 0u o 21. o tlo laznc o the l:li ; or the the altar say. Even so, Lord God Doh q R; lplzlgueltlieroofwasexcetcdillggrezlt. ' I .A>l|'IllLZlll?Y,/{ true and righteous aryl gg_ I t`II;\lI`Iil{ XVII. A tllyjtitlqlllelltss V Iprh'Hm_;L -3, 4 A lcmilml eirrnyczl in plljzile and I B And tht. toluth angel poured out I Srur/1/,1[r*,, .> llrr zlaiitc, l 1/lc m- ; his vllll tlpoll the suli; l and power - /1 l9-9- ImvoInlloil ofthe seven ilmds mul ; wm given ulltu llllll to soorell Illtill l r rely:. rllolrn ltoryls. rh`. l tgtk its tire. 1 I I _H I: Ch 9 H ANIJtl;ere riallie t;nc10f the seven , nt lllell were scorclel \\'l.l [ anzes wllcl lat tle seven _ lxreat heat, alld lllaspllolllvtl n the , lllf_ lvlals. and talked wlth lllc,sa int: ) naule of God, ulllell hatll power' J`1ll: lunto lne.Conle hither; I will sliow I- over these plagues: allll 0 they re- "l"b lullto thee the jlldglnellt of the . pcllted not to etree lllnl glory. U *ll2-l,9 `trreat wllore :1 tllat slttctll upon , 10 And the tit`LIt ant;ll pourtd out ; ll Cll_l;l_g_ ~lllallv waters ;I J his vial llpoll the seat]: ot` the I w Ch ,9 :,0 I it With wllolllc the kines of the beast; and his klllgdolll was full ot`; nf. l'; ' lezlrtll have colnlnitted Illllllt}l\I.I0ll, Y ;larI;lless_; lg and they gnawed tllelrjx Iillld the illllxlllltallts ofk the lcarlth . ouzues lor palll, WL \ - lave teen lnat e run wit l tie q * 1I l\lld lllzlsplleluctl the God 0t`,;1.lllll,5_l9_ lwllle ot`lllr fornication. leavlrll lleoause ot` their pallls aut In Ah ,9 10 l 3 So he carried me away in l IG their sores, r and re ented not ol" _ A ' ' ls lirlt into the wilderness: and I _' their deeds. P l Ul llO lsilw a woluan sit upon ad scarlet- U 12 ;\Illl the sixth arlzel pnurcdout ['l3ll- ltwolaurell beast, t`ull of llalnes of 5 his vlal tlpon the lzreat river lIu-itl~h.2I.G. bllupllunly, having: seven ltcuds phrates ; s and the water Lllereol`lUCl,_ll_l;3_ and ten horns. O , was dried up,! that the way ot`tllolfD3_l2_1_ -1 And the woman was arraycd in ll kings ut` the east lllitqhtbcprepared. J {_ _ _ _ _ _\_ purple and scarlet colour, and 0 113 And I saw threetlllolellllspirlts ,,ch H F ldlrop lt:t.w t` 1- `- l tioll :f 1-l For thiwyl are the spirits _01` 1; ell,l1,l9, I 5 And upon_ ber lllrellead ions ui li llliiilkii iiliiiii l tcm " " ` it .l iivlli1v`v$i'l`Il:" iiud of thu: whole world,to;1:lther , tl 'l' lll--l {)IlJ`l`lIlIIt ltl` 2 II/.ItI.0'I`S ANI) II lllleln to tile tlzlttlrrz of that groan ;\3l` \?gl{A'l`IONS OF THE lav oI`Go A alle ll *. l =.W|.l'- x" . rx l5 Behold, I could as a thief bluC|,_le_;_ (I And I sawthc woman drunken It lllessed ls he that wlltchetll, alldl I VI U3 with the hlooll of the saints, and ,l` lteepotllllls t;llllllelns,llst he wall; l " with the blood ot the martyrs of ,; naked, 0 and they soo llls sllaule. I2 U0ll*$$ Illll "ltd HU lm" ll there was a glellt l~:ll*llllullke,tl h' Iportllllolltmalldtheytllatdwclloll lll Sucllfas was llol since lllell were I " lg; " Itllc oxlrth sllall wollder,11 whose lu upon the tallll. so llllgllty all earth- _ t l* llll$- ,uatues were not written lll the bool: quake, lnlll so great. I-5TY,ofl1tc ironl the foulldatloll ot the V I