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Part of Jeffrey family papers

" . .. `..,. .. I 2 i ll I T/ie viclar; ofthe Lamb. · REVELATION, XVIH. Babylon fallen. Z .. world, when they behold the beast A. D. UG. earth are waxed rich tlrreugh the wit · that was, and is not, and yet is. -—-·•—— iahundanue ol her dehcaeles. pea I 9And here is the mind w rich hath u ch.13.l, · 4 And I hoard another voice from _17 i _ wisdom. ’l`lie seven heads 0 are Z, ml-;_20_ heaven. saymz, ('ome oulfof her, isn l t seven mrnnitains, on which the g4cC_i_|é.gi_ my pe¤¤ple,that ye he not partakers ma l woman sitleth. _ U ch ,9 lg other suis, and that ye receive not shii { IU And there are seven kings: tivo · '_ ' ° lol her plagues. (rat I Y are ihllen, and one 1s,an:1 the other " ·l"·°’O·‘H· l 5 For hersins have reached g unto 18 l ‘ is not yet come; and when he sch.t9.lG. {heaven, and Qod hath rememl1er· smi l cometh, he must continue ashort` l§y;L5J.Il7. led /1 her mnputies. Wl t [ space. `*· · 5- U Reward her; even as she re- cit; l ' ll And the beast that was, and is, 1 311.5.5,9. wardod you, and double unto 1n-r 19 l not, even he is thc eighth, and is; U R,,_y_m ml ldouble a<·t:ord1n;; to her works; in he; i of the seven, and gooth into perth- U Jim I5 16 ltlie cup nhieh she hath lilled lill int: | :· tion. ‘ ‘ ' to her douhlo. vit) \ ’ 12 And the lonhorns p which thoni W €l*·2·l0· 7 How muoh she hath glorified tha sawest are ten ltinus, which have xvurul. herse l`. and lived deliciously so ofl { received no kintalom as yet; lintl ls-5.7. muchtorrncntandsorrow give her; iss l , receive power as kings one hour_ych.l(l.7. lor she saith in her heart, lk sit a ill , with tho heast. l; _iu_;g_.i|,.ig_ queen, and am no widow, and shall ver t , 115 These haveonc mind,and shall} L, Em_,6_37_ see no sorrow. pln ~ ·1‘ tnve their power and strength ontol .i;_ 8 'l`herelore shall her plagues on V the heast. I ll, dm; qyls come in one day,death,and mourn- 21 i L ll These s tall make warq withi _ _'-_Q' mz, and nimine; and she shall he sto g 5 the Lamli, and the l.amh sli1xllr]il‘;§';§!7’2" utterly hurnedl with (ire: for vas Q ' overcome them: lor ho is Lords ' { ‘ strongrm is the Lord God who nit i X of lords, and Km: of kings: aiitl."°h·“’·m· judgeilh her. Bal i they!thatarew»ith_lnm1mzeallod,nl(gi;Ap_ ig) 9 And the kingsn of the earth, he , and chosen,1: and la1thl`ul.w lu EZ,__,,3_2 who _havc r*onnnil.ted l`ornication 22 15 And lie saith unto mt-, Ther Lch H K ' land lived delirlously with her,shall mu g } waters which thou sawest.whore 13:13:16 howatl her, and lament. for her. pet . ,, thel whr1»re sitteth, are puoplos,y 2m` lyvhen they shall see the smoke ol` all { 2 an mu titudes, and nations, and JB,;,|_,' ierl>urnin;;, wh i i ton;;ut·s. _ I- ,, lll Naudia: afar off for the fear fou `i lt} And the ten horns which thou L rllgjalifi H_iol` hor tornnents, sayinu, Alas, alas sot i i sawcst upon the heast. t_ht·so z shall` _i,,_5U_;;gl_ `that tyroat city l.3ahyln11,>tliat mitzhty he] *l · hate the whore, and shall make 5i_;;1_ oily! lorm one hourois thy judg- 22: ll',. her desolate and naked, n and slrallldls.-17.19. ment onine. shi {V eat her llesh and hurnb her withw W,-_H I- ll And the merchantsp of tho _ tht ` I ilre. i l,,V,`\;3`_ earth shall weep and mourn uvtr ufl `ll For Go_d c_ hath put in their 1 Ur www hor; lor no 1nan huyeth their mer- at i V hearts to lullill lns Iwiil. and to~f I"; 10 ‘ cliandiso any more; _ wc - zwree and ttivo t teir cinzdom unto QTL · 12’l'he mcrrchandise of gold.:] and lor l tlic hi·ast, until the words of God` Jedgblb s1lvcr,and precious stones, and ol` ho I shall he lullllludll _ l '5,'b',|5 'pearls, and line lmen, and purple, 21 ' l IS And the woman wlneli tlmni QC,,_[j_{-_' and silk, and scarlet, and all ilthy- of ; ‘ sawest is that great citv e wlnohl ,_ . me wood and all manner vessels th: . »· g ..e.¤t.9 . · . ·l rnmgilietll over the kings of the Il Ch M lg) ol ivory,aud all 1na{nnerdvesselsot l `t> cart t. _ · L _· most. precious woot an of brass l ( if , U FlrlAl"l`l·Ill XVIII. * N) and iron, and marlile, ’ 1 l 2 ' mj}:/[ rtl Hulw/ou: »l Gorl’s pm- "·*f_· ·’··· ·7 13 And r·nmamon and odours and 1 ll , p[z>_rmriniu111I¤iI hiya mz! xy /»t·r,cI.c. l It }$~‘l·f·ll- ‘ointmcnts, and l`1iank1in:onse,1 and 1 i. AM) alter those tlnnus l sawl L“l‘····'_~’- Iwme, and oil, and line ilour, and r dg i anotlivr ant;ol<:o1ne down from lvl¤·l7· lb- wheat, and boasts, and sheep, and I _A ll} ‘ heaven, liavint: tgreat mxvor; and vn 1’s.o2.ll. lhorses, and tchaiiots and ilslaves, i l _ . » ‘{· the earth was litghtened with his` J¤·.vU.iH. ‘and soulsr ofmoii. *! _ ¥hu‘y.rL I _ _ _ ,nl>1ze.2tl.·t$, l l»l And_ tho lruils that thy soul . in 2 And he ¤·rlr·d nnzhtily with al 17. ;lustedaltararedepartedl'romtlnxe, va 2; Strom; vtlnrige. say1ne.HBaI»ylo;rll the U wm-;_ig;_ Pant} all Hnnzs yvinteh were danny po tgreat is a on is ia on ain is >o- 1;.-;-_;-·_ ant gout yaretopartol l`romthet· 2 3%; cvmyielr tgiol ‘lialntationi ol` ltlevils,` P IL [gd ‘and thou shalt lind them no rnore ju . ant t ie lot ol` ovury lou spirit. .,_l-,1 at all. ·’r¤ ugl isnd la your ol` every unclean and` Jim', l 15 'l`he mor· her shall ha 8% Qi For H1) lyuiiyms hqvrg drunk (Z of_" "'» '