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Part of Jeffrey family papers

The heaemtly Jmlsalmn. REVELATION, XXII. Th/2 river and tm: ofli/2. 4 And Gnd shall wipe away alle A. D. 96. thereof. a linmlretl and forty and tears lifitlll tl1eir eyes; and tI1erel fenr euhits, accurdiztu In the mea- shall he ne more death.}: neither g rh.7.l7. sure nfa man, that is,efthe anel. serrnw,i 1m1eryin;, IltYll.llI5I' shallt ls.25.8. I8 And the lJu1ltlm;5 ef the viiall there he any mere pain: for tl1e_,.1CU I5, 26 ul it 1vasef`ja.~pur:'aml the city lhrmer tlnnes are passe] away ' `mf was pure aaltl, like ante elear glass, 5And he that sat upnn lllfil.lll'0I1C .I_ 3, I l9 Atnl the hittmlatlense ef the y said, Belmlrl, I make all ll1111t:s I ` J' 0 Walltnf thrt1lv tur1r;;arriislierl with new. Antl he said nn1en1e.\Vrile; I1 ch.lG.l7. all rna1111ert1l"precmus stnnes. 'I`l1e thrthese words arc true and fai1l1gch_14s, lirst liatntlalien was jasper; the {al. _ _ l 12.13, rstactmtl, sa11pl111e; the third, a 1 ti And he said ttntn me, It k 1s_m,,|1.y., I- c|1l1lretl<111v;1l1e{earthaaenieraltl; - dune. Il run Alpha and (htteza. r` j'{ l` 3 20 'l`l1c lil`th.sartlunrx; the sixth, , the l1ee1nn1nt:a111l Use end. l will J,,i,4li]i1_l.l, sartlttts; the isevetilli, ehrysnlyle; e give ttntu l1m1 that is m atlnrst el` 7.:17, .the eiehth. heryl; the 11h1ll1, a l the lh1111la1t1 of the water 0l`1ile lor mm, ltwpaz: lheilenth, a r:lirsepras11s; lreelv. "' l the 1lev11tl1. ajaeinth; Llll: twelfth, [ 7 Ile that twercnnietlt shall i11- ll I"lll9 lat1a1nt1hyst. ht-rit. 1 all thmm; antl I willhe his li 1.l11.s.1.lt>, ill Antl the twelve gates were . Gt11l,a11tl h< shall he my sen. ll, IC,) G q 10 twelve pearls; every several gate l 8 But the l`l{XI'Ivl1l,/l :1111l 1111l1eliev; ` "_ ` ; was til` une pearl; and the street in;_*,1> and the ah1n11i11ah|e, p and *7 IJ3l~ ul the cltytzws pure gold, as it were 11111rtlertrs.q aatl 1vln>ret11t111gers,r r Ilt~.lG.t. 4lranspa1*11telasst , and s1irtert~rs.s antl 1llalatrs,l and r Al:il.3.. Y DL! And l saw ne temple tlmrein: z all l1ars.u shall have their part 1t1 W, ,1 har the l.1rtl Gull ;\lt1n;:hl.y and the i the lake whtrh httrnelh wtth tire ( IL `lL'$(?' l I.a1nh are the temple el` it. 1 and l1ri11rs11ne: which 1s the se- ) W1 T ` i LJJ sllltl the 1:1ty hall ntitleednftlie 1 Cly;3 4_;;l)|_ l Y U 1stuartl1ttl}lept1l`ll1t: II1t111ll,[U5lIlll(> t 1 nt l 1ere eatne tta 0 me one 0 l r 1* .111 1t: Ihr l ie glary of Ga did : these11111ra11eels whleh had the 'l1lil.Ui7 lIlIlt'l\ ll, and the Lamh is the r seven vials 1`11lI ar the seven l1Lij[":g"fgii' ` lill=\})Tl;R Xml Ir th1l< ren 111` srae 2 l ' ` "` I Thr rirrrre Ihr: lr/1!fQ/' tc. 2 Xl ' I3 Ualhe east three gates r11ill1t:;li7]-H- I The Im: ef IW. 5 Thr hgh! qf B north three gates; on the stmth 1Z**ll-7~ l Ihsrilglel Ilallts/11`1:1.wvl/Z 5) The ll three gates; and an the westtl1111:li I.3%.5.32,l.` nnerl 1t1[[ nu! be tertrsltzpyull. 18 - gates, l Ulltil. j Nalsmlu new {nw millnl le I/le word ' ll And the wall nf the city hatlt l'*l $;'7 1 qt` Hull, ner In/rt t1 I/1rqliant. tl twelve l`e111alal1st1t3t:lb ef 11 . <1\y, and the gates thereal`, and the` l l' `` 1*,a1nl11tl1; and . lllt2Hlll.ll ; and he rne.1s11red the; ch , . the le.1:1s 11l` the tree wlsrc for the tl ttily wnththe reed.twelve tliausanll ~ C, 'f`|" H hea[1nu ef tl1e11at1e11s. _ l' l|l|lttllLISi 'lhe length, aml the J _' ii Atal tliererl shall he ne more lireatltli, and tl1e height ol. rt. are G l'* l*" enrse: l>11l thethr<1ae ul`Gutl and I equal. jcl1.7.l5. t1l`tl1e Larnh shall be 111 11.; und 17 And he measured thc w.1lli-- his servants! shall serve hint; l