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Part of Jeffrey family papers

l = i 1 i Q ii t l l T The angel wrll REVELATION, XXII. not be worshipped. { ` 4 And g they shall sca his face; A. D. 96. t l3_lt_am Alpha and Omega, the ' aml his name}: shall be in theirl - ht-gnnnng nrnltha eud,thelirstaud l ' forelieads. g M.it.=.S. the last. . ; , 5 Audi there shnll he no night Jno.t2.iii. l lt Btessetlu are they that ile lus l there; and they ueetl no camlle, _ l7..!t. tcornmamlments, that they may t neither light. of the sun; for the lLo.ttl.t. lhave right to the tree el hte, uml : ; Lord Gotl giveth them tight : k amt lJ'3 lmay outer in through thc gates in- } ` they shall reigu for ever amllevmgl tx h.tt. I2. ln; 1tLe nity, L 1 l | 6 Anil ie sai unto ine, ' `tiese`icti..!t.3.2$,_ 5 `or wit mu 11 are tngs,w ant i f sayings are faithful aml true: nmllk p$_35_5;_ sorccrers, aml wlioreniongers, and , . the Lord God of the holy prophets lR,,_5_l-_ murtlerers, and1lolaters.antl whe , seutm his angel to shew unto his mch I I istnetleylovetli aml maketh a he. 3 servants the tlnngs which ntust _ Q ' ' l 16 .esus iave sent nnne angelto E shurtly be done. " "m}g* ttestuy unto you these things in the i .. . 7 Beholtl,l cume quickly 2 11 hless- Q JT ' ehurehes. 1 am the as root and the t ell is he that kcepcth the sayings D`j" toilspring of l)av1tl, and the bright [ l og tliedpiie;-ilieey ot' this hook, tl' Laml linirrltiig star. I d An ohn saw these things. ' l'/[ nt t ie5p111tamlt. iebri eysay l ` aml heard {hem. Amt when l hatli lC0tue.z And let lnm that heareth heard uml seen, l fell clown to, j i' ' ' saytletne. And 11 let hun that is t I wuysrjp ltmtguyul ttm dggeg uf the X 7 itthnkst cornell Anti wliuseeveigwtgll. , ' ti auge W 1lCl siowe me these, * et tim tae the water o fe 3 _ things. r Zeit!-lt. {mg] _ V _ 9 'l'hen saith he unto me, See lh0ulli0-ll lt3 lior I testify unto every man , x do it not: for l am thy tellow-ser-l ~~~~ ~~ r~ that heureth the wortls o1` the pro- I ; vant, uml of thy hrethren the pro-, I l$llU phecy of tlns hook, lt` any man L t phets, and of them which keep the it Ln.t2,37. shall atltl (1 unto these things, Gott { sayingsuf this hook: worslnpGotl.lu l.21.s,z7_ shall atld unto lnm the plagues lt) Ami he saith unto me, Seal w ph;_;;_;_ that a{eJvrlitten in this heiik; k _ note tie sayings of t ie prophecy , , T 9 l u i any man s tall ta c , I of this book: lor the time 15 :1t,I 9 awa? from the wortls nl` the heel; hantili 1 I I yi j ot tus lpropheoy, God shall {alle ~ ` ll eptiat is unjust, let iim ie Z * awayc ns part lout of the took * unjust still: aml he which is tilthy, it of hte, antl out ofthe holy eity, uml t. let lnm he tilthy still; autl he that L I ",[" Jrom the things which are written l is righteeus,q let lnm he righteous f]'Jv in this hook. , ' still; and he that is holy, let lmu 'WQY'? 20 lle which testitielh these ti be holy still. t dull; Ji`; things saith, Surelydl come quick- , 12 And beheld, I come quickly; r L ]'h`{}',' ly; Amen. Livene so eome, Lonl it and my reivartl is with me, to give` lJesus. ~ I oveg niau aecordmgs as his work f;;p;,_g_;gz_ , 21 flhefgrace of our Lortl Jesus Z sha be. ....~..TtClirxst be with you all. Amen, t 256 \ t l gl. ` ~~ THE END. ` d y li; \ o V it ai; ll_ 2t ng. utt t stx{ 2( t ) ` t