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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Levite and his canmbinc J UDGES, XIX. Tl}t1l77lill;7 hum:. TM cl their father who was born unto B. C. 1406. hold. now the day Udruwetlito ill Israel: liuwlieit the name ofthe - ward evening,d I pray you tarry **},21 IK eity was Laish at the first. y i3;,_4_g gm all night 2 behold, 7 the daycgmw {dl 30 ll' And the ehildren ofDan set y;,7s_6b, eth to an end, lodge here, tlnt tw"` l" up the graven image: and Jena- thine heart may he merry; andtt l1?,'l_l, than the son 0t`Gershom, the son I 5l'l%,lS morrow get you early on yuurwuy, ;l"l of Manasseh, he and his sons were s L l' that thou mayest go home. _l?[ priests to the tribe of Dan until ~ 10 But the ma.n would not tm SW B to _ . . [(,llAI. 19.] . _ me nhl the day y of the captivity of the that night, hut he rose up anal ile I _ land. lw""f?" parted, and eame llover xigiitis lll? "l" lit And they set them up I\Iicnh's ;QYf"."f"t .lehus,f which is Jerusalem: mil l` maven image, which he matte,all cD*,,$%_l7j;1 there were with him two em I { ml the time that the house of Godzl ' saddled; his coneubine also iw ""*t was in Shiloh.PT I 12 tlay.v_/Iuur with him, I I I J I CHA ER X X. MM! to 11 And w ren tiey were ry ms __, _ t A _Le_vi!?ir1;e/t ml _ee;;etw tot Qg,_,tyg;g* tltc ;1><;=S t,Stt t {ttyl QW, i1iI.`"li c ci tetne its wt 0. ran . san un o ns mas e , oai., _ It A-ND it came to pass in those! """' pray thee,:md let usturiiiiittittotlttt ll llflt days, when there was 1n1lr1n:,aio im cityoftheJehusitcs,antl lodtgettttt l""_"lH_ in Israel, that there was a eurtamt heart, 12 And his master said unto htm. Q", _ Levitt: sojourniug on the side ot` G.t1t.3. We will not turn aside liitlicrtttitt Lf} f mount Epliraim, who took to him; J, 3 , the city of a stranger that is ttttltl hll"ll ladooiieutiiiie out of Beth-lehem-, " "` ' the elnlget1iat`lsrael; we wtllitts ju a i. 4 strengzltm over to `i Jett 1. " V _ 2 Ant] his coneubine played thel \ to llttlfllli-ll fn sel`:4 tittltorr reratiied lmn; and he 7l'll""{ l ll} 1[And hehold, there rntttq ll dw Ill' almtle with hitn three days; so l;" ll l" [old man from his wort; i out tttltt I;,;::'l they ditl eat and drmlr, and lodged my' Itieltl at even, which was a|>tt ttl .,_,\ll{ there. e .Ier.G,t. `motmt lLiihiaim; and he sottttttttttl lgdsll 5 1l.\nd it vame to pass on the , m Giheah; hnt the men ut llt Q,] pla" liturllitlav,wlien theraroseearlv in 3 ID my [ML lplaee wire llenjatnites. ,,, ,l" the niornitig, that he rose up tothe- 9 to rtvttr l 17 .\tttl \\'hll*l*~ , tltiiothtlr him: lllUl'lUl`U hu lodged there} 1si.t,3_7. t lil Yet therets hoih st |tttt1ll}l lit muh , auain. _ tw _ H _ , jwnder for our asses; and ttttlt;_ 8 And he arose early in the {""'t tliiwznl and wine mso hrino. ma 1],;-; mm,. h,;u~{'[ wg}-|]|.;r;_ Am] lth.G.2I$. //izrrisiiti\\;nil,ol`at1ylltlll' _, T,,,,;1` they tarrn-d it tmtil al`|trneon, and Us-lU}l l Ill .\ml the ohl ti1att>=tltl~l*`]"f g;i;,,,,,', they thtl eat lmth of them. l ih the with thee; liowsoe\ttl,lllilllhl om. 1,,,,, 9 ,\nd when the man rose up to ,,, (,u_yg_g_ wants [ir tmoii me; only l0l" l"` ilyrtu, ,, l depart, lie, and his iom=t1lntit,:nitl t _ V `_ in the str