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Part of Jeffrey family papers

` The repair of the temple. 2 KINGS, XIII. Jlh0[l]l(lZ,S mkkul reign, Q Em 6 But it was sn,tlu1J, t iu the three [ B. (T. 856. IAhaziah,histitthcrs,l {rom Jerusalem, ' H(_ _ _ house! Now therefore receive nol 5** I 19 ll And the rest of the nets nf V mai more money of your acquaintance. ` 5 tmp;/mth', plttitsh, and all t.hat he did, ure they mu _ ; llut ldehver it for the breaehes of tum were gttotlwritcii hLthe lioolot`tln}eliro. , `m_}} V r re Musa ` ' Imc os 0 t ie in,gs of. udah Z ` s' _ , { S And the priests consented to l [my' I 2U And his servantsl arose. and V JLTLSQ t receive no more money of thu new Q 'F bumul up. !'lU H Cll$llm"l' uml $l'*` l**l*** lni ir` picxiiegtimta repair are ureucttesg bm IW I up 'tlltclgiasv <>i'M11.1v1:7 ,and he dual; and they buried hitn ' u;n thc house of thu LORD; and thc lg L,T_5_i5 |S_ t withInsfatheismtlie tityot`lla\id: : emiiu ` [ariests tliiit lircpt the Mloor put In I __ _` Jtntl Qtuuzialn his son reigned mit.; "im?l: t tercin a t ie money t nit was g"*; ,lca . } _ , [ brou*ht into the hottso ofthe Lotto. h"l*`-9- ` CIIt\P"l`Elt X , . ii? W i 10 [hid it was so, when they saw ,; cy,_$_]2_ l Jdwn/1n:s uirl.,~tlIiliyn. f,;",`h] that there was mueh nioney tn thet I thu three and twentieth vear ,,,:1U,, chest, that the kintfs il scribe and It l lll- Q. {ttf Jnash the son of Ahaziah lane ` the high priest eaine up, and they; lK-ll~ ut Judah, Johoahaz the sou at`Jela1 M 1{ l 7 put up iu |1ags,autl told the nu>1u:y WW _`h_t;a1ttoio1:tioverlsrael m saina Im , t that was found in the house ofthe ` ""` `I`lI\, mul rmyrtrzl seventeen years. I, ;Z_u ` Loran, No U l_2 And he did that wlnuh was tvtl Mm in . ll And they gave the money, be-! ' ,tn the snrht of tlu: Loran, aud 1itl . `N; \ ~ ing told, into the hands of theta 11,1t,5, rluwpdthc SlIlS0llClllltl1l\lll tluesuu mf if Q ` that did the work, that had tho _ `ofXehat,wliipp1essotl them, V r_`,1` II 1 t)f5ilver_sut1llbrs,li:u4itiS,trtttttpets, W"' ` (.\nd the Lotto gave Israel M ,,,.,,H l any vessels of i.{old.or vessels ofsil- i wat/.ttl nj- sav1our,so that they wont out f1\ltl , ,,;m;,_ money was not brought into tln- it y..rrIny tl;oinnn; iltr the king ofSyr1a lmtl cy Q hgusg of the Loma; rt /t was thc, :ialr/an tlrzstmyotlIhoitpainllnnltnatltbllttilll rmj I g priesls`, 7 My like the dust tty throslnnzy _ l_,,,,_,_ Q 17 ll 'l'hen i Ilazael king of Syria , hu mllmy :4 il Now the rest, of the arts M ,_,_2 ,|'I_ g went. up. and fought against. Gath. ' ` ' .Iel1oalia1,uml all that he dnl. tual {_tU;1,l . . and tool: tt: and llazuelseLliist'.ae 5 Meri. his might, tm; they not written ttl , pt ,']"" to go upto Jerusalem. f mi IG 33 the hook of the elnoiii