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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Jehvialrim’s rebellion. 2 KINGS, `XXlV. Jerusalem 13 taken. V jg,-um} . buried him in his own sepulchre. B. C. 621. salem with innocent blond,) which ` IS Zedet And m the people of the lzund took -—•-—-—· the LORD would not pardun.f ; years old Jehoahaz tre son of Jnnsiah, and ,,1 2ch_36_I 511 New the rcstof the acts nf · rind he anointed hinn, rind nnntle him king &C_' Jehoiukinn, und all that he did. arc _ Jcrusrrhn in his ihther`s stead, H II d they not written in the hook ofthe . rmx Hm; 31 'li H Jelioalnaz was twenty und gtazmn chronicles uf the kings ofludrnhi Jeremird three years old when he begun to ICI, 3 Ig 6 Soy Jehoiakinn slept with his ' 19 And reign; and hereignned three rnnnths _yE,_é2ZI`IQ tinthers: and Jehoiuchin his sou ini the si; in .lerrrs:nlenn, And his mo\her‘s I ,, reigned in his stead. to nllthu name wasn lIrnnutnl.the daughter " ° "‘4‘]B‘ 7 And It the king of EgvI1t exirne 20 For n ot Jerennirihof Lihnah. v¤l··2§·6·_ not again any nnore out of iis land: Lorm rt ( ` _32 And he did that which was evil ·l°*`·¤Z·2t· for the knit: of Babylon had tnkerni rnrnd Jud;] ~ in thesight of the Lorm, aeeordinng I5 rnigberausu from the river of Egypt unto_tlie . out {mm , t%3altItliri{):nns'fat:iem {rail donéei _" Inu mgnuii. {iv? Eiarphrrdrgs allf that pcrttunerl §1aIhI·;;l;( · 4 n na . 0 —uee io i u n n IS . I 0 ne ‘ing o -4:* .. 4 ri ·Uu_ · in hands at Rihlaln, a in thepland of 3;U$I7i;`d B 'l[ 9 Jehoiruzlinii was eighteen " llruuat h, 15 that he niiglnt not reign ;,,,I,i_ years old when he began to reimi, ( in Jerusznlenr ; rnnd t¤ put the land 2ei._36,3, and he reigned in Jerusalem three Zeddmh · trgafrihute of unlhnnntlgerllauleiitsIIUCII QI I7 nnontl,rs.I And his nntgheris IIHIUIQ 0 si ver, ant ri lan ent o ue 1. ' ' .‘ was .`e inslita, the aug iter 0 ND I; ` 31 And l’hrrraoh·neelnoln nnadel %°"`H‘i°` Elnatlnani of Jerusalein. A nhit Iiliakiin the son of Josiah kim.: in °“'|"' Et And lne did thrnt which was evil ienithmp the roonu of Josiah his tint.lier,l’!JE·22·l'·‘{Z· in the sight of the Lonnn, rwconnrliug nnonth ii and turnedp his name to Jelioia-l I"”*l°·3·'l· lto rnll that his Either lnnd done. ni Bnhy] kim, und took .lt·lioulnriz nwny ; t r ven·.33. ` 10 1T At k that time the servants lost, agri andq he canine to Egypt, rind diedi ICIIAI. 2I I .nnf Nelnucliadniezzar king of Batty- •·l zmiin tgeree U I I I tu ,C,I B6 5 ' llpn onineupagainst.leI·usa1ernn,runrl mins; it ; 5.· nt e min rim mivel ie silvcrr‘ " ' Z'] ·t ie city il was hesieget. 2And t L I and the gold to Plrarriolr; hut hel _&`L' l ll And Nehuclirnlnezznr kin; GY ` tire elevu taxed the lunirl to give the money t D ·I°"·?’;?; lllahylen <·rune against the city,iL\ltl ` it And l ` ruzoording tin the connnnrnndnnnont of l E *l·;···?· his servnnts did lnesioge it. jlnurlh in n Piirirannln: lnuexautenltlre silver andl z°‘l"‘b· l 12 Andl Jehoiarclnn the king Dt ._nthi; on ' the gnnlnl o|` the people of the hind, I ‘ by Unc Judah went outtothe lringtnt Bully- lathe II i 3 nf every one znrvtzordinig to his taxa-, [tam! "f· \lon,he, and hisnnother, and his Set- ifi Aid I . tion, to give rz unto Phrirtnoh- L C ¤i._g34g(;_ vants. rind his prnnues, and his zznrl all tl Q trechoh. _ l }ly_20_5_ lt otiieers ; rind the king of ll1\ll\'ltlll lng thu I I I Alt} Wi Jehoninkinnl unasltweiity rind ~ d CII QI IG Itook lninn inthe eighth year of htS two wd] , ve years tn t w nen ie iegnn to` ' l' ' reign. iinlinn; i ` reign; and he reignned eleven yernrsl l 13 And he carried out thence all asnnnst t ` * in Jerusiiltvni ddd lIis S1otlIer’sl ng_.;_ who trertsureiof the house of {Inv Vwlrmyb = naine was '.e nnran, tie rrugrter_ . oim, and tie treasures ot W jnlznrni, l j of Pedairnh of Ruinah. IC m‘mb'3S' lkings house, and cut in pieces ttll And t 37 And did thint which was evil in t~~a\»-» ythe vessels of gold which Solomon wnrsniod the sight of the LORD, rnccortliiig to ]fE7I_ 33 ,,5 tknig of israel hud nirrdoiiitliewltt; tnitnk hm _ · ull that Eitlftiiilnwlkdgnie. Ig J;r'27`;'8' iple Inf the Lotto, ns the Lott!) rtl lntw tml nll ' 7 A 4 ' · ··· · ~sait. lnornlninr i B Jeiwiarhms (ri! 1·z·ig1n: lll Jcru.rn»I w' l l1And7n he crrrried rnwnyall Jerti- U So 1 i hsm is Ialnrn. h Jt·t.37·5,7· ,srileni, and rdi the printnes, and till tnnnnniqm • IN rz his days Nehuchadniezzznr§;_rcr_.;5_g_ jthe mighty men of vriltinir,1*n*Htllt1¤?lttll lll|l\\'1tl I hirn hands of the ('huldeers, rindl Je_2,z,2t,2s. to ihihylon, rind the king’s niitttlttfft tial hun . hands ofthe Syrnrnns, and hands ot ,h IIN, I I II Qand the kinng's wives, and lt1$“°'l" l H Ar [ the Itloahites, and hands of the`, ' `_ ' ' eers, und the rniqlny ofthe lgttttln _ the xpm clnihlrenyusinnnnnlin, rnndsent thegr IJ 7;;**; '"l” flimsy erirriod he into errptivnty twin . ytlnnvh I ngrunst u ri i to estruy it,nceor - ‘i ' . erusalein te lhiln *1on. tit Nel ing to the worrlof the Loran, xvlnehIlJe.29.l,2. Q lt; And all the mlm of miultti FW" "3`lt»nn,l v n ltif Sllitlw l l¤Y lllfi S0t"•'t1t\iS the pro- ‘ 4 .,I-YWIIIICMI seven tlnnrsrrml,;indurrifmnicltfttttl · Mu of t ' phets. l I ,,0 I,] smiths ri thonsrnid, rdl that “'Pt’° · L-Moi`} I _ 3 Surely at the rominandnnent of I"` C "" ‘ ‘ strong mul ri it for war, even ntnn·¤¤ ' _tt»\nd i; _ _ the LGRD canine this upenn Judah, ioI¤ J¢·?·t-l· `the king of ljqhyion brought €tti>‘ , ltlltllgiin reniove I/run out of lnns sight. for cIu eh,21,i2. —tive to Babylon. liv lntnnn 4 the sins of Mrnnusseh, according to I I, or m,.Iu_LIu 1 17 {I And p the kin: of ll}\llYl"n “*'T}' gr L allthnt he did; I ’ ' mride Mrittnninh his tEntlnet‘S tnntr “tltn1in·r; ; · 4 And also fur the innocent hlondrl P ·l°·37· I- ther king in his stent], and clnMtS°d ,l‘t .\nid r ' that he shed, (for e he filled ‘¤ru- l W his nurne to Zedekiah. _ tw tha ` ‘ L-, .