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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Dutzks qfthe yn-tests. 1 CHRONICLES. X. Snuls overthrow. Dam, over the work of the service. keep B. C. 1200. !\C!`7lLi0lS;!ilS dwelt ntlerusnlem, { ,,,,),1,,,,, ers of the 9 gntes of the Hl\lCI`llil - 30 ll Irnd ln Gli1Et.\ll dwelt the fri- . ,0 Su-ip ele: und lllen- mlllers, being over G _ tilercfbihcnll,Jrcttlettvlwse wfc's sllul nr the host ofthe Lollu, were keepers """"M llillillb was hinnehnll ; n (_;,p,,,,,_ ofthe entry. fN,,_3,_6_ 36 And his hrsl-born son Ahdon. g Amt 20 And Plllnehns fthe son of Elell- lhun Zur, nllll Kish, null Bunl, and ],,,,,, ,_,, mr wns the ruler overthem in time 5 h'16l,&- Bel', hug] Ntltluh. _ mliur, i, pnst, and the g,unl:Llwas]\vil.ll hiln.f ( h ,51 9 9 137 .{\l;u Ge$1<{l{,lalll:li'tlllo, und Ze- phjijsi, 21 Ami Zoelnri: l tie son ri " ' ' Ulilfthhftlt = 1 tl 1 _ tillinls Xlesilelenlinll was porter of tlle[nf,,,,,,,g,d_ 38 And Mikloth beznt Slllmenln. ,,8,,,,5}, tlolil-el llle lllliel-nliele ofthe con- ztud they lush dwelt with their 10 All gregniiiiiii l 4 er, mm. ml'Ci.ill{ClI1TC Jerusnlenl, over against 3,8 lm, 22 All these which were c IDSCH __ 11' mit W0}1- _ nd his (0 be Dorm,-Q in the gm,;s_ we,-U i2lxl.ll.5. And 0 Nor llezrnt Kish; and g0,,_ me lnlnllrell and twelve. These 5 1, r Kish hcsnt Shui; nud_$=ul hermit ll it writ}? rceloned llyttlleilbgenenloghr ' "~ Jallilihfllr, {lll? Ellnllzlllfsllun, null ,,c,,,,_l iu elw u cs, w lim uvlng un ,, _ l llnnl n l. illlt s l- inn . ,],,,,8 l, Snmugl ljhggi sca; S di,} gi-llgijll in r};;,';(;_:c -10 And the sun of Jollntllzm was 12*]], ;],c,,- 4 5,,; ,,m,;c_ ' Merib-bnnl: und Merib-bunl begut and to H So they and their ehildrell had, " Qrivrz Hmm , Mictlh null tl the oversight of the gntes of the wr Iiylulv, i ll And the sons of Mienh rome, l,,0,,K, liense er the Leno, lmmely, llie ~*w Pithuh, hull Melcch, und '1hr=. lllelrl house ofthe tuhelnnele,by words. I/"" mil i"7UlI7xU1!7i' besh, l 21 In lilllr quarters were the pllr~ by '1 i 42 And Allnzberznt Jnrnll; and Ja- tg; qt ters, toward the east, west, tlortll, B imh iifitiit AICUWYU, thlti \Ztt"U, gressil nnd south. mh mL' ,ullll Zllllfi ; und Zilnri lleeznt Mom; ,,g,,,,Le 25 Aull their hmthreuwlllblll1.err3l},Ex_g0,gg,%_i A3 And Mllzn heznt l$inen_; nnll ,],0 w ill tlleirlyillnpges, were to come nfilxr , q I t ,lil:t>}l;ll:lll his son, lilensnll llls sun, kw, ,, {seven ns rlilntime to time wit l UF, rlu . i ze llsslln. s: ell , them. ) i _ i it And Axel llnd six sells, whose ,-ia H; . 26 For tllese ` Levites, the folly,] L'-?$62l 4zlnlllesnretllese.,\zliknnl,lll>cllerll. i, A, ehief porters, were ill tlleirh set ,,, illltl ISilllli\(:i, null Shenrlnh, llnd ,_,,,.,C, othee, nilll were llvel1;tlllel1ellnllT 1;,2:;* gift Sililtiiilil, nllil iliillllllll these were fthui bers nlll lrensnriesu [IO lousc 0 ,,;,,.c,_' H: SUIIS Ur : Z4: . of`! Jl God. t71ll\l"l`IR X. - 27 ii And tlleylodued round nhmlt il l,,,,,,1 pf i2 Saul`s m1~r/hrmv. B Hm Pllilislinns 1),,,,,,; , , titre house of Godi heenusg tilel ordering, Noxv/zlu3lt;}l;ll{ Saul. { H t e zlrlxc was upon tlenl, :lll tie, Le.24.S. rz Ile hi istlnes oust tl I. ` 0 8l\lIl" [il(tl`UU[-EVO? lnolninpm-~ llgzlillst Isrnel nnd the lllbll i { lx%1lcd;o tllelll. Y D " Ch-@31- 0t` isrnel (led frolll ilot`lne the Phi- i@,l ~ 28 And certain of them llnd the 2**- `listilles, null ihll down 1 slnin ill i,.,,,,,` i rzllnrge of the ministering: vessels, V, H Hmm illlllllnt Gllbon. 2 Al L that they shonld.7 bring them ill ,,.53, l 2 And the Pllilistilles followell ,,w,, i und out by tnle. ' tllnrll utter Snlll. nllll nfler his sons; lm ,,, i 29 Some of them nlso wrre np jnnd the Pllllistilles slew Jollnthnll. ,,, ts, , peintell to oversee the vessels. llllli ~`-#`~~" hull 2 \hill:ll=th. und Mulchl-ht, slnll l , nll the 9 illstrnlnellts of the snlle-i ithe sons of Snul. ,,,,~ ,,, ulnry, ntlll the tille tlollr, nlld tlle1rlch.S.29. l 3 And thehuttle went sore llL.'I\ill$t ,,[,,.,- wine. nllll the oil, nllll the frnnk- _ ,S1llll, llnd the 7 nrellers 4 hit hitll, 3 *1*, { incense, lllld the spiees. i" M33 llllliilU\Vll5 wollndel] lllthl nrellers. ,,,1,, i 30 And .rvnnr of the sons of ihelp C,,_S_;,;_ 4 '1`hcn snill Sltlll to his nrllllnll- llnvll Z priests IIlildB the oilltnlellt lr of the hextrur, Drnw thy sword, nllll thrust ,,, 1,, T spices. CHAP I lllle throlltzll therewith, lest thuSG l|,,,, :31 Alld Mnttitllinll. om: nf the Le- ( ' 0*) l\1l\ClI`(7lIllI(iSU(i come nnll Y- ililllhc y,,,.i_ . vitgi (wl'? llis the iirst-lgirl; og MS1 3, IM line. lllut lllis nrlllonr-llenrler Hvoldll ]_,,,,, Sl unl e orll lite.) lln t le ` * not; or le wlls sore nfrnil . N0 . . l Y set oflice over the tllillgs L lhilti , wW,,,,,,,_ Stull took n sword llnd fell upon il. ,3 Ti, were mode 10 in the pnlls. i 5 And when his nrllllnlr-be:r<:t ,,4,,, 32 And other of their brethren, ot"**, [Shui. snw thnt Snul wns (lend, he fell ,,,,,,,, the sons of the Kohnthites, wrrci '$*H*9 likewise on the sword, null dlld. ~ 5 A over the U sllowbreud,to prepnre i ,, Magma { G SoSnllldied, nllll his three suns, - ,,,,,, ~ , it every snhbnth. 1 ,,,,,,, Low, ~:lllll nll his house died lugftliltll'. l,,,,,,_ ` 33 And these are the singers, m '7 And when nll the mlzu oflsrllci ,,,,. ,. . _ llhief of the fnthers ofthe Levites,