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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I E Damd, mnnbmng Is-racl, 1 CHRONICLES, XX I. ix pumshed wilh postiknnc, I David III 3 And Joab answered, The Leung B. C. 1017. I 16 Amt David lifted up his eyes, ` that the I make his people an hundred times -- uml saw the amzel r ofthe [.01111 In me II, so nianv more as they bc: but. nivl stand between the earth and the , . Q 1 . . - d EC 5 rI_ I J.l1us1t, lord the kin; arc they net all my ' l1eave11,l1uvn1g a drawn sword 111 I 2:) FUN I lorI2l3 have sinned and done evil lllt.II(tl, Ihc Imuu 1 5 'll And Jnab gave the sum ofthe lg OG nl t1ut.usj01tl1:se s sheep, what lizivo " I 1 nuhltbef hlf tl1e Iieople unto 1,1:I\1tl_ 5 Ithey iI5.1iIAe I Let tlaue lI:1nd, I pmy Dmm in I 1 An ul t eyof sraelwereatu1n- I tmc 01'tD1ny oil, 1e unl nie, , I sand thousand :uid un I1nnd1t:.lIh ]m'"9' luntl hn my tittl1t:1`sl1n11se; hut not 1 , I/Il(5llS(\lItl men that drelw sniortl: ;_,;,,g,;I mh Uh thy I1euple,tl1attl1ey should he r[yIIII\ . ` an Jul ah was thur lnm red t tree- p at:1nt. score und ten thousand men that U Tnhc to Ilil 'I`l1e11tl1eunzeluofthe I.o1tn IIIIQ drew sword, I/to:. Ut tho I0ltD. 3 AHII I s1t1nedI.;reatly, heeunse Ihave done 7 ,1 (N 2tl"1\11tl U1111l1 ttt111t1111 1u1to_tl1e 111]:11: 1Il1o11>l111lt . ,,,,I",,II I,} I J th liaoste theo Y _ 25;\.{2mS' >L:1u11t1t1ne tor the tall priee: that mm. milk I 1 Lt lnither three years Ennine; or Ithu plague may he stayed 1111111 thu pm III Im I } three n1ontIlLs to he tlestroyed hiI,I 2t;1i_G,t_ Ipeople. IHS IIIWII I I furetliy tees, (whilethattliesword Ililill And 0111:111 said tllllti Il7t\`ItI, ,; IIiI~III,` .1 1 of thine enemiesovertakotli //1rt1, ~~~~~~~- " `aie il to tl1e1.un:1t1uelottl1e [.01:11 do- ?"~-[IL Ihr l111r11t-ollerinus, uml the tl1r.>l1- SMI M [III I 1 I strovtnz throueliout all the roasts "`"1IJN lll! 111st11t1ntntst11r wootl uml the I ` _ . 1 _ . . . . , I _ _ I 11l11nld . I I ot ]si;nl. Now 1l1i1e1ortz advise I IS_.I.I,II_ I'l1t11t lt11'tl1* 1t1Ut1Iul11n to destroy tt: and as ht: w 111-.16,17. otliwities and 1eaie-otll:r111e<, untl gm. III_.u,l 1 was destroying:. the I.t1ttt1 l1elnl