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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Families ef the Gershaaitcs. 1 CHRONICLES, XXIV. Ojice nflhz Levites. ii gfllw porters; and Strur thousand praised B, C. 1018. 25 For David said, The LORD God Ol the Sl the Loran with the instruments rl -- of israel hath given restk unto his Sons ull whiclrlmade, (sairIDavid,) to praise ll ggh_gg_g5 eople 11 that they may dwell in ~ ghhll S [herewith. 263 gerusalem for ever: llllcl The 6 And David divided tlrcm into Am.6.a. 26And also untotlre Levites: they lrlllm ll Ycourses among the sons of Levi, r llll,l,;lm,_ shall no more carrythe tahernaele, lhl, prlhl mr1m:ly,Gvrslron,l(ohutlr,andMerarr. ll 0, Lllml nur any vessels uf it for the service ;lllll Ahh- '7lUt`tlre Gershoniteswerc,L:ra- cl{_6_l-l_ thereof. and aryl, dan, and Shiurei. l hl. Zi. ll 27 For by Ulf? last WUYGS of D\lLl of the 8 'l`he sons of Laadan; the chief vr lfa the Leviteswere linunrberedfmrnl rlllqllclh ams Jchiel, and Zethanr, and Joel, 5 did`! twenty years old and above : all Elem three. ,,,1,,;,:} I 28 Because their 13 orlive was to 7 Now 9 '1`lre sous of Shimci; Shelomith, mm; P y wait on the sons of Aaron for the Jllhlllllrll and Hazicl, and Haran, three. F Za H; service ofthe house of the lmrir, 5 The l These were the chief ef the fathers sfl * ' in the courts, and in the chambers, lll gllmhl of Lazulan. _ _ `f,qu'l30 arrrl in the purifying of all holy 9'yhch Jig {llrd lthlz sonsdog g*\EG 56 lllrllgsaxrrd thigohk of the service rllfhlllhm l z r rua an or r, . - ~ - - .re use o o ; 1 The rralr. }lhcse four were the sons of G Shubm 1, 29 Both for the show-hrearl, mand pig] l Shrrnei. Uh-\9U for the line tloura for nrezrt ollcr- llilihg , 711 hurl Jnhatlr xlaslthe Jchielf, and or. frat. inilizlrrd hlrz; tlr}eu}nle:tlellc(;1oak?. tn shccll rrzar tre seronr ; art eus r a.rrr azlrgzlzll an or in w ict is ia e in lic lg T , . Berrah 51rad not many sorrs there- mluirpzrrlz, 1-* pan, and for that which is fried, trrclhilbl , fore they were irr one reehorrirrg, u gyllrllllllllllly and for all manner of rrrcasurep lg The { accordirrg to their tathers house. l;ll.2,r,2z, aud size; hllllluchl 12Hl"1'hesorrso1'Kohatlr Arrrrarrr, in l,l_ ll;,Ll_ 230 And q to stand every rnorrrirr: ].l The 4 llhhrmrl Zhl1lrl)?lZll2E, iburtl I llllll_ lnlltlralgk lllrd praise the LORD, and slhlcchll l resnrso r nr .rr ; r aronart rl r ewrie . even; 5 * V Moses: and Aaronn ww selrarated {,%w"'l' 31 And to otier all lrumt-sacrifices lllqlleljil , i that he slrorrltl sarrvtity the most l ;;7'lf'S'8 unto the Loimirrr thc salrlraths, hr T5 The . holy things, he and his sons 1`orl '''' the new nroons, and on the set lllc lweh , l ever, tof burn irruerrse before the; `"""""` feasts,s by number, acenrtlirrz 1e 17 Th! llOllI>, to rnlrrister unto lrirrr, and lo r lc clr.2Z.15. thc rrrrlcr comrrrarrded rrrrto tlrcrrr, Jllllhjh l - hlessq rn his narne tor over. M or_ lllllz {lg eorrtrrrually before the LORD: Gullllll: lt New murzrnirry Moses the 1'\1ll1l dmzllttlr. 32 And that they shorrltl keep thc! lll Thc 3 l 5 of God, his sons were named ofthe re lllll,ll_.l,l_ charge ofthe tabernacle ot` the corr- irpllllllll Q - tribe of Levi. lm._3 gl gretlation, nrrd the charge ot` the illllmhh { 15 'l`he sons of Moses wcrc, Ger- ,3 lmllmi holy plum, and rz the charge of thc lll Thu, Q slronr and Eliezer. hm nl Mc sorts of Aaron their hretlrrerr, inthe llllllll lh l _ blti fftlrcsorr? offGersh0m, U She- llmld hh service gtlri)llrhrlseQlllc Luau, {lll, hlllh l ` V ue umt e crie. Nc_ll3.l_ `*lA ' ` ` l . , tor l , 17 And the sons of Eliezer were, m Eo 1; lm 'I7rcvIiais10n0f the suns atllrrrairby - rilrlimlrl ; = Itehabialr the 7 chief And Eliezer H ,,6 ' lot inlujirur uml lrrmlig nrlitrs. _ ` llrlll lllllll l had rrorrelorlrcr sons; but the sons L Q I; NO\V'l1 time are the drvrsarrrs ur all fl Al , : ' ot llelrahrah were very many. " " the sons of Aaron, lhr~ sari; Ll-ll wm , ]tlUIl thexsolrs of lzhar, QS rclo- ";Y'lf7? Of;\i\\(1l\{lldilb,llIldAl)llll|,EIUT . rzrlll; sh ` I nrrt r t re c ire . " zar ant t rarrrar. ` Shub: i l `lll Of the sons of Ilehron; Icrinh pL:.19,35. 2 [But Nadab and Ahihrr tliorlb gl dh}? ; [ thelirsl,.\rrrarrahthcseaZ=tl will l>shi;l1l_ I iirrrrl Ir, _ Ezr.3;10.1l. ltlrzurrarexectrterl the lrrres1`sot1ice. 112 t)t` th 1 20 Ot` the sons oi Uzziel; Micah }>lil-lll 3 And David distributed ihcllk ofthe xl, l tho lirst, arrtl Josiah thc second. l Nrr.I0.10. both Zzrtlok ofthe sons of lilcazar: 2lArrl 1 I [ 21 Wl The sons of Nlcrari; Malrlr 1*:4.51.9. and Mrirrrelcclr c of thc s<>l1S_ hl ih; jim; r wd )lushi.d ifhe sons of Mahli;l, r_c_23_.r,,slr_ lthamar, according to their t>1b<*{ l1;l|lll llll ` even the elriefofthe fatlrersautlrey 22.9,hc. ltlramar according to the house at . zrzrh 1 lh. . were corrntetlh by numlrerofnarrres lz their fathers, _ 27 The l by their polls, that did the work for Pr. 16,:13. 5 Thus were they divided bv lvfld xlllll ; lll, l the service of the house of the J