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Part of Jeffrey family papers

A l Q Davidiv several qjictrrs. 1 CHRONICLES, XXVIII. Hb sx hartation, Dal [ 16 Tl Furthennore nver the tribes B. C. 1015. at ll scribe : und Jehiel the 7 sou of . kim? i of Israel: the ruler of the Reuben- ` lzluehmoni was with the kings sons. ; and _ 1tes was Lliezcr the sun of Ziehri: I c;,_gg_;;0_ 33 And Ahithn hclq was thu kin;.zs he { of the Simeenites, Shephutiuli thel S_ 6 6 tcounsellor: uml,lIushuir the Aren- { all son ofllluacliuh; t'",fl,} * lite was the kings onmpunionz . mil l' 17 Ot` the Levites, Hnshubinh L_tlio; m_'_ 31 And utter Ahithophel was Je- ul sou of Kemuol : of the Auromtes, ll Gl"-< hoiutlutheson ot'Benuiu.I1.z1mlAbi- Qceiflil Ziilzgui t ing: ` xguinst Isruel; neither l xvus thel Ur' mum 1 3 lint God suitl unto me, Thou 'mln number put in the ureouut of thel "F mid hi-1 shult not huild un house lbr my UH H6 l chronicles ofking David. l `l"l' mune,g bevuuse thou hast bmi u Uiifliqs ll [ 25 'li And uver1heking's trezwures t " "V,nnm/i.r. mun ufwur, uml hitst sited l liluud. I] " I Hl 1 _ was Azmuveth t.he son of Adiel: ld h.11.10,&c 4 lluwhein the LORD God ot` lsruel yslintil i Q und ever the sturehouses in the ~ ,;r$1_;_g_ chose me It before ull the house uf kw? lr 1 llclllsy lll lllc Ulllcsr llllll lll llw \il-i lls. 131.27_ my tutlier to be king uver Isruel {ur Nfl L lmzes, uml inthe eustles was Jeho-U ,.*99,;, ever: tbr he hnth chosen Jnduht d]__ lf l ` llnlllilll llw Sllll uf Uilltlll Z I 1..2.1: I0 be the ruler; uml ofthe lmuse ui llfl1ll l 2G And over them thut ilid theg IK, 53 Juduh the house}: uf my {other; j,;"l ; work of the tield for tilluee ot` the ,1 H_ `l` ' uml umongthe snnsofmy tutlucrhe luill I: lll 1 1;Z|'(ll1I(l7.;YI1S.l;iZI`l tihe son eftilpzlub; 1} l_;""1g I3 liked me to muke me king over ull lwfi 27 I un over 1 ie vinevurm s was` 7 lsruel: . Q 1 ~ T Shimei the llumuthite: lover 5 the liz1i.5..!. ` 5Amlul`u.ll mys-fl) Y; chosen Solomon at my sen to s1[ . 'lil 1 lllgu 1 1 1 ll HI rpm; the throne of tim kiuetloni et [ml {limi 3 Lt . ni ever t ie it ive trees um ' tie .0llDU\'(:1' srue . , [ the sycuimire trees p thut izwil in It 151.16. 1. l U Anil he suiil yi unte me, Snluimni klmui ll ` llll? ltllli lllllll$y was ljuul-hunun the Iuli.1l.1.{u, thy sun, he shull huilil my house '{J '* lll - Gealerite: uml erirr the eellurs ot` .) ai q m uml mv courts: tiir 1 huve 1l1