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Part of Jeffrey family papers

K = Inductzkm of the ark. 2 (`HRONICLES, V, YI. A rlmzdjillzth, the imple. gsglc . 20 Mnreovcr the eaiallcstinks with l 1]. C. ]0l2. luhihlrcn nflsracl, when they cmne bnihlli ` tlmir1:m1ps,tl1at they slmultl hurni } - tout uf kluypt. _ Symln i after the manner below the omctc, fi p;x_2;_g0, I 11 Hi _Aud it came to pass, when 4 . Simi; i of pure gold; I gi_ thu priests were cmne unt of the V ui T 21 And the {towers, k mal thu k;;,2;_3, lmlyjt/r1ce:(torall thc prmststhut V {Orme, lamps. and the tmizs, made lu: of ' ` mf were 3 nrcscntweru sancttietl,rmd , kcly gan], mul that I0 puribcn gold; .,.1 ],"fL,,mm dtd nut lhcn watt hy course Z m Ur liu 2 Ant!ihnsnu{1eis,and the H tm~t ,,,-.q,,,1_ 12 Alson thc: Levites which were i,,,;i,,. sms. anal the saunas, and the can-H b , the singers, ull of them ul` Asunli, mmf sera. af pam gold; and the entry; rt "'" ui`1lt:tnan,t1t` Jetltttlnxu, with their i:(,uSB` ofthe lmuse, the inner daars tli<:rel ((ti{Ap_ 5_) Suns and their ltrutlmrn. hcimi nr- Q (gud D; I ol my the must haly plum, and thc A 11.. . ,1 'raycd in white linen, lmvin: l}lIl- H A; i doors at the house uf the temple, "" ihalsaml psnlleriesund lmriS,st0G-ll tu make ctticlifttttilinl tn lac haiurtl in um] sr .0Rl] wm timshei : ant Fu mmnu I-_2_(;_ ttfilliilti Hitt ililtlililit UG DND; t i { ltrmizlit in all the I: things that Ita- if g7_g_ and when tlieylifted t1ptliei1vmce (S4 , vuttas Bittner hail ttmtieattett; audi 132.13-rt. wttltthc trumncts and=ytt>n1s=ul mu; H 1 the silver, andthe gala, and all the K Ci,_7_;,;g_ instruments of music, and praisctl Pubns [ instrmnvnts. put he annum; the _ 1 the lhttu, suyimi, For q Juris uuud; rindsi { treasures aftho lmusteui`tiatl, t" Wm--S'- thr his mercy cmiurrl/t Orr crvr: V slum] 3 2 1T 'l`hen r Salmnun assemhlctl ii lix.37.7-9. that,tl1r*nthc lmnse was tilhal with knee; I the elders of kracl, antl all the` ll~..L5. at:lot1i\,.vcntlie lannseoftlxeLURI1; uf It , heads uf the names. the t1at1` ut` th Ex_;;7v3,; lt Sn that the priests could wrt ' immls l the Citlwrs ofthe: <:h1ltlrn ut`l>ra<:l, ' staml ta minister hy reason of the _ H M 3 \1t;tmi.I.2_rt1s:1ltia, to bring np the xg;;?f:Vn_ izlnutlla tltrlr the Mary}? tire LORD Um.;,i ar r n the uartmant lttl l_thernstlres tmtu tht: Tllll,r: >:n{tlFtilt;11ii111,'I`l1;;LDRH 15 l ~ gz nharh lLt1.S in the y ~~ ~ - _ tat li aaa tial, ie won i dm: my so , . : , ta inthe tlm:lr yum"} ` 5 Atal they hri>tn.:ht up the ark,t7t l(?l->?5-l- thy tlwelhmztitr ever. 1, I-X H t , i and the talirnarle nf the ronure- g ti;n,t5_g;|_ ll And the king lttrnctl his face. 16 y _ t ;:atinn,1aal all the lmlyvnsseelstliaty 1.tiH.;Z$, and ltlvssmctl tr the whole tuiiq1eu:i- Im";] 1 l imrrwiti tla:tahrnatlt:, these thtl thc 1, R{._5_$_] L tam of Israel; (anal all the eongre- lil`, fa i priests nin] the llmrites hrnrt: Hail lll IUI 10 _1 pat1un{l}lsraelTttaiilqtl l b I mgmt] t i G Also im: Sa mann, ant al t 1e_ ~ ' t .\nt at saa , le>si~ it tm . I Y Z trnmurvuatmnuflsralthatwereas-`], (.Y{\l lltutm Gail ui` l>r:al, wha r hath [ st1nhhl nnln him lnt`m the ark, >' I' with his hantls tnltilltvnl t/ml whivh ' l :,:a-rnie4tl >|a;ep aml axon, which *_'7i?~_ _ ht: snake with his nmuth tum)'l`1\ hviuf I i <ay1ng, lnk, H ; t tl>rmnlt1ttaln. i ;""iU; 5 Since the day that I hrtaizlit lily t l 7 .\ml the prirstshraftlairI;rt1h1xn>;i"' Ij]*;! niths;r elm>t: l any man tu he at d,L,H t R For the crheruhans :~;trt:nl tltrtht ;`l$_H rttlr over my puntnltc |>r:u:l: , Hvlmi Z Ihrir wings over tht: plavu- ai` thai }|":,ii< G llat l have tlm>t:n ,hras:1lim.u Ul' I", i ark, antl the elicrnil11n>tmori-tl thai " " that mv name mzght he thvre; anti hm`,] $ ark and tlhe Iristaves tlw1:m`:tlam. Q P NtG1?$>l7 liarel:i1tsiii`llaralIttaht:uve1in} him, { _, 9 And t, ivy a rewutttlluz stares ntl 1; y,._g_5' pwtt i: srae , _ t ; the arl<, that the eialsl`tlaest:m~sl I 10:,0 7 5aw i it. was in tht: heart ut p}.;:\,i} E { \wr<:>t::1ifru111 the ark bethrt: the " " "' ' ltaviil my tathr tu hmltl anh<1ttS_ mmm arama4h as it was _ttt 20 tl? . save the t.wu tahhes which Muses] i Ft-7-N- lthine heart tn ltmlnl an lmtt~t: tt1` UWM _ lint MMM, HL M(m:i,_ g whuu that lL!..! J.&-any naine, than tlitlai well in that ti , umm ` t 01tD made rt cownrznl with the;-1- twasintlnne heart; t 42.2 l I L . `