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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Snlammfs prayer. 2 CHRONICLES, Vll. His solemn sucri/icc. Gnd the hearts ofthe children of men:) B. C. IOOI. lface of thine anointed: remember . hou _ap ill 'l’hat they may hear thee, to -—<—-—·thev mercies of David thy servant. mo SP ·h“ walk in thy ways, 1*1 so long as they "'¢1li ¢_/¤= duyr Cl»li\P'l‘l·Jlt VII. _ { G,. S S L ( live 1 1 in the land whichthou gavest w]**¤l*· God gtvcth to Solomon pr01m.res upon ’ ,1 E lc ° unto our tatheis. H apron tjtc condition. _ ,,,¥’§,’Sl_;' 5 32 1[ Moreover coneeming thei Jaw ¤J· NOWa when Solomon had made V S,] ‘ ' stranger, which is not ofthy people I I ls.5G.3.6,7. an end of praying, the fire b h-;l_?“}(?E ; Israel, but is come from afar coun-, Jan-_l§! lti. came down from heaven, and con- hl, _’ ,l‘ try for thy ereat name’s sake, and *l¤·E·=l7·$9· sumed the hurnt·otli:ring and the ,,;,,"E °,“ thy initrhty nnnti,ant1 thy stretelicd-l El‘·*·'9·"’~ sacriliccs: mal the Hl¤¥Y¢ U? UW igiilklij out arm; if they come and pray in, l= P5-·lG·l0· LO1tD tllled the house. he n this house; tlJe.10.7. _ 2 And the priests could not enter kmuci Ill 33 'l`hen hear thou from the hea·l ia my Mmm ‘into the house ofthe Loimdiecause sends S _ V¢¢3$idW·€7l f1‘U¥{11_ll\)' la·,u,l il cttlltd tilia glory of the LORD had lilled the 1, Ifrgii, an 0 accor ing to a tiat tic uptmt/ii; 0RDs iouse. , _ stranger calleth to thee for; thatl huwvl il And when all the children of pg, {uy Th all It people of the earth may know, nt, lsrael saw how the tire carrie down, ,§c;€§* *1, _ thy name, and karl thee, as doth 12. and the glory ofthe Lotto upon the wc, {IT, . thy people Israel, and may knowl 2°··liN¤· ,honse,they bowed themselves with vm? j L, * that Nthis house which I have_n l>s.9.$_·t. rtheir faces tothe ground npontho ,,.,,f ima, ‘ built is called bv thy name. i xxi ni-, 1-{gin, I>¤\’0¤1<>¤l·, Hull \\'0l”5l\lDi1¢1ll» uml i5 #$8 - - 3t If thy people gu out to war nt`0 Fu 7 5,, [praised the l.onn,sayi1w, l·`or7te1s und` ral" I algainit their (priorities I3, {he way, j,;;,;§_ ' ,t:ootl; for il his mercy mulurelh for — ,,,-,,,,3, t nous ia tsen tiem,an t iey ira i uu ,_;_;;_ ever, ' `. , - unto thee toward this nity wliielil ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, 4 1I Then the king and all the peo- _ Sggcagg, thou hast chosen, and the honsei , ig,] , , ple otlered sacrihees before the . l I have bu{lt for thy ilian;e; , ;;,m;:`_;I l.§>RD,1 k ' ‘ ien tear t iou from t ie tea- mm umn .¤ An ‘ina Solomon otfered zi. sa- , ` vens their prayer and their suppli· awry;. Gritlctv of twenty and two thousand I pizgpxlugl 2 tion, and maintain 1t their lil cause. ` is ;,,.,,,.r imp oxen, and an hundred and twenty ,. 1 W ; so lt` they gin azainst thee. (1in·o~ n,p,§;,- thousand sheep. So the kin: and hg i there is no man which simiotlt ntrtgi Iirurl, all the people dedicated the house ,1;,, YT, , and thou he angry with them, an P J.._r_go_r2.i.i, ,<>l` God. shi.]; , deliver them over hetliro I/uir one- U`, G ,0 ti And the priests waited on their -,1,, U_)` r nnvs, and 1·l they carry them away D ',,` ,,;,9 allitrus: thee Levites also with in- J,8 L captives unto a land lhrotlior near; in ,,2],,,,,, ' SU‘\§lnUlllS uf mllslti of the LORD, nyu, .l,;'-I 237 Yet if they l6hethink tln:m—` H ,,,’,,,,f ` ]\\’lll(lll David the kin: had made Cows, I, . I selves in the land whither they nrei ,,,.,,,,,,. of ‘t.u praise the l.o1‘tD, because his g,,,,,,,,,[ul l i · carried captive, and turn and pray` mg, ,,i,,cu_ `moruy e:a¢1m·e!/t for ever, when Da- ,,,,,R‘,(, 5 i unto thee_m tho_land of their cap- i1·`_i33_s_¤e, val praised by their lministry; _ ,9 ,3,,, t ttvity,say1nq, \\ e have sinned, we 1 lCIi.2*.Z. land] the priests sounded trumpets Q.,,,,,,,, l . , have done amiss, and have dealt l~.GlS.|. bttlure them, and all Israel stood. ,,,0,,, _ 3 ` wickedly; _ u N¤·.§t.27. 7_)loreover Solomon hallowed Lhu ·,,,,y 3 38_It [1 they return to thee with all ~ nnddle ofthe court that was hehire . :,,,,, . .. . -. ~le..i. . . · = 5 . El}$‘i§2§t‘3rThi?Z}I,$illil§$'fvi§i¥i.S$i to www l llL°tii¥¥Z5 i1’Ei.·ElE?..i2li}Zt$l‘!f¤3"{it ,53 {M; j they have carried them captives, ,, I, 5;,_;;_ int of the peace-otlerimrs, heeanse 1,,,,.,, gl}, _ and pray toward their land, winch f' _ __ lthc ltraxen altar which Soloiinm .,5, ffl? , thou envest unto their tiitheis, and ((’I_l_‘\,Ij ") lhad made was not able to receive ,\,.,:;:,l , , inworrl the eityq which thou hast '* ll{'·_f_-"];'*° glhu l>urnl·olll:rings, and the moat- ·,;,,, (Qi`, Q ¤;hosen.anTi¤)'Q\' HW! 73 vwdc ln ]·l\l$ l>l¤