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Part of Jeffrey family papers

Abuahhs IUZUQS. 2 CHRONICLES. XIV, XV. Asa destraycth idolatry. g mf? { with us for our ca tain,p and his B. C. 957. I 5Also he took away.nut of all the If Asn priests with seund)in;; trumpets q - cities of Judah the nah plaees and Tml] to cry alarm against you. O child- D |,_g_|g_ Ithe nnagcs : andtliedungdomwas I bc {vi ren ot israel. 1 tight yc not against _ , tquiet lietbre hun. _ _ _ hc wl the Lone Gad ol` your fathers; for T'Jtlt S ii And he built fenced cities in I-Um,] ye shall not prosper. ,1 );,,_m_g_ Iiudahi llirthe land had rest, and ho 3 N I3 WI But Jerohoam caused an .]U$_5_13.2()_ had no warin those years; becaused hmm amhnslnnent to come about be- the LORD had given him rest. Wm,. l]1inIlIthem: so they were betbre ""_L'%%"i` IIT I`l1eIefY(iie!l1e said untod.I11d:IIt, Wim, ut a i, and the ambus unent was Q'. " 1 .et us iui t msc cities, uu ma te _ liehind them. \'39' ' about them walls and towers, gates I bielii 1-t And when Judah looked back, s t1.11.12, tand bam, whilzz the land is yet be- Ismd behold, the battle was before and , _ 3 fore ns; because we have sought: {mma bcliind: and they cried unto the I ]}{h,;};D' tthe L01tD our God, we have soutxlu. 5 M UJRD, and the priests sounded with UQEZQ I/lim, and he hath eiven us rest on I m, Im the arprnpets. { J 0 I NZIIE" Ieveryi side. So they built and pn:s ~ U, hi,] I5 'ien t ie men 0 u a i qave a I ` ` ' ueret . 1 . shout: and as the men of Judah uIs.tS.37,3S. tls And Asa had an army of men shouted,it came to pass. that Gods U lsx 23 BQ Ithat bare targets and speais, out I G _\, smote Jeroboatn and all Israel he- " ' ' ol Judah three hundred thousand; "mim {age AlSjaIianIl fI1dal1.fI In I ii Or. com- Iandlout of lBenj:I1nin, that Iiare did k I An tie e ii t ren o srae et vlutrlury. sine t s ans 1 rew rows, two ian- ~ before Judah: and God delivered ,,, Ch I; 15 dried and Hiutscore thousand: all nag); them i11to their hand. ` " ' {these u:z`rc11ii,zlityi11e11 o1` ralour. wurk 17 And Aliijahaud his people slew tL.ll.\1. 11.) I 91I And f there came out aaaitist 8 A them with a great slaughter ; so u IK, 15 Q them Zcrah the lZl.h1opian, with an WUHI there fell down slain of Israel tive ` host of a thousand thousand, and I me II liuitlpid tl1o;1sanIlel]1osen mein. I I I ' lLlll't)J;illi(II'C\IClll1l`lUIS} and catuc puh,. I "rus tie e n t ren ot` srae c.t5.t7. Iunto. eres ia 1.g ~ I were liroueht undor at that tune. mt-lI7 , IU Then Asa went out azaitist 3%,111: ttlltlllltbtltlltll`4llt)I`.lIltlilllIl|t:V1\lIlll. i_,,u,,,U. ihiui, and they Set the battle iu _ 1,.,.;} Iievausetl they rolieil upon the I_ SMG Iarray inlthf valley of Zephathah : and I. lOItIlLi1u ot`t.l1$ Ilet not it man prevail against thee. l IU R and he died. g 1%.15,.1.1, 12 SotheI.01t1>sniotelt.l1e lI1tu_g_ lil And Asa and the people that 1 ]l",\ sixttaeiiltlslitielitors. [ N |_3o_1_ nun: with higi Iuxipupd them unto i .1 ul,. 22Ant t ie rest of the aets o ; ii- Q Gerar: man t ie it nopians were . . jah,antl his ways, and his sayinzs, I L LIEGQ Ioyerthrown, that they rould not urn written in the Ustory o1` the A l?l,'l jrevover tlurtnselyesg Har they \\'ti'U SIMM, propl1ettdtto.w "''" I-1 tttst1oyt.t treme the Loup, and 16 I (]|.\p*y].jI( X]\_ it tn, mortal Ilnglilre his host; andl they Ci\li`|U*l I HIQNAI Asn tllslroyrl/1 idol/1/ry. mutt- taway very innvh spot . I-. .SO/1 .\l141ali slept mth his tit-,11-11.1;;.1;, I It And they sniote all the ruttrs I gsiilv thurs. and tln:yl1u1nrd hun inIm Cv ,0 1 {round about Llerar; lor the that TI I 13 1 the nity ot` Ilavnl 1 a11di\sal11slso1iI|h"` ' tat the l.otI1I1earncnpo11tlnr1i1:aF.>. in nan. 1 , ood and right in the eyes o1` the I*j;!!'.Zl I 15 l'lly sinote also the tents ot wililgxi EOIKIJ his God: Il9 Icattle, and earried away slneepaud I iu,. H il l`or he took away the altti1st11`1II-HH. I5 )`r:a1nls in alu1nl:int:e,a1nlrettirttvtl I (.0:.;,,, the stranue yotis, and I1 tho ln:hI V `, ` ` toJul'\t>al11u. I I5 planes, and brake down the C"-fI" 4Tll.\ l"'l`Ilt XV. Um];. i 11na::s,a1nlcutitlpwtiIliegrtwos; NH,llQ IAsam11I Jutlu/1 nm/;11 cotm11111ttL*tII1 Ihm,.` 4 And conunant et ut ah to seek ' Und. I . - the Lotto God ot` their iatlioxs, J`3`IU' A-ND the Spirit u o1' God raunrr Hm;] and to do the law and the eomI` '*`W"'- I4 upon Azartah tl1testtot`0li - mum mandment. , 2 And he went out 1to meet .\>a 11iU I VH