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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I - l I ' ` i . I I I I I . I I il Zim Erhorlaiiun to rcpenlance. ZEPIVIANIAII, ll, III. Judymmils passed. ` , Q me cut down; all they that bearl ll, (J.(31l0, the Philistines, I will even dcstrev ` ; ' I I, ,,,0 silver are_eut elf l thee, that there shall he no inhzi- := ii ,], ,1,, I2 And it shall come to {mass at t cII;I1..!_r, hitant. .'l gvl I l that time. Z/ml I will searci Jcru-l 11IIeAIIIed. G And the seacoast; shall he ' : I j ,,.0,,, salem witheandles, and punish the 1],.% 1, dwellings and cottages for sheep- le 1 l i . ,,,,,,_, Iiren that are Tsettledt un their_ ,{,,[j;_I; hcrds,and folds hir flocks. 2 ,,,,,,_,' Bees: that saym in their heart, Thel IIu,;I_g_;_ l 7 And the coast shall he for the lc -,, 4 ' I ],,,,"i {.0lED wil, not do good, neither will m ,,_ 9, 7 lriztnnant of the house of Judah; XII ' _ ;: H 2 II: Vo evi . _ I " V ' ' `t my shall fecal thereupon: in the I I ` ,u,;j, lil llterefere their Izends shall hc- " ~I*l $lIl' houses of Ashkelen slmll they lie Zyl I I ,,,,,, IIIIIIB tr hooty, and their houses a rtIte.1s.I7_ |l\t\Vl\ in the evcntttsz *fr the 1 ' I Iiesolatmuz they shall also huthl ,, ,,,-,,3 ,lI0ttD their GOD shall visitl them, ; I I, $,,,,,1 Ireuses, but not inhabit them; and _IU_;,_,_{ Iatttl turn away m their captivity. Qi 2- E I they sltall plant vineyards hut not . Q I 8 ll I ltave lieard there >reach of I ' uit lt . . . I ,\,,, I. ,, l . ,,,1,,.,, unnl:_the wine thereof, _ '7 Illoah, and the revtltnzs of the PI I I I SMI, it Ihe_great day of the LmtD is T7ll9 {clnltlren of Ammon, whereby the _ ` l ' ,,1,,,, IIear,n il rs near, and hasteth , Ie_;g_Iq_ Qhave _renroaelied my people, and 'I I , ` 8,,,,,,, tua:ly,fI:@1z tlielvotee gif the day , ,._ 1,., inagnitied l/un1.scltcs agattuzt their ~ II I ` ht ite ORD: tie img ityo mart _y,_'4,,_`J; Z mrder, ' I V LO _' stall ery there lntterly. l _ U 'l`hertfore as I live saith the I i V sux. RV ggtatln ts il day ufyyattlt, nl " ltsonn of hosts, the Gull elf tsmei, ' I, l I au e aml distress, .1 day _ A Q Iburely Muah 11 shall be as Sodom, , I ,_,,,,,,, htwtrstetiess and desolation, a day U '~ll~ I and the elnl.lrtn of Ammon tts Gu- , II_ I L' 1,,,,, III darkness q and gloomtness, a` (LI]Ap_ gr) 1itorralt,r1::,n the breeding of net- * sl} l ' ,,,0,5 Ilayof e1loutls_at,d thick darknem,1l H hc, 3 ,6 tlcs, and salt-IIits, and a perpetual _ gt l I ._ I]- to A uy ut t te trumpet r_an , ` "_V ' desolation: the residue ot tny peo- It I , ,,,,,,3 tdartn against the fenced cities,. '"'I'{*"'*"* ple shall spoil them, and the rem- , if and against, the lneh towers. IL II*>.l33. ntmt of my people shall possess tl , I { li And I will hrtnsr distress upon D 2K,_2;_I;; ,them, _ _ i l . , yan, that they shall {yall; lhlte, I;] I iQd'll?1s shallttlieylltave far their ;I V " I.tnI s men yeeause iey taste g3_2I;_ prt e, iecause iey rave reprcae I- _. V l I :ItIIItla:anistthe Leno: and theirl ed and ina;.,rnfied Nlcntselvcs: ainst I = ll IotllshllltIuurelout.1sdnt' tl tl l ftl loan fllgts ll " l ,III a II I s, 7. ie eopeo Ie . o tos . ' I Ital their tlesh as the thm:. Irl 1%.95.7.*. I 11 lI`he Lotto will he terrible unto "I I5 Neither tz their silver hor their ,, I\,,, G 6 ,5 Itheni: for he will 3 {amish all the 5 M ` Il Iltl shall be able to deliver them I ` 'guds of the earth; attd trim shttll I ,i E; I .=t the day of the I.Otcsttle Irl , { ,,,,,.,S* ll > lt' lm *l""" t I ` , `ilit hehtd in the day ofthe l.0nu's I.I_.;I.;J_ Int! every one that Inasselh by her 4 , j my ,,, -1IIr._ ,, ]__.I;_;_ shall hiss, uml wagVlns hand. Ig I [ L , V t I lar Gazah shall be llnsakntt. 1t-. Ish. l tJll.\l1 lll. Qt , l mi tml Aslikeion a desI1atIIIIr; they _, , ,i PIA S7I1I71?V7't1?7'UlU~ of hrtzsnlcgn for I If _l ; I ,,,, ,I,, >==tll drive out Ashtlod atthe noon- tl l l$) , I]iI:ns_.wIIx. B An rrlmrluhnu lo ' li I V ' ,,1*,,,,II l_\l' Qllld Eltron slmll he rooted up., "`"" '*F rmi! _/or the rrslorjultun of Lsranl, , , l I I " llo unto the inhalntants uf the, "*' U'*'f- Wft) to lher that is tiltltyaml pol- _ lt, I I { ying. *"?lFtst, the tration ot` the Che-, QM'. `rt.tlruc lnted, to the oIIptesstn city! I- l I ' ,,,,,,,,I,. ?lttleslt the word ofthe 1.nnn Is, ftl// _ 2 She obeyed not the votvte; slur U, , I l I.;.IIIIst you , U L'anaan, the land ut`. -- rtreetvetl not correction; shu , l Q l Ia _;, , * l ~ III I II' I I I , I . { I