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Part of Jeffrey family papers

_ V _ __ _ _ _ "° »· i . i I . , . . · [ t , Christ rrdelh zn!0 Jerusalem. MATTHEW, XAI. Dnvelh the buyers and sellers. ’E j E among you, let him be your minis- A. D. 3.3. 10 And when he was come into i za .. ter; _ _ —•—lJerusalem, all the _ctty was moved, ’— Wn l 27 And whosoever will he chief I ;_,,_22_2·,_ saying, Who is this? _ .1 g smmn:yeu,let him he yonrservant: _y,.¤_i3_i_i.i_ lll And the multitude said, This =‘ *$ Q, , 28 Even as the Son of man came, 1=hi,2.7. I5 Jesus the prophet uf Nazareth {RY; j E not to he nunistered unto. hut 1 to= of Galilee. ` , * t minister, and to give his life a mn- y I~.53.5.S.ll. 12 HT Andf Jesus went into the t; _t som lormany.y l]¤;9·2·l.26·~tetttpIe of God, and east out all “° g 29_ And as they departed from llT··2»6· ’theut that sold and hought in the Jfjl Jericho,a great multitude lollowed temple, and overthrew the tables · at l hlnn. _ wg {,;,*,9 uf the muuey·ehan:ers, and the l jj . , t .30 1l_ And. z behold, two hhud Hu ‘, 3* ‘ seats of them that sold doves, °·fl‘ _ l men sittin: hy the way-side, whenl ' ' ’ 13 And said unto them, lt is er [llc I _ " they heard that Jesus paused by, Z ch_g_27_ Written, Ny house shall be called A , E (meg Ulm_dSu)},m_r, lim]; Bmeayloui MU_|G__,6_ thedhquseduf pi?ty;er; but ye have if': _; 1 V he My [mi Soni, pm _ L,,_l5_;y_ ma etta ono thieves. ~ `· l ·,t 31 And the multitude rehukedt J 14 And the blind aud the lame W? , , j;~ them, heeaase they slmald hold (CHAR ;_·i_,,catu~¢ to him in the temple; and: 2~ l lu their peace; hut they vried the he healed them. ( l·*" , , ll more, saying, Have mercy on us, u)lar.ll.1. I5 And when l.he chief priests lllll wl _ ’ U Lord, [hm: son ol` David l t Lu·l9.29· au_d stvrihes saw the wonderful ji Jl I _ I ` 32 And Jesus stood still, aridl tlttugsthat he did,andthe children ~ mj , ~ , , called them. and said, What will l·Z¤¤·9·9· errata ta the tvrttitlc. und Sarittst "l" gy ; ye that l shall do unto yon? l rlosanna It to the son of David! lf*` ; I · 3.1 They say ante him Lord, that ¤l<-62-ll· llteywere wrctlisvlettsed. Sl lg t , our eyes may he opened. _ l M“'·ll~l• lt} And said unto him, llearest Wl ‘ 3t S0 Jesus hall oompassion on' JUG ,2&f; thou what these savl And Jesus llll ti, (Firm, and touelied tlieiroytes; and · · “· saith unto them. Yea: have yo lll , itumetltatoly their eyes received [I rh ,,3 ..,0 lnever read, Out l of the mouth of llll . , ‘ sight, and thev lhlltitvctl lmn. 1,;] EG hahvs and sueklings thou ll$.\S[ per— lll} ttl t' ,‘ U _ t _$`llAl"l'l·Il; XXI, l ' ' feetqd praise? 3~ •~ ` 'trzs muzi info mzsulmzi on uu t l.u.2.l~l. 17 [And he let`: them and went `·Y‘ ·» { ‘ es.: tlc. l out of the city into BeLhany· and lll’ l. f` ANUH when they drew nigh un-l N ‘‘‘` "` r` he lotltzed there, ` l"i , E . to Jerusalem, and were come f:,h,,_H_H_ 18 Now in the {mornin: as he re- llll '. · to Bt·tl1pl1at:e, unto the mount of l_u_lg_,,5 turned into the city, he liungered. ni ` :i Olives, then sent. Jesus two disci- Mt lit And nt when he saw a H: llll Q, Plush ·_ _ Jm»,2_ is, tree in the way, he name to it, and Ci t· .. izanug unto them, G0 into, ste. linmd nothin: thereon hut. leaves ‘· I l‘ the _vnla1:e over against yon, and_ _ only, and said unto tt. no t`i’tnt lll: · l Stratgl1t\vay ye shall iind an ass ;l5·56-t· tzrow Ou thee lieiuretbrwartl tot lll ll wed. and gr eolxvith her: loose`hJc 7 H evulr. mud presently the tig tree {ll; ‘ ‘ mm. ant r1n·· .mt1ntn me, ‘ ' ‘ wu ieret zi away. .“ 3 And if zniycman say ought unto ;i,_;;5_(;_ _2U And when the disciples saw llll t | )'0\l, ye shall say, 'lhe_Lord hatht tl, they maryelled, saytnz, llow , J i _ { lttffltl ttl {heat; and stratghtway lic , l‘ "*"`·9- soon is the lit; tree withered away! ill" ._ t _. wt st-nt 1 tem. . 21 Jtzstts answered and said nnto ·". 5Q* j Q t All this was done, that it iiiiglitjlP°'g'2' them, \'or1ly l say unto you, ll` 0 llll t · ht: fulnlled which was spoken hy oi )Iar.1l,t3,;ye have tatth, and douht not, yo jp tlte'lt_¤tHpl;t:t,l}z sayin? { r ll j_ t lshall not only do this 10/or/i1.¤ rlotttt lll} Ji t· yu t ie t au·* iter o Sion et Um lé" t‘¤¢· to t ie tie; lftcté, hut also it` ye shall {l l i llehold, thy lint:-i cometh unvto J d_ I., lsay unto this mountain, lit: thou —ll l l { tht?.nit·{2k,l:nnlsi{.t1iu;npoiian;tss,," " L “‘ ireuiovetl,;2 and he thou cast tultr llll · t illtt a co t t ie toa ot` an ass, l y l- sq tho sea, it shall he done. lll! ly l t tt And the tliseiplos went, and did_U $j,},f§];; l 22 And all tlnnzs wliatsot~v·*t‘yt* —l ll , as Jesus tionunantlotl thtem, t Ja. tit;. Sllllll ¤t—*li V lll l*l`1l)'Ul’» lllllllillllgt W (hl -7 t ‘ 7 And hroutyht the ass. and the shall roveiye. Y"` li, ,· <‘t>lt.antl put on them tlioimlatlies, it lt‘~>.13.2. 23 it And r when he was <*otn<· 3* t~. aatl they stat tom tlneretm. _ J _ _ into the tmimle, the chief priests fil l , 3 And a_ very great mnltitmlo 'I‘\}j··"-I _ and tho elders ot` the people vatuv ‘ll‘ ; _ · sprtratl their uarinouts in the wav ;, J1‘[*|F·2l· unto lnm as he was teat·lun::. atttl CU V, others rutdown hram·|iesh·omthe ,‘,[;f3’;,, said, ltys what authority dot·>t $" pi · aug stt‘e\t‘iTlLt/1{rri ii; the way.l ' ltliou these things? and who gavtr if . . _i tt ie nut 1 ti on tiat wo tt ` t v~t| .·: tl t'! (lil · ltttttuc, and that tolloivell, vrioil, i-Mar,t|_g7_ ill)L.\nTl`.lUittgli-iidtvervtl and Sttitl Bll > sayin;. llosanna to the sun til` lta·, liu..20. t. t1iitt1lht·1n,ltilsowill asl; you one ·l A . tttl. llltcsstctl tl is ho that oometh is EY ,, H thine, which if ye tell uu:. l in lllw till _; tu the name ot the Lord; llosanna · ‘·* · twist; will tell you hy what author- ‘l‘ .i 5 tn the highest .e l.—Y- .-,1ty I do these things. *1 ~ , _ :11 i . » .1 X _ _$4»¤.. M., ,, Ti _ -