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Part of Jeffrey family papers

' . l John Bapl1sIs afee. MARK, I. Jesus Ls brzpltzcd. l And as they went: to tell his A. D,33. 15 S0 they took the money, nnd , ` disciples, hehold, Jesus niet. them, dn] as they were taught: nnd this , saying, All lnnl,1 And they CZIIIIQQ J"?0I9 sayin;iscounnonlyrtpurtedaniong und held linn by the teet, und xvor Ill ll*3ll- the Jews until this day. V slnpped hnn. l_j';i;l_\ 1ti ll Then m the lvo1xtlisr:iples I I ` 10 lhen sanl Jesus unto them, Be m Ch Q6 32 went uwny into Galilee, mtu xx , l not alrzudz gu tell my brethren kl,. rh ,6 5, ' mountain xx _.ere Jesus hud nppuint.- 1 ` that they go into buhlee, und there In fj, 'H .i7" eil them. _ I s null they sev me. p`_g_ ` 17 And when thev snxv n him I I ` 11 it Now when they were going, g~9,1g_ they worshipped hun: hut some ~ behold, some ef the wnttrh onine 1tolt.:s. douhted. j Q 4 3 . into the olly, nntl showed untu tty: l~.9.o,7. _ lil And Jesus mnne and spake unto I 1 elnef prnesls all the tlungs th_ t y I:n`.It$l5. them, snyinz, All 0 power is eiven , were done. "' *l 1 9 And it vznne to pass ni those I cth, lt} m/In/It Prler mul elm rs, 32 b lII.3. 1. ldztys, that Jesus rzune trout Nam- , l y ami rnnth nirntv. .: lt, toil. proth ol Gnlilm-. und was baptized k I, I U lllZl>c:inn11n;nt`tln erospvl off ll*I_; l ot John in .lorlan. ; It g Jesus ("ln1st,tlnl1Sonol`llotl;, i ltI;\1nlstr1nuI1txvny ronnnnz upout g , 2 As at is written in the propltets,h , U "" T7 [of tho wntor.l1e saw the lnwwens y t Behold, l send my tiiosjeinror be-It, ;_';,I yiopeipnl, nnfl the Sp1lrit,l like n 5 ,( I fore thy thm- whnth shall prepare -,_1"` _' , love I vsoeitt me upon nin: g t , thv wav beHio theo. Kr L)'iUlpl"y ll Anil tln~rra1ne :1 volvo from " . . 1s.,1.,.. , I 1l'l`he c voip1r1t ~ 4 John zi dnl hnplxz in tho xxilthr-~J )lxt.1}.II. drwot 1 nmtutot n:xv1ttrn1-ss. I 1 ness, und prl:ls torty days, ternptvnl ot baton; i , sms. H ,_1..l5 g 3<_ Iand wnslwith thi: wild boasgs; and N ,t ~ F A ltl rxvcnt uut unt hint :x A ,1.*. Iltiittnivs11l1l1lSt*rtt unto nm. _ ~ ,. ~ tlie llilnl llulloa, and thiiy ol` .Itl I. )l.iI.3.|3. ll Nownlmr that John was put in _ rusalen1,;unl wro all lnnptmwl o1` ~ L nr. I!~u, lprison, Jesus o canoe into tiahlee, `_ J ltnn tn the rivero1`.lordan,oon1`es~-ll I"t``tF:t gpreiuclnng the gospel p of tho lung- ` _ ,1 _ ` ntlZ{\liilmJiili: was clothed xvnhl ll"T'l-L ldlyliiiiilyziyiiiz, The time q is ful- ' I Cumels hnir. and with a :ndh ot`a "J;`;[Jl*l ,_ _gtllled. und the lnnenlom ol God is ut `; Skin about his loins; und hoihd out {I U , , {M Qhautl: repent r ye, und believe s 5 locusts g null wild honey; ~I, `l_,,_; Ithe znspol. 1 , '7 Anil przmolnell, savtinz,'l`lmrrr}1`,l 1,, H l lo Now I ns he xvallcod by the sen . 4 Gotneth one rni;:htnr'lln:nn l nt`t<~r , A `of Gztltlve. he Mtxv Snnon and l Inn, the latnhot o[xxl1ost shoes l t n.,n,,_y;_ ,;\ntlrtxx Ins brotltvr costing :1 not I mn not worthy to stoop down an|;t Nln.1.l>.Jullt\t> Illti Stfiil UWT ll\<)' WM`0 { I i nnln..,n_ ' l 1,n,5.-t,&. tnshers) > l I . , Btindeed huve baptized yeuwiih Tl 17 And Jesus stud unto them, ~ i 4 I I I l I l ` [ tl i .