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Part of Jeffrey family papers

.··-’ Q Peter`: mother—m-law cttrrd. MARK. H. Chrzlvt cureth the palsy, (yr »` , Come ye after me, and I will mnlte A. D. 30. tprrcat while hetlvre day, he went scm . you to become fishers of men. ——•—- lout, autl departed ittto a solitary in ui - 18 And straizhtway they tbrsook lplaee, and there prayed. 7 “ I their nets, and follozvetl him, Bti And Sutton and they that were bins] , 19 And when he ltad gone tt little N Ma, .7 ZS Wllh hun. Iivlluwtttl after him. sins § , farther thence, he saw Jatues the ‘ ’ ' ' 37 Anti when they had tountl hitn, B it " j sian uf %el1etlee, antl Jnlm lhis hlro- igmy Sutd untu h.iu1, All mm seek for pcm » t1er, w10 tt so were in tie s tip 1ec. mus mentling their nets. v Lu.4.33 tm, I 38 And he said unto them. Let tts · ‘ § . 20 And straitzlttway he called y {IU into the next towns, that l may them: and they left their Either lpreaclt there also: for tliereforeg; q R H Zebedee in the sltip with the hired “ tg gate I forth. ‘,` me, servants, and went} after hitn. wi u“4· 5;** 9 And he preaeltetl in their syna- 1;,,.2 ~ 21 Antl_t hey wvnttnttt (,at1ernautn; ' ' ` ' gU;Zl1•'JS tltruutrhuut all Galilee, and mtu, ’ and st ratzlftway tin the saliliath-tlay 1c;18tXttttidet}tls. 1 N V , te enteret tttto t. te syuagoguc,:m , _ tt y ttere crane a eper to 5 · g i· taught, 3 er, to my lttnnlveseeclnng hiui,ant1 kneeling ,5)% , , 22 And tt thev were astnnishet] at that tiny down to lnnt, and saying unto ltitn, 0,- I. · his dtictrirteilhtr he t_ttu,·zl1t({|tett1 as ktww httlh ,15 thuu wilt, thou cattst make ine U § , une t tat a aut 1or1ty, an ttot as ~e ean. , i' the scribes. 41 Aut} Jesus, moved with eotn» J ` _ 23And v there was in their syna~ ,,e`,`e,,\,` passion. put forth his hantt, antl H Y I gtwgue tt man with an unclean ,tout¤ltc¢l him, atttl saith unto htnt,I mnt ;~· Q spirit, and he erictlottt,. will: he thou elean. ,,,,1, t` ‘ l 21 baytng, Let us alone; what ,,12 Atal tts soon as he had spoken, li"., ·, I have we to do with thee, tlmu I It-6l~_]»Z· lttuttttvtltately z the leprosy departed 6,,,] it i Jesus of Nazarretlt! art thou cotne J"°·I•-5· from ll|l11.i\lllJlltiv\\'1Li eleansed._ this 2,5 ` to destroy us! l know thee who 1 4.3 Aut] he slrattlyveltarzed lttnt, _ 13 ll, tltou art, the lloly Une of Gotl._ uutl thrthwtth sent lnnt away ; bmp Lt; ‘ 25 And Jesus rel1ukt:t.l lntn,saytn:. ,, MM_g_2_ l 41 Atttl saith unto hnn,See thuu sor, .gi { Fold thy peace, and conte out of ‘ j_,u_5_ig_ ,stty uothiusz ttaattyintan: lint go thy U W] ~ 1ttn. wa', s tow t tyse f to t te priest, Im. l 26 And when the unt·lean spirit lantl offer for thv cleansinz those . i had torn lntn, untl crtotl, with ai itltiugs tt which lloses ctntnnandetl, `· loud voice. lte t·atne out oflnm. 1 l'¤*-$3·§7· ltlsr it testituony Z1 unto them. and ‘_ 3 27 Anti they were all amazed, in- ·]"*’~1~’·3· l -15 llttt he went nut, and ltegan tec *15 · Q sotnuvh that tltteyqucsttoned antotnz ,pultlish il ntttch, and to blaze JDS, \ { tht:tnselvtzs, saytnt;. what thin: is abroatl the tnatter, insotntttch that mm t tlnsl'! wha? new tloetrtne isliliiia ! for H Lc H may Jesus fzould no more openly enter ai`, wttt aut tortty cotnman et 1 1e ' "` " into LIB city, hut was without tt1 UI. i l even the _uncleat1 spirtts,ant1 they tlcsert places: and tl they came to do oht-y han. ,111111 from every tptarter. 1,, , 28 Antl innnetliately his thine lt Rt>,l5.»t, CllAP'l`ER ll. ph. {I spread aliroatl tltruttzltout all the lC¤·lU·ll- 3 Chris! ltmlnl/1 I/te palsy, 11 rvtllcllt uc:} px { region 1't1\lllll‘2tl)t>\ll.- t·altlt:o. Nall/tctu, 15 mul tatltti/t. willtpttb- his E 29 Antl w forthwith. when they l ltrfntx and stmtcrs. Pl}, ,l ~ were come out ot the synagogue, ic p,_77_ii_i3, `A-Nl) ttzatn he entertetl into Ca- 5,,,] p` t Quay enteHctl\ ttftu the house of ` 't‘n,1_\0, >L perttautulafter .io1ttt:tl:tys; uittl 17 ‘ tttnen ant i nt row, wt i tunes 1 was noise t 1u.L te was tn t 1e I I and John, V _ ` i ,house. _ ·; I ju But. Sttnons wife s tnother lar d ch_2A]3_ | 2 And stratzlttway tnany were but 1 what fever; and anon tltey tell 'izlatlteretl together, tnsotnutzltftltttt lo, · t o ter. , tere was no ruutn to receive item, i 31Autl he twatne, antl took her hy] ) O uu, not so much as ahout the tloor; hit; pl the ltantl, and ltttetl her_ up; and. (C"AI····) and he preached tz the word ttttiu UI-, — l tuttntztltately the tevor letther, and l ,l.l1l3lll. [lm _ lj I slit: tntntsteretl unto tht·m. V `tz 1*;,40.9. 3 And I1 they eatne unto ltittt, do _ JJ And at cvt·tt. when the sun thtl l1rtu:;1u;: one sick til` tht: palsy, pm Q { set they hrouuht unto ltttn all thatl which washorne ol`t}1ttt‘. hb. , l were tltsteastetl. antlthotn that were ‘ I, )m_g_i_&,._ 4 Anti when they tcouhl not c<»tn<· ' lr) L { ptisstessetl with tleytls. i_u_;_ig_;m_ ntqh unto lntn 1`or the press, lhry [hb L ` .53 Antl :tll tlte tctty was gathered u1tt:ovt¢retl the roof whore he wasi pls, ,i together at tht: tloor. lantl when they had hroktett tl up, ,;.1, .» til And he healed tnany that were E M, M 9 they let down the hotlwl1c1`c1ttllM= Im sick ot tltrers tltseases, and east out kp'2 ' sick of the tulsy Iav. if . nt:1t1ytl<_·vtls; and stttferetl not the' ' ` ` , 5 When Jlesus saw their ttntltf devils -*10 speak, because they ‘lte sattl unto the stek ot` tht: p1tl53’. me A knew lnnt. _ _ _ Son, thy sms he tltrqtvett thuu. nw 1 { JUAI1Ll1l1tl1U1llU1'1llI1g,1'1S|tlg up a U But there were eerttun of tht! th, Y I ¤ . C \ ' U ·—+i‘:_,"'=*;:e — t ‘ . ‘