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Part of Jeffrey family papers

1 ) ` nf Ch"l Chris! is circitnicisul. LUKE, III. Simeon and Arma prnplirtj/. I us: that all 20 And the shephI\1 (IW: lliilllliylieng the days af heri 1***-*- I7- I tlhielliiiiidi ihhiiriiieidiiiiedliditleigdii I use and li puritication, according to the lawl . WI GQ lee, to their own city Nazareth. of Moses, were aeeoinplislied, they Il M Im -ttl And the child erew, and waxed nIIil;'' IIIS brouizht him toflerusalem, to pre-I ` ' J' 'Iitrong injpirit, filled wfwitla wis- it Wt t sent htm to the lord; tt1~..:0,t. wom: an the grace o Gee wes _ 23 (As it is written in the law o{_ , Zupon lmn. Wlulc they the Lai-tt, live-rylt male that o t-u llI`I#If* I tt Now his parents went to .Teru~ TIG I*"t*t3 ethlthe wtainh shall be ecalletl liolyI " siiltiin every ar year at the feast of *5 IVQYU to t te Lore ; I . . t ie iassorer. lh hrti1St zi Arid to alter a saerittne nt-mrtt-Im (IL. HMO' I 421And when he was twelve years t1ttt1S\\'t1tl~ iii; to that xvha;h is said in the law ,, i,_;;_g_ told, they went up to Jerusalem, I ltlm U1 it ofthe Lord, A pair ofturtle-duves, 1iu,t.i_ig_ latter the custom ofthe least I B \\'i1S 110 or txvoyuttngIrI1eoiis. I I 1 6 I 411 ind when` they had t`Iltillfd I I- 5 And be toe , there was a man DC I- the avs, as t iey returnee t ic ~ thc _Fm0 in Jerusalem, whose name was Si- ISM-'Q I child Jesus tarrted behind in deru- I lim! 1 tltv mean; and the same man was justI A`l'l lsalem; and Joseph and his mother I 0\'r their zmdi devout, waiting for the ron- 1; J-, 6 Ihnew not afi!. I salaticntc of Israel: and the llolytp I It llut they, supposing him to I lllft Lord Ghost was upon him. I g0_;;_ I have been in the ezompany. went. a ` e ulory of 26 Anel it was revealed unto him I Ac.t3.47,tS. days journey; and they sought him tout them: by the Irlaly Ghost, that he should ~ Iamong 2/zczr kinstolk and acquain- tl. notseel death hefore he had seen q 15.8.14. Itanec, imo tlwtu, the Lore1s Christ. I ll?-9-$!~$9 t5 And when they tbuntl him not, lut1tZ )f0l1 27 And he came hy the Spirit intol _'I~m:I they turned haek again to .lerusa VY. \Vll1<3h the temple : and when the parents lI"3_II; 1 lem, seekun; him. ' I brauzht inthe eslnld Jesus, to do tl1I ll ""t tG And it came to pass. that after '1\tlll$Itl11}'. him after the custom of the law, I,. Ang; 27 ~thrt-e days they tlmnd lmn in the Z , . Sttvtour, 2,8 Tlioni tool: hI lnlm up tnllns I' " tI:1nple,sittiiIt{ In the miilst of thi arms. ant lilesset tim ,anl salt. s .1at,t.21. eortors, hot i ieartnz tietn, an SiLn unto ztt Lord, now m lottest thou thyt , , I, I. asknn: them questions. I abc wrap- servant. itt-part m peate,1iat:eo1t1- III? I t7 Anil all that heard him were I S, lying in ing to thy word 1 1 I ' " astiunslieel at his undcrstandingy I I lll) l`or mine eyes have seen at iv` ~ ~-~ ~~ ant answers, I was with salvation, `I, _,`,._2II_-;_ -1:4 And when thcv saw lnm, they I Ifther hea- lll \Vhah thou hast prepared he li,_5_;,_ Iwere amazewl: anel his mother said I , and say- fore the face: ot`al1 people; I Innto him, Son. why hast thou thus I I 32 A lighttoliahtenthep Gentiles, v vr.;Z3. Ielealt with us! l>eholtl, thy lather t z ::liest,and and the tzlory ot`thy people Israel. _I I I I and I have sought that- sorrowm:. I { 1ll toward 33 And Joseph and his mother lm mu ' I txt And he said unto them. llow is marvelled at those things which w vans!. Iit that ye sontrht me! wist ye not I as the an- were spoleenot`lii1n. I l=.ll.,11. 'that l must he about z my l`ather's ` rom them Lit And Soneon hlessed them, and I FI .3 ,5 Ihnsiness! I ~ nerds said said unto Mary his mother. lleholel ` 1{I_fUI ' all And they understood not the w no even this rlnhl is set for the tall q anelI ` ' ' saying which he syfahe unto them, { =` this thm: rising auain of many in Israel; and yrltvl-Qld]- 51 And he went 1 own with them, which the for a sian which shall he spakenr I"-lif-ih land e:nne to Nazareth, and was I nto ns. atzainstz I M`'lI Isnhjeet unto them: hut his mother I haste-, and 115 (Yea, a swords shall pierce I _?l".;lIE!ZI. tkept ri all these sayings in her I I , and the through thy own soul also,) that It m" `l* heart. I t the thoughts ofmanyhearts may he ; Jnu.5.tT. I 52 And Jesus inetreasedlz in wts- en i/,they revealed. I U.t. Ielom and istature, and m favour he saying 36 And there was one Anna, a ___I I with God and man. Q uneernin; prophetess, the tlautqiiter ot` lha ,"li'I"LOgS I t7llAl"llIlt lll. nuel, ofthe trihe ot` Aser; she was I " "" ' 1 .L27ms gtrmcltizuy uml Imp/ism: 15 I el it won- of a great age. and had lived with L- vt:r.t51. Ins lcslimmiy ty` Christ. lt) Ilrrotl I teh were an husband seven years from herl lsn.2,ZG. iniprismalh John. 21 Christ is Imp- I tls. virginity; I5 III IIN tizrzt: 2.1 hi.? gmcntoyy. 1 se things 37 And she was a widow of about; I ` NOW in the: tiiteenth year ofthe I heart,. i ' fuurscore and tour years, which I -T reign of Tiberius Cesar, 1'on- I a I