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Part of Jeffrey family papers

l ` ltzunililt; The sevmily sun! for/li LUKE, X. tu work ntirnrlws, Ltr. , V iving yhishtce into evvrv nity aml place, A. I) 32. ltr) tread on serpentsu and short , nk;. C],ggwhitht:r he hiin` U R(",',;g l or lelll you, tVhat z Vrlnany Ertl- , 111 11 $\'1111 U 16111- 10 {H12- __Q_'i},', pm S ill! ftntzs mrc esire o as jam, dtim of Gtld is come nigh unto you. MMVIGJSV see those things which ye see. and ; uga, [,,,, 10 But tate Wlt=1tS<1=t<3t Ctty yu ,;.-,;-,5, lutvc not secu litem; amt to hear , my Hm- enter, and they resetykc you mit. gig w 1-;y,:i;_re;_ {hose tlparzs zyhyzh ye hear, and {,,,,1,.,, your ways ou 1a 0 te stree s o t*s,e:>,;, rave no cnr uva. , _ t the satne and say, ts.t.1t. Z3 Wl And, behold, a certain law- ll Evenlm the very dust of your 1l.12.1. yer_ stood up. and tempted hnn. . t ,,0,, wh, city. which cleaveth on us, we do {I'l1V1;$;I sayin:. Master, what 11 shall ldu to i _ yvipetfa:a1astyou_: notwithstand- R;-,;;-3- 1nhtrtt b eternal life! V V _ { ; U, is H, nag, he yel sure _o1 this, that the ,;VV*i, Jo llesmd untohun, Whatis writ; 1 ESV hm. kingdom ot (Jed is conn: nigh unto ,;_,; ten ip the law I hunt readcg. , Ou, . _ ' pl l nt ie,answur1u:,sa<, ~ m' lu in y12 llut l sav unto you. that lt shalll X mjiui , rshalt love the Lord thy God with { ,,,5SV ,],1,. he more toloralvle 1n that day tor` H,] ,_ #2,,*,] lall thy heart. aml with all thy soul. - ,, (.,,,.,,1, hdonVi, than tor that. tuty. V V V V M, mw H, and with _all thy stieneth, and with { V [mu ,,, 13 \\ on unto tlieo.tlnor:mii: no xm .1,,,-,. all thy nund, and thy xl neighbour . 4 ,,,1:,,,,, unto thee, llethsaala! toro tl tht: ;-Im-_/ie asthyselt. _ _ V i V ,,, Fm, unghty worlts had _heeu done 1n wud. 2-1 And he said unto hnn,'Ihou 1 , : [hu H, Tyre Vand bidou. which have heen - il1-Vltilg. hast. answered right: this do, and t , ; of mi, done 1u you, they had a trreat wlnle 1::g1l$VVG thou shalt live. _ _ V _ g ; hom, ago repented, sitting tn satrkclotli ,';,V;Vl;l(V V..t\_l3Vut ll0,\\'llllll5,' to_|ustt&vf:nrn- B V I shall he more tulerahle lluubl g Am W lo is i , ,,V.b`,,h,. for 'l'yre and Sidon at the judgment li Zltt And Jesus, answerinzr, said, A ' , L,,L HV` than tor you. _ J y_,._u_IS_ ttrta1umtm went down trom Jern- l . }V K`, mw 15 And thou, Cape1*natun,wl11eh pw ;_,._]g,;_ saltnn to .l0rtch0,Vand fell anions: I , t ,,-6,,,, art: exalted to heaven, shalt he y,.,o_gyi' tl1n>vp5_\vln(3l\ smmiu,] mm at pus , i I Im.`, thrust q down to hell. i;,1t, rauneut.and wounded limi. and tle , 1 im, M 16lle r that lu~ar~lh you, hoarrth _ V git. pV:nttzd. leaving Ima lialftltead, . , ,1, ,m_ megaml has that tlespisoth you. jth.llt.1. JlAmlhyt:ham*etlnaeeaiiietlewn ~ ' ` dcsptstrth uw; and! ho that do- l*{l ${-2- a <:trton prtt:>t that way; and E l mu N sptseth xne,despiselh hnnthat seut. when he saw hnn, he passed by zi V I (V) UV me, V,'V g; @,1 on tho other side. V , `ii m,__ 17_1l' And the seventy retttrnvd , V MS'; I', J.! And hltewise a Levite, when , ' ' ` again with joyqsayinu. Lord. evt:nl" ' _,,' he was at the place, eaine aml the devils are suhjeet unto uslh P, gs H looltvtlz on /11111. and passed hy on ~ i -7 ;. throuzh thy name. ;p.,';(,g_;_ t|uotl1cr: