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Part of Jeffrey family papers

I t Of Iftc tttdttsl sltttmrtl. Llilili, XVI. 'l7lc1·ich matt mul Lazarus. i 30 But as soon as this thy son was A, 1) Ill}. Ixvho shall give you that xvlneh is I petite, xx hn·h hatlt dt·vourt·d thy_l1_v- ———»( your own! , mg wultltarlots, thou has ltilteo tor I, II,,_g__I_ I 11S *1] Nor servant eau serve two t htm the fatted t·:tlt. I II_ I_ anasters; tor either ht, will hate the I 31 And ho said unto ltitn, Son, I IIII_I I III II lone, and hive the other;ort¤1se he I thou att ex·t~r.t; xvtth me, and all J I'; ‘ ‘ 'Iwtll hold to t_he one, and dttsptst: I that l have ts thine. ¤ l*·_’]·*· the other, Xe cannot serve God I 32 It xxas tnt tety that. we should 1*3 ’·'U· and tnatntuon. < ntake tnorry. and he glad 1 2 1'oru rt t·e·t.2t. ll Autl the Pltartst>t·s also, wlmf I this thy hrothvr was dead, and ts ~ . . ~ lxterc euvelous hoard all these , tttI.\t. tb.) . · ahve again; and was lost, and is I I, I, Itlnngs: and they derttled lnnt. fuxuttl. In $8;,I*I _;‘ 15 .\ntl ho sattl unto thettt, Ye are I , . I · » t "‘ thev which iuslifv yottrsr:lx‘tesq he- - ; , '. l ,·l,ll. .v - .· · Limp N R_ Xx I , I _I III tore men; hut (tod It knoxxteth yottr i 1 Q/'llmttttttzslslttcuttl. lt I7tc7ttgt0· *· · · IIU.I,.II. III,. III.II_ “.IIII,II IQ I,I,,I,II. J ",'*°!{ It if wicmub 1’***tM¢S TC tl ‘f"’II _ osteettttetl 2 amongmen. ts altotntna- prom , tr c.I I III'f_fI:I':I 'L ttonn1th<·st:Ittot` God. I Q Nl) he said also ttttto his dist·i»_ u,,I‘II,III`II,III lti 'litek laxv and the prophets I ph·s, 'l`hert· was a certain ru·hI IIIIII. ,,III_ trttru ttnttl .Iohu: >mt·t~that time the ntat1,whtt·h had a steward ; and tht-` I,.,,s QIIUU ktnudotn of Uotl is pr··at·hed, and I same xvas ttoottsetl unto lntn tltat I iIit.nt~; every ntan presseth mto it. I hc had wasted lnsgootls. I are l»jyt·.·i1. IT And Z it is easter tor ln-aven attd i' h2.·\tttl he rcctlhed huttIaud said untot 10-I I. earth to pass, titan one little ttl thu iui, lloxv is it that l hear tlns of 2. ·I , ,I I law to linl. thee? Utxte an at·t·ount ofthy stew·I i,.i;_,`;IIIi.I»_ IH \\`lit»sttevt—1·tt1 putteth away his ` ardshipm hir thou tnayost he no III-ct,.,ta xvttlzantltttarrtuth :utother,<·otntniL- I l0n§. I 20 Atal there was :1 certain hug; ship,tlteyntayrctteivententttttheir CI.-_. III gar namt·d Lazarus, xvhit·h xvas `I hnuses. I·j·IiIIIIg1Ig)_ ilatd at lns gate, full of sores, I5 he valhal twttry one of his`II I_I_I IIIIIIII I ill And tlestt‘tng_tolte fed with the I ards dehtots mtto htm. and sind __ t<·rumh¤ xxhteh toll front the rtvh unto the tirst, llow mut·h owest #Ul*'—~t-If} Itn:ut's tahlte; ntoreover the dogs tI;tiItIIIInIIt my IotIII!I IIIIIII I II t >·*· I Itante :tInlIltclIt~tl Iris soresII I II t _t e .at . J t ·t~t m·a· rr ` _ ‘ M. nt t t·ant· o pass tta tc sures ot otl. Anil hr said unto lntn. L -""-Jl; I-J- lteggartlttal, and was c·arrtt;d hy the Take thyh1_ll. aud>tt down qttteltly, M "·l’··H· an:<·lsntto .\|tr:thatn'shosom;1tthe0 · antIIIxyrtte titty, I _/`1l¤t.2t5.l~t. ,rt¤·h man alsotltted. and was buried; 7 `nen said to to anot ter And I» ,II,IIII_gg_ ` 2.l Antlp 1tt ht·ll he hfted up his , |mI,Iv mn(;)II oxI-WI than! _·\`t;t] ht- III TI, eyes, Iwntu tn tor1nents.and seeth J sai , An tuut ret 9 tnt:asttrt·s oft ;" .‘tltra|nnu atar oil` and Lazarus in Q wheat. And he sattl untoln1n,'l`ake I _ Il` ' i_'Qm' ltts hosotn, V I thy hill, and xvrne tl»ttrsrvort·. I'i{II'I*;"t _ it And he cried attd said, Father 8_.·\nd the lord votttttttetttltcti tht2I * " **]*1** ,;\l>rahatn, have ntertcy on nie, and ` ` unjust stewart], lteeattso he had glx N1¤t»ll·IZ. lsontl latzarus. that he may dip the . done wisely: tor the rlnhlren oft ii tip of his ringer in water, and voul this xvorhl are tn their gt·tu-rttttott 1I’~.lttZ.1t$. my tongue;q [url aut tortuenletl i · wiser than thelt t·lnhlren of ltgltt. J 1s.tt1.>. Im this tlame. t· ,~ J 9 And l say unto you, Blalaoc to 5l.ti. 25 ButAhralntmsaid,Snn.rt=tneut- yourselwstrtetttls ot the ¤ttnnutnou Im MItt.5.L}Z, her that thou 1tt tlty lnettuuas re- J of tttn·tgltteottsttt·ss ; that, when yu] lkJtr.Ttltt.|l,It'c_1Vt2tlSlIlhygootl things, and like- 4 tatI,_t.heytttayt‘et¤e1x'0yot1tntocvur- II fxI,ti,~_|1_ Ixvtse Lazarus evil things; but now J lastingltaltttattons._ I _ _ II, I»I_IIIII3_ Ihe is r‘otttf`orted, and thou art tor- i l0_ lleti that ts_ taulnul in tltatII,,II,_ II I0 II ttttettttttl. xvlneh ts least, is tatthtul also nt I 7 III I’, ' Eli And heside all this, hetxveen us ntuch_: and lte that is un_tust. nt the I .t II. -- and you theyre is a great gulf tixed: I least, is unjust also tn mtttvh. "`I`·u;'I·I’I·¥ so tlutttlteyxxtltttrlt would pass from ‘ ll lf tltttrtztitre ye have not heetti A _‘"j‘ ` ·‘ °· heave to yott catntot; netthert eau i faithful tn the unrtghteous Utttttttt-`“"·I(’;~l·, itltoy pass to us, that wmthl came ` I mon, who will eotnnnt to your trust: ‘fII·,I;3#I9 from thenwe. I the true j·1t·/tts! | _"' ‘_ “' ‘ 27 'I`ln·nltesaid, T praytheethet‘c— , ,12 Antltt yo hax·_<· not ht·t·u iinthful ?LZ°·|*·2*l- tfore, tathcr, tltat thou wouldest nt that xxlttelt is another ntan s, t ——•—· isentl lmn tu my father’s house : I YU I