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12 > Image 12 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-06-14

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-12- Gluck Foundation Promotions published "Research Report 20l0 for the Gluck Center, the Bluegrass Equine Digest, a monthly e-newsletter with, which was launched in June 2009, and which has more than 34,000 subscribers as of April 20l l, the Gluck Equine Research & Service Report, published in spring and fall and sent to 2,600 donors and friends of the Gluck Foundation, and Board Bits, an intemal newsletter emailed in summer and winter to board members, and to faculty and staff in the Department of Veterinary Science. The unit also created Gluck Center history cards, Gluck Center "postcards, Animal Genetics Testing & Research Laboratory 25m anniversary cards, and a geriatric horse brochure for the immunology group. The Gluck Center has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. In tenns of Development, the Center has initiated a study as to the feasibility of a major campaign for all equine programs. They have pledges for calendar year 20l0 of $556,650 and donations for calendar year 20l0 of $763,439. There is a new hire, Dr. Martin Nielsen, who accepted in 20l0 with a start date of August 20l l. Three new Gluck Foundation board members, which were approved by the Board in PR 4 earlier. FF. The University of Kentucky Mining Engineering Foundation Report Mr. Stuckert gave the report from the Mining Engineering Foundation Board of Directors. He began with some remarks about mining engineering education in general and infonned his audience that in some circles, the academic area was almost declared obsolete ten years ago, there are only l3 mining schools in America now. But the report from UKs Mining Engineering department is positive. The UK Mining Engineering Foundation Board met on November 5, 20l0 and April 29, 20l l. The 20l0-ll activities ofthe board can be summarized as follows: The board provided financial support for the recruiting efforts of the department which resulted in a 2010-ll freshman class of 9l. The class was the largest mining engineering freshman class in the United States. The incoming 20l l-l2 freshman class is projected to number around 60. The quality of the 20l0-ll and the incoming 20l l-l2 classes is exceptional with an average high school GPA of around 3.6 and an average composite ACT score of 28. The board provided $l42,635 in annual giving to the departments Development Fund to support two staff positions and other activities ofthe department. The funding is in addition to the endowment earnings of $76,000, which were used to fund the recruiting efforts and the Distinguished Lecture. The board provided an additional $300,000 in direct scholarship support from member companies. The support allowed a total distribution of around $650,000 in scholarships during the 20l0-ll academic year to l56 mining engineering students. The Mining Engineering Board supported the efforts to request and secure $l.2 million in funding from Mr. Joe Craft and Alliance Coal to initiate the Alliance Coal Academic Chair position at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Thomas Novak was the first hire for this position in November 20l0.