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174 > Image 174 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-06-14

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Governing Regulations 06/ 17/08 Page 11-10 Retirement plans may include, but without limitation, the retirement ages, the benefits of employees including group insurance, annuities, establishment of a trust fund or funds, and, the amounts to be paid or contributed by employees and the amounts to be paid or contributed by the University of Kentucky, and other appropriate terms and provisions with respect thereto. (KRS 164.220) (d) Suspend or remove any of the officers, teachers, professors, or agents that it is authorized to appoint, except that no President, professor, or teacher may be removed except for incompetence, neglect of or refusal to perform duties, or for immoral conduct, and then only after ten (10) days' notice in writing stating the nature of the charges preferred, and after the individual has been given an opportunity to make defense before the Board of Trustees by counsel or otherwise and to introduce testimony which shall be heard and determined by the Board of Trustees. (KRS 164.230) (e) Grant degrees to graduates of the University, prescribe conditions for the award of honorary degrees, and confer such honorary degrees, upon the recommendation of the faculty of the University, as it deems proper. (KRS 164.240) (f) Make a full report to the General Assembly, within the first month of each even- numbered year regular session, of the condition and operation of the University since the date of the previous report, with such recommendations concerning the University as are deemed necessary. (KRS 164.250) (g) Acquire additional lands or other property or material for the purpose of expanding its plant and extending its usefulness. When unable to contract with the owner of land or other property or material necessary for the purposes of the University, it may acquire the same by condemnation proceedings in the manner provided in KRS 416.010 to 416.080. (KRS 164.260) (h) Dispose of real estate held by the Commonwealth for the use or benefit of the University or the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station as authorized in KRS 164.270 and KRS 45.360. 8. Order of Business The order of business at meetings of the Board of Trustees normally is as follows: Call to Order Roll Call Reading and Approval of Minutes with Necessary Modifications Report of the President Consideration of Presidents Recommendations for Action Consideration of Presidents Discussion ltems Reports of Committees Other Business