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12 > Page 12 of Blooms of the berry / Madison Julius Cawein.

BLOOMS OF THE BERRY ANTICIPATION. ,TINDY the sky and mad; Surly the gray March day; Bleak the forests and sad, Sad for the beautiful May. On maples tasseled with red No blitie bird swinging sung; The broo.c in its lonely bed Compa.ined in an unknown tongue. We walked in the wasted wood: IHer face as the Spring's was fair, Her blood was the Spring's own blood, The Spring's her radiant hair. And we found in the windy wild One cowering violet, Like a frail and tremulous child In the 'aked leaves bowed and wet. And I sighed at the sight, with pain For the May's warm face in the wood, May's pa-sions of sun and rain, May's .-aiment of bloom and of bud. But she slid when she saw me sad, " Tho' the world be gloomy as fate, And we -earn for the days to be glad, Dear heart, we can afford to wait. 12