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199 > Page 199 of Blooms of the berry / Madison Julius Cawein.

BLOOMS OF THE BERRYY 9 V. The whistles tagged their horses' manes All crystal clear; on these a wind Forever played, and waked the plains Before, behind, VI. These flute-notes and the Fairy song Took the dim holts with many a qualm, And eke their silver bridles rung A far-off psalm. VII. All rid upon pale ouphen steeds With flying tails, uncouthly seen; Each wore a scarf athwart his weeds Of freshest green. VIII. And aye a beam of silver light Fairer than moonshine danced aboon, And shook their locks-a glimmering white Not of the moon. Ix. Small were they that the hare-bell's blue Had helmeted each tiny head; Save one damsel, who, tall as two, The Faeries led. 199