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9 > Page 9 of Blooms of the berry / Madison Julius Cawein.

BLOOMS OF THE BERRY. BY WOLD AND WOOD. I. G REEN, watery jets of light let through The rippling foliage drenched with dew; Bland glow-worm glamours warm and dim Above the mystic vistas swim, 'Where, 'round the fountain's oozy urn, The limp, loose fronds of limber fern Wave dusky tresses thin and wet, Blue-filleted with violet. O'er roots that writhe in snaky knots The moss in amber cushions clots; From wattled walls of brier and brush The elder's misty attars gush; And, Argus-eyed, by knoll and bank The affluient wild rose flowers rank; And stol'n in shadowy retreats, In black, rich soil, your vision greets The colder undergrowths of woods, Damp, lushy-leaved, whose gloomier moods Turn all the life beneath to death And rottenness for their own breath. M ty-apples waxen-stemmed and large With their bloom-screening breadths of targe; Wake robins dark-green leaved, their stems lipped with green, oval clumps of gems, 9