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The Kentucky Kernel, April 15, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available 1. I The Kentucky Kernel VOL. XL Scmi-Wcek- FROSH AND SOPHS TIE MEN'S GLEE CLUB IN IN OPENING GAME WESTERN KENTUCKY ON IL CONCERT T Prof. Lamport and 18 Men Left Monday for Week's Trip TO VISIT SIX CITIES Students to Hear "Warblers" Wednesday Night The Men's Glee Club, under the direction of Prof. Carl Lamport, Is on Its annual conoert tour this week. The tour opened at Eminence, Monday night, and closes at Owensboro, to morrow night. Tho Club will render the same program that is being given on the trip, in chapel next Wednesday night. Tho Glee Club, this year, Is tho best that ever represented the University, and its tour will be a big boost for the Tho complete itinerary institution. for the week follows: Monday, Eminence; Tuesday, Louisville; Wednesday, Madisonville; Thursday, Morgan-field- ; Friday, Hopklnsvillo; Saturday, Owensboro. The men making the trip are: First tenor: Auryn E. Bell, John Dahrlnger, Robert Clem, Carroll Carter; second tenor: Jesse Hawkins, Duerson Fend-leNeville Fincel, Silas Wilson, John Currey; first bass, Rothwell Woodward, Neal Sullivan, Raymond Craig, Thomas Riley, Earl Baughman; second bass: Robert Porter, John Lewis, Elbert DeCoursey, Crawford Anderson. Prof. C. A. Lampert, director. ACTOR IN "LIGHTN1N' " SPEAKS TO STUDENTS Strollers Meet Milton Nobles at Opera House After Wednesday Matinee Stuart Fox, who plays the part of John Marvin in "Lightnin'," gave two readings and some valuable advice to the Strollers in the Little Theater at the fifth period, Wednesday. Mr. Seymour, his understudy, accompanied him. Mr. Fox advised those Intending to go on the legitimate stage that funds and .experience were by far the most important factors In procuring a part. He concluded his talk by giving a reading from "Madame X," the longest speech of modern drama, and a humorous parody on the first chapter of Genesis. A number of Strollers accepted tho invitation to meet "Lightnin' Bill" Jones, played by Milton Nobles, after the matlneo Wednesday, at the Opera House. Ecology Class Members Spend Day in Country Tho members of tho Ecology class, with Dr. C. A. Shull, made a trip to Elk Lick Falls, Sunday, April 11, despite the snow and cold tho twenty-simile ride in tho University truck, tho dinner cooked under tho most primitive conditions, and tho day spent in tho wilds of tho Kentucky cliffs and caves was an ideal experience, highly instructive and thoroughly enjoyed by all who participated. PLEDGES ANNOUNCED Sigma Pi, professional frain Commerce, announces tho following pledges: Harold F. Waites, '22, Cynthlana; George H. Gregory, 21, Lexington; Toliver Anderson, '23, Hopkinsvllle; Joo T. Lovott, '22 Kenton; Hinton Leach, '23, Lexington. Delta ternity LEXINGTON. KY.. APRIL 15, 1921 ly Tho first of the Intcrclass games, between the Sophs and Frosh, ended a tie, 2 to 2. It was fast and very exciting all tho way through and a large number of students who wore strongly partisan In their views backed their respective teams to the fullest of their ability. Tho batteries for the Frosh were: Gillespie and VanArsdale, for the Sophs, Hays and Prlbble. "Dnddy" Boles, out of the bigness of his heart and pocketbook has offered a silver loving cup to tho winning team, and all teams arc working hard for tho trophy. PHILISQPHIAH TO BE GIVEN PLAY APRIL 21 Little Theatre Tickets May Be Used For "The Amazons" PULE WANTS STROLLERS TRACK SQUAD MEETS UNIVERSITY SENATE TENNESSEE SATURDAY THE TO RETURN Strollers field. Most WRITES Told to Own Terms Name of the men have recovered from their injuries which held them back in the meet with Vandy and they are expecting to put our opponents through the mill. Little Is known of tho Incoming wearers of whatnot, for as yet they have not met this season, but they usually turn out one of the best squads In the South. Tho meet is called at 2:30 o'clock. The Strollers have received from Presley T. Atkins, of Plnevlllo, a letter of appreciation concerning the recent visit of that organization and the University band to Bell county In which appear the following gratifying excerpts: "Tho proverbial village knocker has not been around and not one single word but the highest praise has been heard regarding your troop and band, and what they had to offer here. You look tho town by storm and the Strollers can have anything they want up here, from a slice of the Cumberland river to a cross section of Pine Moun tain. Just name your terms and we I am all 'swelled' up will comply. with pride because of the whole thing and even the small part I had in it. We are prepared right now to Insist that you bring the whole 'gang' back next year, and we want your answer fight now. I am writing tho same information to Doctor McVoy, and want it settled so that we may begin advertising at once. We are serious about the Strollers for next year and you know the people here want you. So please put this invitation up to the club, and let us have the answer. We won't take NO.'' MELCHER AT CONVENTION Dean C. R. Melcher left Wednesday for Iowa City, Iowa, where he will attend a meeting of the Deans of Men of the American Colleges, which will be held at the University of Iowa, April 14, 15 and 16. The Philisophian Literary Society will present "The Amazons,' Pinero's clever comedy, Thursday, April 21 In the chapel. With the splendid cast under tho direction of Prof. Mikesell, this play will be the best ever given by Philisophian. Lucy Smith, Henrietta Rogers, and Margaret Harbison, the Amazons first appear as three attractive young gallants Willie, Tommie, and Noel respectively. They have been brought up by their mother, the charming but dictatorial Marchioness of Castlejordan who Is played by Clarlbel Kay, as young women. athletic They desert their principloes however for the attractive LItterley, Tween-awayand De Grival played by Fred Houston-Shaw- . John Land and Jack Derringer respectively. John Land is splendid as the typical Englishman, Tweenie while Jack. Derringer as Count Do Grival and Fred Houston-Shaas Utterly show unThe three usual dramatic ability. amazonian sisters are charmingly Interpreted by Henrietta Rogers, Mar- UNIVERSITY TO HAVE garet Harbison, and Lucy Smith, Clarl bel Kay Is unusually good as the, A STUDENT Marchioness. Lillian Dalton's rolq of Sergeant Shuter gives full scope to her enthusiasm and pep. Wiedekemper as the Rev. Minchin, Bamber as Fltton Mervin Eblen Represents the gamekeeper, Swerringer as Youatt Kentucky at Wid-We- st a servant, and Rouse as Orts, a Conference cast. poacher, are well Little Theatre season tickets may bo used for admittance to this play. Mervin Eblen, who represented the Single seats are 75 cents. University of Kentucky at tho (Conference held at the University of Missouri, returned on Monday Agr. College Adds Two Angus Steers to Herd and as a result of the conference a Student (Council will be organized at tho University. There has been much Tho College of Agriculture added of organizing a student council at two pure bred Angus steers to its talk University but it was not definitely herd, last week, after visiting tho the decided upon until Eblen returned. The Bradshaw herd near Danville. A organization is expected to bo perold animal was purchased by fected in about two weeks. tho College, and Mr. Bradshaw mado It Is planned to have tho Student present of another, a yearling. them a Council composed of four seniors, Dean Thomas P. Cooper, Professor three Juniors, two sophomores and one Good, W. J. Harris, of the Animal Husfreshman. Tho body will take caro of bandry Department, and Senator H. M. all student activities. Danco dates party which Frohman composed tho and other matters now controlled by visited tho farm of A. D. Bradshaw. the Dean of Men will bo taken caro of Professor Good says that tho selec- by tho council. ,Tho officers will inare two of the finest ani- clude a president, tions mado and mals in tho herd, which is headed by secretary-treasurethe president to bo a famous sire. elected by tho student body. Tho conference at Missouri April 7, 8 nnd 9 was hold In order that Y. M. C. A. NOTES or universities, having student There will bo an election of Y. M. councils or hoping to have, might got C. A. officers, Thursday night, in tho together and work out problems to studont government. A perY. M. C. A. rooms at 7 o'clock. AH those who have subscribed to the manent organization was formed with Y. M. C. A. funds are urgently re- Francis K. Zimmerman, of the Univerquested to pay these dues as soon as sity of Chicago, President. Twenty-twof the leading institutions of tho possible. Bart Peak left this morning for country woro represented. Eblen obtained much information Louisville, to attend tho Y. M. C. A. regarding student government and as conferences to be held there. soon as plans are worked out tho PAY JUNIOR CLASS DUES NOWI council will be formed man-hatin- TO Coach Buchholt has his men ready for tho Invasion of tho Tennessee track bunch, Saturday afternoon, on Stoll Commendatory Letter Contains Invitation to Come Back with '22 Play P. T. ATKINS No. 31 Tuesday-Frida- y Mid-We- o ACCEPT REGULATIONS Recommendations of Kentucky College Assn. Accepted CINCINNATI WINS SLOW GAME OH STOLL FIELD Two Hits Made by Blue and White Of? Roth, Queen City Hurler March returned yesterday. A cold wind swept over Stoll Field and with it swept the hopes of the Wildcat Just an off day characterized the situation of the Kentucky players. Two hits and no runs were all that could be gathered by the Blue and White off Roth, the Queen City twirler. Meanwhile, the lads of the University of Cincinnati knocked out thirteen hits and the same number of runs. Both teams were not up to form, but Kentucky Just could not swat the ball. The hits off Cooper and McKinney came at opportune times and helped by bad fielding, the medical team put across their 13 runs. The score: H. R. E. 3 13 13 Cincinnati 2 3 0 Kentucky . University of Cincinnati, Batteries: Roth and Sharpe; Kentucky, Cooper, McKinney and Baugh. n The granting of a charter to Epsllon Beta Phi, a local honorary society of the College of Arts and Sciences, and tho approval of the recommendations of the Association of Kentucky Colleges and Universities, was tho most important business transacted by the University Senate at its meeting Monday afternoon, April 11. The charter members of Epsilom Beta Phi, to which a charter was granted, are the members of Phi Beta Kappa who are members of the University of Kentucky faculty. Only seniors In the College of Arts and Sciences who have a general standing of 2.6 and no D's or E's are eligible. But not more than, ten per cent of the class can be admitted Into the society. Members of the present senior class are eligible and will be taken in some time previous to commencement. It is the intention of tho society to apply for a National chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honorary fraternity. The charter members of the Episolon Beta Phi are: Dr. Frank L. McVey, Professors G. Terril, J. J. Tigert, S. E. Leland, C. J. Humphrey's, C. A. Shull and C. B. Williams. "CRICHTDN" TO PLAY WINCHESTER TONIGHT SIGMA NU FRATERNITY HOUSE IS COMPLETED Gamma Iota chapter of Sigma Nu, will move into their new fraternity house in Winslow street by Saturday. It is the first house to be erected on fraternity row. The structure is of the English Stratford style of architecture and will hold thirty boys and has every modern equipment from the kitchen to the billiard room and study hall. It was built as a memorlam to Harold Pullman, who was killed in an aeroplane accident during the war. The Sigma Nus expect to have a formal opening of the house the first Strollers "On Tour" Again; Make Trip by The Strollers, accompanied by tho University Orchestra under the direction of Mrs. Carl Lampert, will present "Tho Admirable Crichton" at the Winchester Opera House in Winchester, tonight. The play will be given in Winchester under the auspices of tho Kiwanis Club of that city. Marcus C. Redwine, Winchester attorney, and an alumnus of May. of tho University of Kentucky, has been instrumental in having the play presented at Winchester. The trip Y. W. CABINET HOLDS comITS SPRING COUNCIL will bo made by automobile, the p.m. pany leaving Lexington at 4:00 and returning tonight after the play. Dr. Fortune and Dr. Allen K. Foster Are Speakers s' col-leg- Meeting of Executive Body Held in the Little Theatre Monday Sunday was the second day of the Spring Cabinet Training Council held In Lexington, last week-end- , with headquarters at Patterson Hall. The afternoon meeting took place at 2:30 o'clock. During tho first hour, Dr. A. W Fortune, of Transylvania, took charge, and his subject was "Bible Study." At 3:30 o'clock tho meeting was thrown open, and Dr. Allen K. Foster spoko for tho second timo tho Council on tho subject of "Prayer." At 6:15 p.m., tho delegates and tho members of tho local cabinets wero entertained with a supper at the City V. W. C. A. At 7:30 p.m., in tho club rooms of tho City Y. W. C. A., Doctor Fostor gavo his third and last talk to tho Council. This hour was given over entirely to tho answering of various Miss questions asked by tho girls. Kathorino Haley, of Berea, sang sovoral songs at tho end of Doctor hour, This meeting marked the end of tho Spring Cabinet Training Council. o -' Fos-tor'- s Dean Cooper Visiting Eastern Alumni Clubs Will Address the New York Association Today Following a plan arranged by tho General Alumni Association to keep graduates of the University in touch, with tho activities, Dean Thomas director of tho Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, left Saturday afternoon for a trip to the East whero ho Is speaking this week to three University of Kentucky Alumni Associations. On April 11, Dean Coopor addressed tho association in Philadelphia, and today will address the New York Association. Tho date of tho meeting of tho Washington Alumni was not known when Dean Cooper left. Whilo in Washington ho will also attend a meeting of tho United States Department of Agriculture and a meeting called by tho Federal government for the purpose of discussing tho tobacco grading system now being worked out.