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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 15, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy I THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 2 . And Just ns wo had got our watch Department Clubs POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT nnd nlnrm clock sot five minutes fast . The oftlrlnl imhllcntlnn of tlir ntuilontu nnd In sympathy, harmony nnd perfect unSociety mot Tho Patterson Literary OF tlio Alumni AMoelntlnn of the I nlvornlty derstanding with tho $11,000 Univer- Inst Friday night In tho Little Theater. of Kentucky. sity clocks, lol nnd hohold! they re- One of tho most delightful meetings every Tucmlay ntul Krldiy Jurlnp PuIiIImIiciI GEORGE R. SMITH verse nnd put ifs eight minutes slow. of tho yenr was held. Tho Oratorical the coIIprIiUo yenr. Contest which was to havo been held In rosiionnlhle for thn Tho For the first tlmo in tho history of tho University of Kentucky ono "Crichton' Shows Truo Finish," that night wns postponed at tho reeditorial policy of the piqer; the Mnnnglns says n of her graduates seeks tho office of Commonwealth's Attorney for Fayheadline. Which only goes to quest of Professor Mlkcscll, and will editor for the newn policy. ette County. show that nil things, even tho host, ho given In tho chapel, Inter. In ornccoml ctnan matter at the must come to an end. Entered n der not to disappoint thd members Tho University haB not grown, In the past, with tho strides' which postofflce, I.exInBton, Kentucky. who had come out, It was decided to Ono havo marked tho progress of many of her Bister institutions. ft cent a Copy give nn impromptu program. Tho reason for this hns been due to the failure of our university to ex'president called on different members, .lOUKNAMMM IIUIMHNO hibit a genuine Interest and concern in tho welfare of. her graduates OKFirR OFFICIAL NOTICES either suggesting a subject or permitan Interest so strikingly noticenble In the policies of other Instituting thorn to speak on any subject they tions in tho state, whoso graduates, In turn, havo Btrlven- for tho Friday, April 15. J. DONALD DINNING, '21 chose. upbuilding of their nlmn maters, but whoso regard for tho University of Meeting of Patterson Literary mid 4085 I'honcH 2II7-Short tnlks wore given by R. T. Kentucky is secondary. Society, Gymnasium1 BuildJohnston, F. P. Bell, E. E. Slier, A. W. MANAGING KDITOR ing, 7:00 p.m. I assure yo"u that I have tho interest of tho University at heart, nnd Armontrout, W. H. Peal nnd V. C. FRED K. AUGSBURG, '21 Council meeting, President's I request, and will greatly appreciate, the consideration and loyal supSwearlngen. olllce, 3:45 p. m. I'honefl 1057 and 2117-port of university men. and women, nnd of tho alumni. Tho results of The Junior Prom, Phoenix Homy candidacy, as I sincerely believe and intend, will accrue to tho YOU HAVE WRITTEN POEMSI XKWS r.DITOK tel Ballroom, from 8:00 unmutual advantage of us all. Do you enro to have them revised or Dun Itmunnr, Jr., 'it til 1:00. constructively criticised by successful GEORGE R. SMITH, '15. Tho SrolIcrs present "Tho Adauthors? If you do, then send us your Sl'OltTIN'G EDITOR nmnuscrips (stories, mirable Crichton" In "Wiarticles or1 Arthur Cnmrron, '21 poems). We will criticise, nnd place nchester. them should they prove to be acceptASSOCIATE EDITORS Saturday, April 16. able for publication. Herndon Evans, '21 MnrRaret Smith, '22 The Sigma Alpha Epsilom fraThere is no actual charge for our Kathcrlne Meglbbon, '21 COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR ternity (lance, ballroom of services. If, however, you have not previously enrolled with the advisory tho Lafayette Hotel, from REl'OKTERS ALTERATIONS department of this association, we're-Jues- t DRY CLEANING Adnllne Mann, '22 Kathcrlne Weakley, '21 S:30 to 12:00. that you enclose the initial fee Amanda Forkncr, 2!Katherlno HerrlriE, '21 152 South Lime tone Phone 1550Y Track Meet, University of of two dollars, which we must ask of Arthur Hodges, '23 Zack Wheat, '22 Kentucky and University of There is no each new contributor. Klfile Hachc, '23 additional expense, no future obligaII. S. Hojdi-n- , 'M Tennessee, Stoll Field, 2:30 tion. p. m. HUSINESS MANAGER It must be realized that we can only Baseball, University of KenH. B. LLOYD, '21 be of aid to those of serious intent If you do mean to strive for literary suctucky and University of Cincess we can help you In many ways. cinnati at Cincinnati. AI1VKKTISING STAFF Our services are yours until wo have ,1. Iltirtim I'reuitt, '22 Sunday, April 17. actually succeeded .in marketing at Harold VValt. '22 Meeting of Y. M. C. A. and laast ono of your manuscripts. Send Y. W. C. A., Patterson Hall, something today! FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1921 Please enclose return postage with C:30 p.m. FORyour communications. "IMPORTANT ADVANCE DATE NATIONAL LITERARY KILL THAT JINX! "The Amazons" will be given ASSOCIATION AND It is human nature to love and apby the Philosophian Literary 131 W. 39th St. plaud the victor. Those who attain Society, Thursday, April 21. New York City success find about them an adoring Department Advisory throng of admirers, who feed their vanity and make extravagant avowals GREATER INTEREST IS A SHORTER But adversity usually of friendship. SHORTHAND SYSTEM dispels tho host and defeat tests the SHOWN IN AG. SOCIETY IN TEN EASY LESSONS metal of loyalty and devotion. MISS AMERICA It is easy to support a winning a:-leti- Large Attendance at Meeting, Monday This course covers ten easy lessons a Night team. Victory attracts like MIDDY SUITS AND MIDDY BLOUSES which will enable the Student, Profespowerful magnet. The hearty and en' sor, Journalist, Doctor, Lawyer or anyIncreased interest in the Ag. Society one seeking a professional career, to thusiastic support which the student ABOVE ALL body of the University of Kentucky was shown by the large attendance at go thru life with 100 per cent efficiency, VALUE CHARM IN BEAUTY gave the basketball team which proved the meeting held Monday night, April itself the undisputed champion of 11, in the Ag. building. THIS COURSE The program follows: "Ag. Society Southern basketball was so obvious Is short and inexpensive, and is that student loyalty to the athletic at the University of Alabama," by J. given with a money back guarantee if Incorporated teams which represent the University D. Foster; "Ag. Society at the Univer- not satisfied. SEND THIS CLIPPING TODAY sity of Mississippi," by Casey Smith; appeared undisputable. The wonderful quintet which brought "County Agent Work in Kentucky," by PYRAMID PRESS: PUBLISHERS fame and honor to the University is a Charles Taylor, county agent for Hop1416 Broadway, matter of athletic history. We are kins County for six years, now taking New York City. Gentlemen: 'Enclosed herewith is well into the baseball season, repre- advanced work at the University, and $5.00 for which kindly send me your Nothing aids the natural ability of a team more than sented by a team that is ebvlously not "A Successful Dairy Farm," by It. It. shorthand course in ten easy lesThe program was closed of championship caliber. But the men Robbins. outfits of unquestoned quality. sons by mail. It is understood that on the team and the coach are exert- with a reading by Miss House, of the at the end of five days,- I ant not satislied my money will be gladly ing every effort to produce a winning Art Department of Transylvania Col We carry a complete line of A. J. Reach & Son's sportrefunded. team. We assert that the baseball lege. ing goods. The program was followed by a team is in greater need of the unName . HAY HARDWARE CO. divided support of the student body short business meeting during which (Incorporated) , than was the championship basketball plans for a party to be held in the Street ' City and State near future were discussed. Three team. - KENTUQKY LEXINGTON The tendency to withhold support new members, Reynolds Bell, Strauter from a losing team was quite manifest Harney and Joe Broderlck, were taken at the Michigan game. After playing in. ball for three innings, a series THAT SENTENCE of errors and unfortunate breaks gave Michigan a lead which there was They were going home from school. slight chance of overcoming. As the "Teacher said that that that that possibility of victory became more We Have Lowered Our Soda Prices to Conform With Reduction of Commodities Used. that girl used was superfluous." mote tho spectators began leaving un"Hero's the first pupil for my stamTHE QUALITY REMAINS THE SAME til the bleachers were almost empty mering school," said tho business man when tho last out was made. In Our Soda Department We Have the Best Sanitary Service and Delicious Drinks. as lie Introduced himself. Mass. Ag. Ait the Cincinnati game Thursday Squib. tho "stickers out" were even fewer, 15c MILK SHAKES 20c MAKE and when the last play was made EGG CHOCOLATE LEAVE YOUR FILMS FOR there remained on the Stoll Field only 15c MALTED MILK ' a handful of the large number in at OUR 20c EGG PHOSPHATE KODAK FINISHING tendance at the beginning of the game, !UG STORE 10c MILK CHOCOLATE a small band, but true. IN BOOK STORE, MAIN BLDQ. 20c EGG FLIP Tho support which a student body ENLARGING .YOUR DRUG, 05c ALL PHOSPHATES gives a losing team is the acid test of 20c EGG LEMONADE loyalty, and in that support is reflected Matthew A. Mangione tho genuine spirit of the student body. 05c LIMEADE 20c EGG MALTED MILK It is tho losing team which needs the , oncouragment which loyal student supCHOCOLATE FUDGE Progressive Shoe Shop 15c port gives. Tho members of tho base3UNDAE 20c FUDGE NUT SUNDAE 140 S. LIMESTONE ball team should be made to feel that their efforts aro appreciated by tholr Lexington, Kentucky. WAR TAX TO BE ADDED TO ABOVE PRICES s and that in defeat as avoII as victory tho University of Ken-j- t EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR MISS HOLLADAY'S CANDY T. tucky accords thorn that support which is born of intense loyalty. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL IMItor-ln-elil- I HIITOK-IN-rilIK- F - P. B. ROBARDS J , N YOU ARE WELCOME AT Phoenix Fruit Store -- FANCY FRUIT DELICATESSEN For The College Woman c ' 1 .; ('"'X , J. D. PURCELL CO. . v SPORTING GOODS Soda Water Going Down air-tig- 1 fellow-student- MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP .40 GEO. Haircut Once upon a time there was a great Shave .20 stato which gave Its university all the Basement 139 E. Main Street nionoy it neodod. Lexington, Ky. A" Moral: This is only a fablo. Lexington Drug Company Phoenix Block rhone II . , ' "