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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 15, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL I'Olt TUB nRST MOVINO riCTVRBS riCTUKRS WITH TUB SCRF.KN'fl ORBATEST STRAND THEATRE OPEN DAILY AND SUNDAY 3 1 TO 11 P, M, ADULTS 27c 1'IXS 3c WAR TAX, TOTAL Alumni Notes Dues to tlm Alumni Association, $2 n yoar, Includo subscription to Tho Kernel' and the Alumni Directory. Address Herbert Graham, Soc'yTrcas., University of Kentucky, Lexington Class of '09. Miss Lizzie D. Hardosty Is employed by the United States Government at Lexington, Ky. Class of MO William B. Hubbard is living at prospect, Ky., rind is a lawyer, farmer and breeder of pure bred . Hogs. Class of '11 C. W. Wardlo is engineer for tho Tennessee Copper Company, Copper-hill- , Tenn. Oscar Lee Day Is a representative of Itefactorio Comtho Harbison-Walke- r pany, Cleveland, O. Class of '13. Frank J. Forsyth is a member of , tho Plkovillo Electric Company, II. P. Parrigan is fuel engineer for tho Toxas Company, Port Arthur, Tex. A. B. Crawford Is superintendent of tho LaGrange Graded School and tho Oldham County High School, La Grange, Ky. Claudo C. Watson Is in tho general engineering department of the Standard Oil Company, Elizabeth, N. J. C HILDRBN lc I'LUS y 2c WAR TAX, TOTAL LEXINOTON'B 20c CENTERS AMUSEMENT ' FOUNDERS DAY BANQUET. RAFINESQUE BOTANY CLUB 3IGMA ALPHA EPSILON DANCE AT LAFAYETTE SATURDAY NIGHT most successful meeting of tho Tho Kentucky Epsllon chapter of S. A. year was held by tho Raflnesque The members of Alpha XI Delta soE will give its" annual dance in the Botany Club, Wednesday, April G, with rority, will give their Founders' Day Lafayotto Hotel ballroom from 9 to Anderson as president. An unusually banquet, Friday, April 15, at tho Phoe12 o'clock, Saturday night. Montaguo large attendance was present. nix Hotel. will furnish the music and the room An Interesting talk on "Linoleum" will bo decorated in the colors, purple was given by Elsie Rackc. nnd old gold. About 300 guests are PAY JUNIOR CLASS DUES NOW! expected. A. T. 0. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Tho Sigma Nus have accepted the challcngo of tho A. Tv O.s. This, tho l basefirst of tho unauthentic Class of '17 ball games, will in all probability take Orie Leo Fowler is practicing law place on Stoll Field some tlmo next at Owensboro, Ky. week. Miss Myra L. Gray is supervisor of manual training in tho Broadview WHITE MATH. CLUB (Montana) High School. The Junior Section of the White Capt. George Marvin Ferris is with Mathematics Club met In tho Physics tho 18th Infantry, Camp Upton, N. Y. Building Wednesday afternoon, April Miss Kate G. Hieatt is a teacher tho thirteenth. Mr. W. B, at Plcadome High School, Fayette spoke on "Mathematical Ky. 01 County, Ky. William Kendrick Gregory is manEquipment Deager of the Industrial partment of the Roy C. Whayno Supply Company, Louisville, Ky. Hodge Lester Is a lawyer In Philadelphia, Pa. W. T. Nicoll Is an accountant for Price Watorhouse and Company, St. Louis, Mo. S. Morris Roth is chief engineer and NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL draftsman of tho Olney J. Dean Company (relnforcer concrete engineers), Chicago, HI. (The Oldest Law School in Chicago) Class of '14. William C. Almstead is with tho Summer Session from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, August 20. Bowling Green (Ky.) Quarries ComFall term begins Monday, September 2G. pany. Arthur. Roy Bennett is engineer for Candidates for a degree are required to present proof of satisfacthe New York and Porto Rico S. S. tory completion of three years of college study. Company, New York City. Paul Dennis Brown is manager of College graduates may complete the law course in three academic the Robert Vodd Farm, Altar, Md. yars (27 months) ; for all others four academic years (3G months) is inEdward Hubert Faulkner is an required. structor in agriculture at the Harmony Township High School near Platts-burg- , For bulletins and detailed information, address Secretary of the ' O. Law School, Northwestern University Building, 31 West Lake Street Major Allen W. Gulllon is judge adChicago, 111. vocate general at Governor's Island, New York. McHenry Holbrook Is in Kobe, Japan with a branch of the National City Bank of New York. Miss Folsom McGuire is with the West Virginia University Extension Division, Morgantown. Class of '15. W. Kenneth Clore is with tho Egyptian Syrup and Products Company, Sneads, Fla. ' Townsel Combs is doing general Phoenix Hotel engineering work for coal companies at Langley, Ky. University and High School Class Ada 3. Dean is teaching Home EcoFriday, 8 p. m. to 11 p. m. nomics in the Girls' High School, Atlanta, Ca. Chester D. Ihrlg 'Is in the claim deUniversity and High School Dance . partment of the Travelers', Insurance Saturday, 8:30 p. m. to 12 p. m. Company, Indianapolis, Ind. Lieut. James Monroe Morris is with the Fifth U. S. Infantry at Andernach, SMITH'S ORCHESTRA Germany. Class of"16. Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander Taylor Is living at LaGrange, Ky. Mrs. Ralph R. Morgan, formerly Miss Lila Estes, is living at 971 S. , Third Street, Louisville, Ky. lJuroc-Jerso- MUSIC, "VISIT" TUB BBST ORCHESTRA AND BEN ALI THEATRE Wu 30c STARS) Pan-IIo- JUSTRIGHT TAILORING APPEALS TO COLLEGE MEN There's snap and pep to the styles of our Tailored to Measure Suits and Overcoats at Justright Tailoring Co. "WE FIT YOU" Conk-Wlg- Pike-ville- NORTHWESTERN! HEAR " YE! Best F00& Better Prices Good Service HEAR YE! CAN YOU BEAT TH AT COMBINATION University Lunch Room Our Service WILL ENABLE YOU TO DRESS WELL AT AT A SMALL COST Lexington Laundry Co. Dry Cleaning HUGHES' ; School of Dancing PHONE 62 139 E. Main ROBT. MITCHELL University Rep- - Buy a Memory Book And put in all your Dance Programmes, Etc., You Are Saving. PENNANTS, BANNERS, FRAT PAPER CALLOWAY'S MILITARY NEWS of tho University from Emery University, Georgia. This has been accepted and will bo fired, under tho conditions stated In tho contract, In ' about two weeks. Tho inspector of tho Fifth was at tho University of Kentucky last Monday. It is bolieved that the cadets passed a creditable examination. CADET HOP, SATURDAY A Cadot hop will bo hold in tho Ar ',raory, Saturday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30 o'clock. tho music. A sextet will furnish 8UKY CIRCLE MEETING ThereSwlll bo a meeting of tho Suky Circle, Tuesday, 5th hour. University Book Store BASEBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS A challenge for a rifle match lias been received by the Military Department DEVELOPING AND PRINTING BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING 40 West Main Lexington, Kentucky Street BENCKART & FOTSCH, Proprietors. Eagle Barber Shop PERSONAL SERVICE It Is always the endeavor of our officers and employee to tee that you receive personal attention to your Individual requirements whether the business being transacted Is of large or small volume. Our facilities are always at the disposal of your friends and quaintances. THEFAYETTE NATIONAL BANK KY. LEXINGTON, 107 SOUTH First-Clas- s LIMESTONE STREET Work Guaranteed Opposlto tha Phoenix HoUI. Lexington, Kentucttjr ac- UNCLE CHARLIE IS BACK AT A NEW PLACE He Has no Successor. 529 SOUTH LIMESTONE Come and Sec Him wake