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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 15, 1921

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Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PRES. McVEY SPEAKS AT TUESDAY CHAPEL Supt. Colvin Scheduled to Speak But Unable to be Present "Chnrnctcr, cash, Interest In life, and content and happiness arc tlio four things that nro most important and for which we should all strive," Baitl President McVoy at chapel, Tuesday. Mr. Colvin, Superintendent of Public Instruction, who was to have spoken, was unable to be present on account of illness in the family. President McVey said In part: ns "Character conies as a a consequence to the things that wo do every day, or as a result of habit. It is during the adolescent period that if the character we have not gained then we have probably lost forever. During that time our whole process of thinking is being fundamentally deterCharacter is the ability to mined. stand in life's battle, to meet it bravely, cheerfully nnd forcefully. Cash is that which makes it possible for us to do more effectually the thing wo have set out to do in life. Our interest in life depends upon both our avocation; which is a means of expressing ourselves aside from our work, and upon our occupation to which we employ ourselves In order to maintain our ecoHappiness and connomic interests. tentment come only from within and with the knowledge of work well done. One of the hardest things in life is to be a real college student who strives and succeeds in obtaining the fundamentals of correct living." I call you by your Jack: first name?" Jill: "By your last name, if you wish." Oh, boy! A nice old lady said to the Ag. student she had engaged as gardener during the summer vacation: "My boy, I wonder that you don't get married. You know that the first gardener that ever lived had a wife." "Yes'm, he did," replied Hiram, "but the first thing his wife did was to get him fired." "Tubby, aren't you losing fiesh, lately?" "Yep; I bought n safety razor." Studo: "Say, professor, I took n walk In the country today nnd I saw a garter snake n yard long!" Doctor Funkhouscr: "Garter snakes do not reach that length." Studo: "Well, I thought it was n garter snake because it was wrapped around the limb of a tree." EVERYBODY OUT! George Buchheit Is Coach working for a championship track team as he did for a championship basketball squad, and the entire student body is expected to give 'em that old "up and at 'em" and that old "knock 'em off" and that old "let 'em eat your dust" spirit. Everybody OUT tomorrow! Bring your "devinity" at 2:30 o'clock and let her look at 'em, too. Don't bo a razorback! Kentucky Is going to put It on Tennessee. Doctor McVey Will Speak At Educational Meeting K. D. CHAPTERIAN WILL RETURN NEXT MONTH Sarah Hluo, National Chnntcrinn of the Kappa Delta sorority, who hns hoen a RUCHt nt tho Knppn Delta house for the last few days, left Monday for Texas, where she hns gone to Install a new chapter nt tho University of Texas. During her stay she ntldresscd the house council nt the regular meeting and suggested some very constructive ideas to nld tho fraternity problem. Sho was scheduled to address the local but a satisfactory date could not be arranged. On her return in May she will nddrcss the local In a body. Miss Blue was the recipient of much social attention while here. Among the several affairs given in her honor were: a dinner at the Kappa Delta house at which representatives from each fraternity were present; a loyalty tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Steele, and several other social affairs. e REMEMBERED THE DISCRIMINATING TASTE STUDENT IN CARRYING THE OF 'it' COLLEGE WHITMAN'S. Campus Togs CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN also SHOES, HATS, FURNISHINGS y Company Graddy-Rya- n (Incorporated) c JOHNS DRUG CO. Corner Main and Walnut BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY Chi Omega Entertains The Same College Store 1 he Same College Clothes 7 he Same Old Welcome For Grand Treasurer Lambda Alpha Chapter of Chi Omega entertained with a tea from 4:00 to 6:00 o'clock, Friday afternoon, in .honor of the fraternity's grand treasurer, Mrs. Vesta Lockwood Watson, Washington, D. C. A member of each fraternity was Invited and all tho patronesses, of Lambda Alpha. The house was decorated in cardinal and straw tulips, and sandwiches and tea were served as refreshments. Mrs. Watson was passing through Lexington on her way to Northwestern to inspect chapters In the West. While here she was a guest of Mrs. M. C. L. Collins, the grand president of Chi Omega. President Frank L. McVey will attend the annual meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association to be held at Louisville, April 19 to 22. This year the Association is trying to make the session the most sucessful ever held and is striving for one hundred per cent attendance. Seventy-ninfac: ulty members of the University of Kentucky are members of the Association. Doctor McVey will address the general meeting Thursday afternoon. His subject will be "The American RHODES SCHOLARSHIP BLANKS Highway in Education." Selection for a Rhodes Scholarship will be made by the state committee in October, 1921. The University of may recommend four candidates GIVE YOUR PRINTING TO THE to the state committee. Application blanks may be had from the PresiPUBLISHER OF THE KERNEL dent's office. We Make a Specialty of Doing , College Printing of All Kinds "Er-a-ma-y THE CADEN DRUG COMPANY v,v.,V- Men but now it 's to College R. S. THORPE C& Incorporated Successors to THORPE-LE- SONS CO. E "Main and MiW Sts. , ' fi.r ' SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES, :vvjL. , LEXINGTON, KY. Ken-tuck- Frat and Dance Programs a Specialty WALTER S. WELSH Good Printing ? SERVICE QUALITY Don't Think For Hours Graves, Cox & Co s. Big Price Reduction Just "Say It With Flowers" FROM L. A. 151-15- 5 N. Broadway LEONARD FENNELL Opera House Block Sale of Phone 498 ROUSE, Student Representative University Pharmacy offers to the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Articles. Prescriptions filled promptly. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO Bring Your Kodak Films Here Opposite Campus Incorporated DAY AND NIGHT 8ERVICE PHONES CITY RATES 50 CENTS PHOENIX HOTEL LOBBY 1854-368- i - ; 0 CARS FOR TOURING f " j HATS ; SHOES and FURNISHINGS "; ; Is attracting hundreds of economical buyers BETTER COME Phoenix Taxi Cab Co. WHITE LINE TAXICABS SUITS OVERCOATS TO-DA- Y : . .