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Dean Cadle collection, 1919-1997, 1919

Part of Dean Cadle collection, 1919-1997

kukm1m87m46Guide to the Dean Cadle collection, 1919-1997Processed by Kate Black and Amy Reid; machine-readable finding aid created by Beth EiflerSpecial Collections2005ManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/Special/mss/University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from ${DERIVED}. Date of source: May 1988 [revised March 1993]Description is in English.Guide to the Dean Cadle collection, 1919-1997Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.edu URL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/Special/mss/ Processed by: Kate Black and Amy ReidDate Completed: May 1988 [revised March 1993]Encoded by: Beth EiflerCopyright 2007 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Dean Cadle collection, 1919-199787M46Cadle, Dean, 1920-199815 boxesThe materials are in English.Dean Cadle, bio-bibliographer of Kentucky author James Still, was also a librarian, author, and accomplished photographer. Many of his stories, essays and poems are present in this collection as well as reviews and critical papers on the works of James Still. The collection also contains articles, interviews, biographical materials, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and a few miscellaneous materials which include programs of workshops, festivals, and conferences, promotional materials, and memorabilia.University of Kentucky Libraries, Special CollectionsIn 1987, Cadle gave to the University of Kentucky Special Collections and Archives his collection of James Still materials as well as a number of his own manuscripts and published works which have been integrated with a smaller Dean Cadle collection that was acquired in the 1960's.Collection is open for research.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.[Identification of item], Dean Cadle collection, 1919-1997, 87M46, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, LexingtonCadle, Dean, 1920-1998.Still, James, 1906- Stuart, Jesse, 1907-Arnow, Harriette Louisa Simpson, 1908-Caudill, Rebecca, 1899-Authors, American.Librarians.Appalachian Region.Articles.Interviews.Memorabilia.Photographic prints.Programs.Reviews.Typescripts.Dean Cadle, bio-bibliographer of well known Kentucky author James Still, was born in Middlesboro, Ky., on January 16, 1920. Cadle attended Berea College, Berea, Ky. (1938-1941), received his undergraduate degree from the State University of Iowa in 1947, an MS in Library Science from Stanford University (1948) and an MA from the University of Kentucky in 1957. He held positions at the Kentucky State Department of Libraries (1957-1959), the University of Kentucky Libraries (1959-1960), and until his retirement in 1987, was Associate Librarian for Technical Services at the University of North Carolina, Asheville. Besides writing and collecting extensively on author James Still, Cadle had numerous articles and poems published in national and regional journals and was an accomplished photographer as well. He died on June 10, 1998.Many of Dean Cadle's stories, essays and poems are present in this collection as well as reviews written by Cadle and critical papers on the works of James Still. Included in the materials are manuscripts by Dean Cadle such as "Dance By the Sea" and "Deep Furrow", and short stories by James Still that were published in national magazines such as The Atlantic, Better Homes, and the Yale Review. The paste-up and publisher's drafts of River of Earth are present as well as critical papers on Still by other authors including Sidney Saylor Farr, Joe Creason, Dayton Kohler and Albert Stewart. Works about James Still include the final draft of "Man on Troublesome", a collection of essays edited and compiled by Dean Cadle (as of 1987 it has not been published); and other critical works collected by Cadle. Also present are articles, interviews and reviews as well as biographical information, newspaper clippings and correspondence. Miscellaneous materials include programs of workshops, festivals and conferences, promotional materials and memorabilia.Additional InformationIn addition to these materials, Cadle donated a photograph collection (PA87M46) consisting mainly of shots of Still and his home; but other Kentucky writers, such as Harriette Arnow, Rebecca Caudill, and Jesse Stuart, are represented as well. Cadle also included several audio tapes of Still reading which are located in the Division's Audio-Visual Archives, Appalachian Tape Collection.Container ListWORKS BY CADLE, 1945-1991, undatedSee also the section, "Works about Still", where other works by Cadle are listed.ESSAYS11"Dark Wisdom." Opportunity -- Journal of Negro Life. Summer 1945, p. 128.12"Dark Wisdom." Mountain Life and Work. Fall 1945, p. 18.13"My Little Genius of the Malayan Spell." The New Mexico Quarterly Review. Winter 1946, p. 458.14"The Man Behind the Signs." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. January 22, 1949, p. 5.15"Joe Clark, H.B.S.S." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. February 27, 1955, p. 38.16"Credit for Extracurricular Reading; or Comrade Krushchev's 'Cooperative'?" Wilson Library Bulletin. November 1957, p. 216.17"Better Than a Grocery." Wilson Library Bulletin. March 1958, p. 496.18"That All May Read." Better Roads. March 1958, p. 23.19"Margaret Ann Hubbard." Wilson Library Bulletin. October 1958, p. 94.110"Bernard Malamud." Wilson Library Bulletin. December 1958, p. 94.111"Man of Two Worlds." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. August 30, 1959, p. 30.112"Brainard Cheney." Wilson Library Bulletin. September 1959, p. 20.113Foreword to The High Cost of Writing by Rebecca Caudill. 1965.114"Three Writers Abroad." Unpublished typescript. 1969.115"Tom Wolfe at 75." Interview with Fred Wolfe. Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1975, p. 45. [Photocopies of Cadle's accompanying photographs in Box 1, Folder 27]116"Writing for the Saturday Evening Post." Unpublished typescript. Undated.117"Old Kentucky Home in North Carolina." Unpublished typescript. Undated.118"A Rare Collector." Unpublished typescript. Undated.JOURNAL NOTES119Miscellaneous, undated. PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHS120The Opportunities That Books Offer. Children's Book Council, Inc. Pamphlet and calendar. January, February, March, 1960, cover.121Images. Summer 1967, pp. 8, 26. Photocopies. [Original publication in Box 3, Folder 3]122Images. No. 12 (Spring 1971), pp. 9, 26. 123Appalachian Heritage. Winter 1973, pp. 3, 40, 43.124Appalachian Heritage. Fall 1973, pp. 4, 10, 25, 39.125Appalachian Heritage. Winter 1974, pp. 4, 18, 27, 29, 34, 49, 50, 54.126 Appalachian Heritage. Fall 1974/Winter 1975, p. 141. Photocopy.127 Appalachian Heritage. Spring 1975, pp. 3, 34, 35, 48-53.128 Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1975, inside front cover, pp. 14, 46. Photocopies. [Original publication in Box 1 Folder 15]129 Appalachian Heritage. Fall 1975, inside front and inside back covers, pp. 4, 9-14, 20, 23, 25, 27, 41-43.130 "A Portfolio of Pictures." Appalachian Heritage. Winter 1976, front and back covers, inside front and inside back covers, pp. 15, 32, 35-46. Photocopies. [Original publication in Box 10, Folder 6]131 Newsletter. Appalachian Center, Berea College. Vol. 5, no. 4 (Fall 1976), p. 3.132 Newsletter. Appalachian Center, Berea College. Vol. 7, no. 1 (Winter 1978), p. 3.133 Appalachian Journal. Vol. 6, no. 2 (Winter 1979), pp. 120, 124, 128, 133, 136. Photocopies.134 Appalachia. March-April 1981, p. 38.135 Newsletter. Appalachian Center. Berea College. Vol. 16, no. 4 (Fall 1987), p. 3.136 Images. Undated, p. 7. 137 "The James Still Collection." Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. Pamphlet. March 1991.POEMS21 "Images." Images. Summer 1967, p. 30. Photocopy. [Original publication in Box 3, Folder 3]22 "Tale of a Bald Fisherman" and "Vassal..." Unpublished typescript. Undated.REVIEWS23 "Tales from the Plum Grove Hills." Mountain Life and Work. Winter 1946, p. 29. 24 "Stegner Pursues His Theme of Pioneering in the West." Herald-Leader. Lexington, Kentucky. April 17, 1955, p. [?].25"Stegner's Lectures Appraise Writers in U.S." Herald-Leader. Lexington, Kentucky. July 10, 1955, p. [?].26"Man and Ozymandias." Western Review. Autumn 1955, p. 75.27"Making of American Writers." Southwest Review. Spring 1956, p. 204.28"S-E College Librarian Reviews Student Publication." Harlan (Ky.) Daily Enterprise. January 17, 1966, p. 3.29"House Divided." Southwest Review. Autumn 1969, p. 436.210"Review of Symposium Magazine." Typescript. The Mountaineer. Waynesville, North Carolina. March 3, 1971.211"Sad-Delightful Reading." Southwest Review. Summer 1977, p. 323. [Galley proof included]STORIES212"The Bootleggers." Stateside. 1946, p. 5.213"We Have Returned." Tomorrow. January 1947, p. 31.214"Deep Furrow." Matrix. Spring/Summer 1949, p. 29.215"The Wedding Warriors" and "Anthem of the Locusts." Stanford Short Stories 1949. Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 1949, p. 74. 216"The Bootleggers." Today. November 1951, p. 16.217"Deep Furrow." Today. October 1952, p. 16.218"Proposal of the Republic." Northern Review. Summer 1955, p. 28. 219"Cry in the Wilderness." The Carolina Quarterly. Winter-Spring 1956, p. 5.31-2"Dance by the Sea." Various drafts including two published versions: Southwest Review, Autumn 1958, p. 338; Deep Summer, 1963, p. 60.33"Proposal of the Republic." Images. Summer 1967, p. 35. [Photocopies of Cadle's accompanying photographs in Box 1, Folder 21]34"We Have Returned." Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1977, p. 23.35"Cry in the Wilderness." Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1979, p. 42.36"The Wedding Warriors." Appalachian Heritage. Winter 1980, p. 48.37 "Anthem of the Locusts." Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1981, p. 4.38"Deep Furrow." Short Story International. 1982, p. 59. 39"The Bootleggers." Appalachian Heritage. Fall 1984, p. 62.310"Homage to a Vital Skirmish." Undated. [Manuscript; never published]RELATED MATERIALS311"Journal, Notebook, Lists, Quotations, Titles, People." 1983-1996.312Photograph exhibit for "27th Annual Kingdom Come Swappin' Meetin'," Southeast Community College, Cumberland, Kentucky. October 4-5, 1991.WORKS ABOUT CADLE, 1961-1991ARTICLES AND BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION41Baber, Lynne. "Dean Cadle." Critical Survey of Short Fiction. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Salem Press, 1981, p. 2535.42"Dean Cadle." Two Thousand Men of Achievement. Cambridge, England: Melrose Press Limited, 1972, p. 157. 43"Dean Cadle." Biographical and critical statements used in the Southern Appalachian Writers Exhibit at the University of North Carolina at Asheville Library. September-December, 1982.44Evans, Paula. "Dean Cadle." Typescript. 1984.45Molz, Kathleen. "A Report from Pikeville, Kentucky." Wilson Library Bulletin. December 1967, p. 399. 46Niles, Rena. "Do-It-Yourself Librarian." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. May 21, 1961, p. 34.47Ward, William S. "Dean Cadle." A Literary History of Kentucky. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1988, p. 247.48Miscellaneous Clippings; resume, August 1991.49Berea College Class of 1947, 50th Reunion, "Some Notes for a Future Historian." June 27-29, 1997. Essays edited by Dean Cadle. [Also includes an article about Dean Cadle.]WORKS BY STILL, 1935-1991, undatedJAMES STILL'S NOTES51Notes for a poem. 52Early version of "On Quicksand Creek" from On Troublesome Creek. New York: Viking Press, 1941. 53Statement for a limited edition of poems. 54Miscellaneous notes. 55"A Recollection." Typescript. Undated. POEMS56"Child in the Hills." The Atlantic. February 1936, p. 226. 57"Spring Foal." Mountain Life and Work. April 1936, p. 11. 58"Sun-Ball on the Mountain." North Georgia Review. Summer 1937, p. 6. 59"Eyes in the Grass," "Spring on Troublesome Creek," "White Highways." Scholastic. September 18, 1937, p. 27. 510"Child in the Hills," "Epitaph for Uncle Ira Combs," "On Troublesome Creek." Poems by James Still. [Brochure for the Hindman Settlement School, Hindman, Kentucky] ca. late 1930's.511"Death in the Forest." Chattahoochee Valley Times. Lannett, Alabama. January 31, 1940, [p. 3] 512"Beloved Place." Saturday Evening Post. July 17, 1954, [p. 78] 513"Apple Trip." Mountain Life and Work. Fall 1963, p. 45. 514"Granny Frolic on Wolfpen." Mountain Life and Work. February 1968, p. 23. 515"Heritage." Broadside. 1968 516"Wolfpen Creek." Autographed broadside. 1986. 517"The Wolfpen Poems." Excerpts from The Wolfpen Poems. Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1985, p. 5. 518"Those I Want in Heaven With Me Should There Be Such a Place." Broadside. [Published in Appalachian Journal, Winter 1991, p. 222]STORIES61 "These Goodly Things." [Better Home] July, August, September 1935, p. 15. 62 "A Bell on Troublesome Creek." [Better Home] October, November, December, 1936, p. 3. 63 "The Egg Tree." The Yale Review. Autumn 1937, p. 100. 64 "Lost Brother." Frontier and Midland. Autumn 1937, p. 14. 65 "Journey to the Settlement." Pamphlet published by Hindman Settlement School, Inc. Fall 1938. 66 "Mole-Bane." The Atlantic. March 1938, p. 372. 67 "Uncle Jolly." The Atlantic. July 1938, p. 68. 68 "The Ploughing." The Atlantic. December 1939, p. 776. 69 "The Stir-off." Mountain Life and Work. Fall 1941, p. 1. 610 "Hit Like to 'a' Killed Me." The Courier-Journal Roto Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. [April 19, 1942] p. 22.611 "Cedar of Lebanon." The American Mercury. March 1946, p. 292. 612 "School Butter." The Virginia Quarterly Review. Autumn 1946, p. 561. 613 "A Master's Time." The Atlantic. January 1949, p. 43. 614 "A Ride on the Short Dog." The Atlantic. July 1951, p. 55. 615 "Fun Fox." Woman's Day. September 1953, p. 101. 616 "Mrs. Razor." [with preface] Mountain Life and Work. Summer 1954, p. 32. 617 "The Burning of the Waters." The Atlantic. October 1956, p. 55. 618 "The Run for the Elbertas." The Atlantic. July 1959, p. 46. 71 "The Run for the Elbertas." The Landrum Leader. April 21, 1960, p. 6. 72 "Mrs. Razor." Deep Summer. 1963, p. 30. 73 "Mrs. Razor." The World of Psychoanalysis. [1965] p. 1084. 74 "Mrs. Razor." Statement. Spring 1967, p. 25. 75 "The Nest." Mountain Life and Work. November 1968, p. 13. 76 "Encounter on Keg Branch." Mountain Life and Work. February 1969, p. 15. 77 "The Run for the Elbertas." Appalachian Journal. Winter 1979, p. 142. RELATED MATERIALS78 River of Earth. Promotional newsletter. New York: Viking Press, January 26, 1940. 79 On Troublesome Creek. Bookcover. New York: Viking Press, 1941. 710 Pattern of a Man and Other Stories. Promotional card. Frankfort, Kentucky: Gnomon Press, 1976. 711 Sporty Creek: A Novel About an Appalachian Boyhood. Publication announcement. New York: G.P. Putnam, 1977.712 River of Earth. Paste-up and publisher's drafts. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1978.713 River of Earth. Promotional materials. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1978.714 The Run for the Elbertas. Bookcover. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1980.715 A Green Place. Promotional flyer. New York: Delacorte, 1982. [Collection in which six of Still's poems were published]WORKS ABOUT STILL, 1919-1984, undatedRESEARCH AND CRITICAL ESSAYSThe first part of this series contains the final draft of Man on Troublesome, a collection of essays edited and compiled by Dean Cadle; as of 2006 it had not been published. Folders 5-9 of Box 8 include published copies or typescripts of essays which are included in the final draft of Man on Troublesome. Box 9 contains other critical works collected by Cadle.Man on Troublesome: James Still and His Work81Cadle, Dean, ed. Man on Troublesome: James Still and His Work. Parts 1-4.Part 1: PrefacePart 2: ChronologyPart 3: Cadle, Dean. "Pattern of a Writer: Attitudes of James Still."Part 4: Creason, Joe. "'Some Things a Man Does For Himself'."82Cadle, Dean, ed. Man on Troublesome: James Still and His Work. Parts 5-13.Part 5: Stewart, Albert. "At Home with James Still on Dead Mare Branch."Part 6: Holmes, John. "A Poet from the Rugged Hills of the South."Part 7: Napier, John. "The Melody of the Spoken Word: A Study of James Still's Hounds on the Mountain."Part 8: Benet, Stephen Vincent. "In the Coal Hills of Kentucky."Part 9: Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. "An Epic of Kentucky."Part 10: Kohler, Dayton. "Jesse Stuart and James Still: Mountain Regionalists."Part 11: Clarke, Mary Washington. "Cumberland Dialect as an Element in James Still's Narrative Art."Part 12: Cadle, Dean. "Man on Troublesome." Part 13: Cadle, Dean. "Bibliography."83 Cadle, Dead, ed. "Man on Troublesome: James Still and his Work" Typescript of Part 13.84 Draft of part 13.85 Clarke, Mary Washington. "Cumberland Dialect as an Element in James Still's Narrative Art." Western Kentucky University Faculty Research Bulletin. May 1969, p. 27.86 Creason, Joe. "'Some Things a Man Does for Himself'." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. February 14, 1960, p. 7. [Typescript included.]87 Kohler, Dayton. "Jesse Stuart and James Still: Mountain Regionalists." The English Journal. March 1942, p. 173. [Typescript included.]88 Napier, John. "The Melody of the Spoken Word: A Study of James Still's Hounds on the Mountain." Typescript. Undated.89 Stewart, Albert. "At Home with James Still on Dead Mare Branch." Typescript. [September 26, 1961]Other Critical Essays91 Craf, Katherine L. "The Fiction and Poetry of James Still as a Kentucky Writer." Thesis. University of Louisville, 1966.92 Craf, Katherine L. "A Widely Known Writer--James Still: His Life and Literature." Kentucky Association of School Librarians Bulletin. Spring 1968, p. 8.93 Farr, Sidney S. "The Appalachian Woman as Portrayed by James Still." Paper prepared for an independent study at Berea College., undated.94 Farr, Sidney S. "One Aspect of Form and One Aspect of Content as Found in the Poetry of James Still." 95 The Iron Mountain Review: James Still Issue. Summer 1984.96 Roberts, Leonard. "Additional Notes on Archer Taylor's On Troublesome Creek." Kentucky Folklore Record. October-December 1962, p. 142.97 Taylor, Archer. "Proverbial Comparisons and Similes in On Troublesome Creek." Kentucky Folklore Record. July-September 1962, p. 87.98 Walker, Edith C. "Folk Elements in the Fiction of James Still." Thesis. Western Kentucky University, June 1969.99 Wells, Betty Jean. "James Still, the Man." Typescript. Undated.ARTICLES, INTERVIEWS, REVIEWSArticles101 Cadle, Dean. "Man on Troublesome." Appalachian Heritage. Winter 1976, p. 47. 102 Cadle, Dean. "Pattern of a Man and Other Stories." Appalachian Heritage. Summer 1977, p. 82. [Original publication in Box 3, Folder 4]103 Cadle, Dean. Foreword to River of Earth. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1978. [Draft, galley sheets, and books.]104 Cadle, Dean. "Man on Troublesome." The Yale Review. Winter 1968, p. 236. [Photocopy of typescript, galley sheets, and publication announcements included.]105-6Cadle, Dean. "Pattern of a Writer: Attitudes of James Still." Appalachian Journal. Winter 1988, p. 104. [Various drafts included.]107 "Four Receive Weatherford Awards." Appalachian Center Newsletter. Berea College. Spring 1978, p. 1.108 "James Still, 1906- ." Contemporary Literary Criticism. Detroit , Michigan: Gale Research, 1988, Vol. 49, p. 362. [With entries by Dean Cadle and others]109 Stokely, Wilma Dykeman. "The Literature of the Southern Appalachian Mountains." Mountain Life and Work. Winter 1964, p. 7.1010Williams, Shirley. "Still Writing After All These Years." Courier-Journal Magazine. Louisville, Kentucky. July 9, 1978, p. 23. [Photocopy of map on theme of "Jack and the Wonder Beans" by Courier-Journal staff artist Erin Osborn included].Interviews111Interview with James Still. Appalachian Journal. Winter 1979, p. 120. [Includes unedited transcript and letter from Jerry Williamson, Appalachian Journal editor, to Dean Cadle]112Questions for Unidentified Interview. Undated. Reviews113Cadle, Dean. "Pattern of a Man and Other Stories." Undated.114Collett, Dexter. "Lament for the Land: A Review of River of Earth." Mountain Review. Vol. 4, no. 2 (September 1978), p. 42.115Derleth, August. "Still Writes of Kentucky." Typescript of copy published in The Capital Times. Madison, Wisconsin. December 7, 1941, p. 15.116Dykeman, Wilma. "River of Earth." South Atlantic Bulletin. May 1979. 117Fields, Jim. "A Pattern of a Book: A Review of Pattern of a Man and Other Stories." Mountain Review. Vol. 4, no. 3 (January 1979), p. 40.118Foster, Ruel E. "Flowing On." West Virginia Alumnus. November [1979?], p. 24. 119Gilpin, Pete. "Book is dedicated to Local 'Kentuckians'." Asheville Citizen-Times. February 13, 1978. 1110Higgs, Robert J. "River of Earth." Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin. December 1978, [p. 4]1111Hyde, Ralph W. "The Run for the Elbertas." Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin. June 1981, [p. 4]1112Kohler, Dayton. "River of Earth." Southern Literary Messenger. March 1940, p. 204. [Typescript included]1113Kohler, Dayton. "On Troublesome Creek." Southern Literary Messenger. January 1942, p. 43. [Typescript included]1114Warren, John W. "River of Earth." Tennessee Historical Quarterly. Undated, p. 361.BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATIONPublications121Kentucky Authors of the 20th Century. Department of Community Services , College of Adult and Extension Education, University of Kentucky. 1955, [p. ?]122Kentucky English Bulletin: Literary Landmarks of Kentucky. Fall 1961, p. 32. [Typescript included]123Appalachian Writers. Booklet. July 17-October 5, 1979. [Television series produced at WSJK-TV, Knoxville]124Cadle, Dean. "James Still." Southern Writers: A Biographical Dictionary. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1979, p. 428.125Driskell, Leon. "James Still." Dictionary of Literary Biography. Vol. 9. Detroit: Gale research Co., 1981, p. 68.126[Statements on writing from writers involved in the Southern Appalachian Writers Exhibit, University of North Carolina at Asheville Library. September-December, 1982]127MiscellaneousNewspaper ClippingsWhile primarily biographical in nature, the clippings include some brief reviews of Still's books.1281930s1291940s12101950s12111960s12121970s12131980s12141990s and undatedRELATED MATERIALSEventsPrograms of workshops, festivals, conferences, readings, and exhibits.131Writers' Workshop. Morehead State College. Morehead, Kentucky. August 7-August 18, 1961.132Writers' Workshop. Morehead State College. Morehead, Kentucky. July 22-August 2, 1963.133Appalachian Arts Festival. Alice Lloyd College. Pippa Passes, Kentucky. April 26-30, 1966.134Schedule for a class of Cadle's to which Still spoke. [July 12, 1972]135Appalachian Writers Workshop. Hindman, Kentucky. August 1-12, 1977.136Appalachian Writers Workshop. Hindman, Kentucky. August 5-17, 1979.137Elizabeth Maddox Roberts Centenary Conference. Saint Catherine College. Springfield, Kentucky. October 30-31, 1981.138South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA). Session 13: Appalachian Literature. Atlanta, Georgia. November 1982. 139Common Ground. Poetry reading. James Still and James Sherburne. Investors Heritage Auditorium. Frankfort, Kentucky. May 8, 1982.1310Southern Appalachian Writers Exhibit. University of North Carolina at Asheville Library. September-November [December] 1982.1311James Still Festival. Emory and Henry College. Emory, Virginia. October 19-21, 1983.1312James Still Exhibit. Mars Hill College Library. Mars Hill, North Carolina. March-April 1987.1313Prose and Poetry Reading. University of North Carolina at Asheville. April 11, [?]MemorabiliaHonors and Awards1314Alice Lloyd College Poetry Award. Statement read by Cadle at the presentation. April 29, 1966.1315Morehead State University 55th Annual Commencement. Program. [Still received an Honorary Doctorate] May 17, 1978.1316Phi Beta Kappa certificate. University of Kentucky. Photocopy. December 3, 1978. 1317Marjorie Peabody Waite Award. American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. Photocopy. May 23, 1979.1318Milner Award certificate. Kentucky Arts Council. Photocopy. 1981. 1319Kentucky Humanities Council. Membership list. 1982. Miscellaneous1320Combs, Josiah H. "Old, Early, and Elizabethan English in the Southern Mountains." Dialect Notes. [1919], p. 285.1321Combs, Josiah H. "A Word List from the South." Dialect Notes. Vol. 5, Part II, 1919, p. [31]1322Hindman Settlement School and Decoy School pamphlets. [Knott County, Kentucky], 1963 and undated.1323Poems written for James Still William Howard Cohen. "Mountain Poets." October 3, 1965.James T. Farrell. "James Still." Undated.James Goode. "Laborers in the Field of Muses." Broadside. Undated.Edd Presnell. Untitled. Undated.Bernard Stallard. "James Still" from The Summer of the Dulcimer. 1967.1324Void check from Still to Cadle for .0001 cents. April 15, 1972 1325McCoy, Lola Love. "Thomas Wolfe's 'Dixieland'." Booklet of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial in Asheville, N.C. with note to Still from Fred Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe's brother, April 24, 1975.1326Invitation to birthday party for Still. Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky. July 6, [?]1327"The Appalachian Dulcimer." Jethro Amburgey. Promotional flyer. undated.1328Photograph of tub on Still's cabin wall by Linc Fisch. Photocopy. Undated.1329Photographs of Still and home. Photocopies. Undated. 1330Still Fellowship pamphlets. Appalachian Center, University of Kentucky, undated.1331River of Earth. Anniversary Reception, April 3, 1990.Works About Others1332Articles and postcards about other authors. 1952-1996, undated.CORRESPONDENCE, 1937-1997, undatedCORRESPONDENCE WITH AUTHORSThese letters are primarily between Cadle and the authors listed, with Still often being their subject. One exception, however, is the group of photocopied letters from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings to Still. Folders 8-9 contain letters between Cadle and others about topics noted.141Harriette Arnow142Rebecca Caudill143Wilma Dykeman144Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 145Albert Stewart [some correspondence between Cadle and Stewart concerning Cadle's Man on Troublesome is located in "General" correspondence in Box 15, folders 3-4, 1960-1966]146James Still147Jesse Stuart148"...And members of the pack:" Still's denials of statements printed by Cadle [Includes a long letter submitted by Cadle to Appalachian Journal which was never published]. March 1979-July 1987.149"On the misuse by James Still and others of photographs taken by Dean Cadle." October-December 1986. GENERAL CORRESPONDENCEThe early general correspondence is primarily between Cadle and publishers regarding his fiction. Beginning about 1960, this correspondence consists mainly of letters between Cadle and others concerning his manuscript Man on Troublesome and his other writings about Still.1511937-19491521950-19591531960-19651541966-19691551970-19751561976-19791571980-19891581990-1997; undatedDean Cadle collection, 1919-1997