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9 > Image 9 of Annual report. 1905

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

y T Kentucky Agricultural Ecvperiment Station ix necessary in order to keep our men with us. There is new a great demand for 1nen of abilitiy by the various Experiment Sta- tions. i i 7 _. i Theiwork of the several divisions during the year may be sum- ' marized as follows: [ _ y _, Chemical Division. The Chemical Division has made 230 com- plete analyses, mostly of soils and waters. Also a large number of ~ samples of minerals. rocks and other materials have been examined ` and reported. . A V , 7 Fertiiizcr Division. During the year 574 samples of fertilizer were analyzed in this division. The number. of brands registered was 358, representing ei-0 firms. There were printed during the year 745,968 tags, which were sent tothe various iirms doing busi- i ness in the State. _ A ' A l _ Division of Entomoiogy and Botany. Experiments with nodule l _ bacteria have been continued. Work in the vivarium on seed in- { sects has also been continued and a large amount of interesting Q material is being gathered on their life histories and methods of { destroying them. The Divisionof Entomology and liiotany-is en- gaged upon the following subjects: Nursery inspection; seed in- _ l speetion;I the microscopic exainination of foods for the Food Di- 1 vision; a study of seed insects and remedies therefor: nodule bac- T I teria experiments; forage tests and studies; rotation experiments; { * a study of clover diseases; a study of the weeds of Kentucky; a y study of methods of handling bees and rearing queens; experi- ments withlartiiicial shades; a study of the distribution and life I i history of the Hessian fly in Kentucky; and a. study of the pests ' i ofyoung trees. V 4 ` t V L Ender the seed law, 297 samples of seeds im-et been examined. l Of this number, 13 were found to be adulterated. * Under the Nursery Inspection law. the nurseries of the State - have been iiismzgteyl during the year. y l V Food Diisision. iEight hundred and twelve samples of food have .\ been analyzed. Number on hand not analyzed, 86. Number of ; i unoliicial samples analyzed, BL Total number of samples re- y [ i eeived, 929. l I [; { Five hundred and seventy samples were taken from the market E l : l