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25 > Image 25 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1881-1882)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION. Applicants for admission into the Freshman Class of the Scientific Course must be prepared to stand an examination upon the following or their equivalents: English Grammar J and Composition, Geography, Rays Arithmetic, Part III, Rays Algebra, Part I, Outlines of History. New students must present themselves for examination and matriculation on the Monday preceding the beginning of the fall term. No one is admitted to tuition until zz/[ his fem aw _/mz}/. Applicants for admission into the Normal School or Com- . mercial Department must be prepared to stand an exami- nation in English Grammar, Arithmetic, and Geography. Normal students who receive free tuition will be required on entering to sign an obligation to teach within the limits of Kentucky for a period as long as that during which they receive free tuition. Degrees. The degrees conferred are Bachelor of Science (B. S.), Bachelor of Arts (B. A.), Master of Science (M. S.), Master of Arts (M. A.) For the degrees of B. S. and B. A. an actual membership of at least one year in this College is required, and a satis- factory examination on the '/lI'Z)'L cvzzrsc of scientific or classical study. For the degrees of M. S. and M. A. a satisfactory exami- nation is required on a course of post-graduate studies prescribed by the Faculty, and covering a period of two years. To those who do not complete the entire Scientific or Classical Course, but only certain parts thereof, certificates