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29 > Image 29 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1881-1882)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 29 -managed and taught by them. 2d. Any other person resi- dent within the Representative District, and within the required limits as to age, may present himself to the exam- ining board appointed by the Court of Claims as a candidate for selection, and from these persons so appearing, viz; from the pupils sent before the said Examining Board by the trustees and teachers of common schools, and from such persons within the specified age as present themselves, the J Examining Board appointed by the Court of Claims shall i I select one student, and properly certify to his selection, who shall be entitled to remain at the College four years, or until the course of study for which he matriculates shall have been completed. Preference in such selection and appoint- ment shall be given to energetic, moral young men, whose means are not large, to aid whom in obtaining a good educa- tion this provision is specially intended. Properly prepared students, under the meaning of the acts of the Legislature, of which the foregoing is a summary, are those who can pass a satisfactory examination in Spelling, Reading, V\/rit- ing, Arithmetic as far as decimal fractions, Geography, and English Grammar. K All teachers, or persons preparing to teach, male or female, are admitted free of tuition charge for one year, at the rate of not more than four, at the discretion of the Board of , Trustees, for each Legislative Representative District. All the classes in the College are open, without extra fees, to A V students who matriculate in the Normal Department. Compensated and Uneompensated Labor. The worl; necessary for carrying on the Agricultural and Horticultural operations of the College is done by the stu- dents in those departments, and is paid for at rates varying *' from five to eight cents per hour. lts design is twofold: to put in practice the instruction received in the class-room, and to assist indigent students. The experience of this College is that of Agricultural Colleges generally-that compensated labor is not remunerative to the College.