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30 > Image 30 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1881-1882)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

S 30 ANNUAL REGIDTER ; Tb: C0/[eg? 00/(IIS z'zszb 7t7.7c7]67' 720 0b/zgatzbzz /0 _/QZVIZYEA mm- i jvwzsn/mi [abbr fb mg! slzzdwzls cxcbjJz Z&0SL 20/20 wz/or ns COZHZQY rz,/2/>02`1z/rss. Students are paid monthly for the service rendered, and apply the money as they see proper. AG) Sl//(2/Ullli, bbzwwr, sbbzz/zi www /0 ibfs C0//rgb exprctzbzg Z0 11zzz2`zzm2'zz /[Zi/}lSt`0[ arc/zzszt@r by w11qwzsazezf [abbr. A! l [ms! strv7zZyy?;e ({0//rzrs per mzmmz, 0,zrc/zzs/w 0/' bzk L(Z//lZ.}!g.S` Q attbi/u fzcrv, 5/[UZ//tl] be zz! lbs C0//H/ZKZ/Ml, bf vzmjr smc/mz' wb:) I rtlzsbvs Z0 mmf! bzbzzsvy 0f zfbo ndvzzzztzzgcs of {bc mzzzjwxzsaicd labor sysimz. No compensation is given to students in tl1e Department of Practical Mechanics, inasmuch as no pecuniary returns are possible to the College from this Department as at pres- ent organized. All students are liable to be called upon for occasional worlq upon the grounds belonging to the College, and to such worlc no compensation is attached. 1 Preparatory Department. , For the beneht of those who are inadequately prepared V to enter the regular College classes, a Preparatory Depart- ment has been organized, under the charge of a principal, . assisted by a competent staff of assistants, which will pro- vide the necessary elementary instruction. The conditions of admission into the Preparatory Department are, a good knowledge of Arithmetic as far as fractions, English Gram- 3 mar, and Geography. i Certificates of Character. All applicants for admission into any class in the College, or Preparatory Department, must bring satisfactory testi- monials of good moral character. J i Deportment and Discipline. l As no one is admitted into the College whose good moral I character is not satisktctorily attested, no one will be allowed l to remain whose behavior, deportment, and habits are not l those of a gentleman.