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31 > Image 31 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1881-1882)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 31 The following rules have been adopted by the Faculty and approved by the Board for the government and discip- line of students, any material infringement of which will dissolve their connection with the Institution: Students upon arrival shall report themselves immediately to the President of the College for assignment to duty. No student after matriculation can sever his connection (honorably) with the College without the consent of the Faculty. I- No student after assignment to duty is allowed, without the consent of the Faculty previously obtained, to increase, diminsh, or alter his course of study. Absence from duty without consent previously obtained, except in case of sickness or unavoidable necessity, is not allowed. The possession and use of hrearms or other deadly weapons are forbidden. No honorable dismissions will be granted, except in cases of emergency, within six weeks of the close of the collegiate year. All rules and regulations issued by thc Commandant shall be scrupulously respected. Each student is expected to deport himself properly in the presence of the Professors and Instructors ofthe Col- lege, whether in or out of the classrooms. { It is expected and required that each student, when not engaged in recitation or in needful recreation on the grounds, confine himself quietly to his own quarters, and refrain from annoying his companions by obtrusive and unseasonable visitations. The occupants of each room on the grounds shall keep their bedding, quarters, and surroundings neat and clean. . Offenders in these matters will be subjected to the discipline . of the Faculty. Every student is expected to attend service in one of the churches of the city, at least once on Sunday, unless pre-