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"The Young Democrats function is to advance the ideals of the Democratic Party on the University of Kentucky campus.;" This photo is in the 1961 Kentuckian on page 348; Row 1(left to right): E. D. Ballard, supervisor, Department of Revenue, Carolyn Rand, publicity chairman, Mary Lu Miller, secretary, Lessley Decker, president, Bill Jones, vice - president and treasurer, Malcolm E. Jewel, faculty advisor; Row 2 (left to right): Susan Stone Roberts, Micky Kroger, Nancye Faurest, Carole Meyers, Anne Roberts, Johanna Draper, Glenna Mason Pope, Linda Mount, Ginny Ormsby, Sharon Perkins, Martha Schneider, Marjorie Farrant, Lambert King, Richard Hulette; Row 3 (left to right): Zonarae Tuccuarone, Peggy Elliot, Ann Todd Jeffries, James E. Sanders, Garryl C. Sipple, Fred B. Gardner, Robert Todd, Jerry A. Stricker, Larry Johnson, Joe Darnall, Pat Molly; This photo is in the 1961 Kentuckian on page 348, 1960

Part of University of Kentucky general photographic prints, ,