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Members of the first class of medical students at the University of Kentucky's Medical Center; From left to right: Fourth Row: Geist, Christian, Gullett, Hutton, Bennett, Slusher, McGowan, Watson, and Farley; Third Row: Harling, Briggs, Kreutzer, Kimball, McMichael, Hagan, Kaufman, Hellebusch, and Treciokas; Second Row: Young, Bowling, Peveler, Nall, Cunningham, Belhasen, Reynolds, MacDougall, and Weight; First Row: Markesberg, Moore, Dawson, Burchett, West, Alavi, Neel, Gebrow, Sullivan, and Maxson; Threlkeld in wheelchair; Scherer and Serey not present, 1960

Part of University of Kentucky general photographic prints, ,