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10 > Image 10 of A centennial history of the University of Louisville

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

P T Z F G C C THIS CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSITY 01= LoU1s- VILLE is one of the publications of the American Guide Serie;. We have kept the general reader in mind in the selec- tion of material and in the preparation of the book rather than the specialist whose interest may be chiefly in the history of his particular school or department. We are especially grateful for the patient co-operation of President Raymond A. Kent with whom we have continually counseled throughout the development of the manuscript. We wish to thank various departmental heads and many of the faculty for reading all or parts of the manuscript and for making valuable suggestions which were often inserted verba- tim. We wish to mention particularly Ford L. Wilkinson, jr., Dean of The Speed Scientific School; ]. N. Lott, ]r., Dean of The School of Law; Dr. ]. T. O'Rourke, Dean of The School of Dentistry; Dr. ]ohn Walker Moore, Dean of The School of Medicine; Dwight Anderson, Dean of The School of Music; ]. ]. Oppenheimer, Dean of The College of Liberal Arts; Ben- nett M. Brigman (deceased), late Dean of The Speed Scientific School; W. C. Mallalieu, History Department; Mary Burton, English Department; Evelyn ]. Schneider, Librarian; Ralph E. Hill, Registrar; F. W. Stamm, Director Division of Adult Edu- cation; Guy Stevenson, Chairman Graduate School Committee; Boyd Martin, Director of The Playhouse; Dr. Emmet Field Horine, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine; Percy N. Booth; Dr. D. P. Hall; and Robert N. Miller. LaMar Hamil- ton, of the State Editorial Staff of the Writers' Project and a ix